This page is for patients of Seattle Grace Hospital, Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, Mercy West Medical Center, or any other hospital or facility who are mentioned, but never seen, on Grey's Anatomy.

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

Break on ThroughEdit

  • During the nurses' strike, Debbie, Tyler Christian, and Olivia Harper ask George to check on some of their patients, including Ava Jenkins and Mrs. O'Brien.
  • Later, George asks Chief Webber to check another patient, named Mr. Roberts.

Season ThreeEdit

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Season FiveEdit

Rise UpEdit

  • Thom Barg


  • Mike Lavere

Mike Lavere

  • Amanda Pecora


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Season EightEdit

Take the LeadEdit

  • S. Jaffe was a patient who needed an arthroscopy and meniscus repair.

Put Me In, CoachEdit

  • Mrs. Tyson is a patient who developed postpartum cardiomyopathy after giving birth prematurely.

Have You Seen Me Lately?Edit

If Only You Were LonelyEdit

  • Leo Lamb was a patient in the NICU.

Season NineEdit

Remember the TimeEdit

  • Stuart "Chunky Stu" was a patient of Arizona Robbins and Alex Karev who had short-bowel syndrome and was receiving an intestinal transplant. His favorite food is Hawaiian pizza.

I Saw Her Standing ThereEdit

Love Turns You Upside DownEdit

  • Carter Kaynig was in the hospital with an impacted bowel after eating some crayons.

Run, Baby, RunEdit

  • Mr. Linzer and Mrs. Gellman were patients of Miranda Bailey who were being cared for by April Kepner.
  • Sujin Kim was a patient of Arizona Robbins who had had surgery.

Hard BargainEdit

This is Why We FightEdit

  • Julie Chang was one of Alex's patients who needed lab work.
  • Mrs. Preston was a patient of Jackson Avery who was having a rhinoplasty.

Transplant WastelandEdit

  • J. Fellow was in the hospital for a thyroidectomy, performed by Miranda Bailey.
  • A. Lewis was a patient of Miranda Bailey in to have surgery.
  • T. Smith, F. Rogers, S. Davies, and M. Cooper were in the hospital to have surgery.

She's Killing MeEdit

  • Kathy Dong was the second patient to succumb to a post-op MRSA infection during the outbreak.

Season TenEdit

Map of YouEdit

  • Erin is a three month old with a teratoma who was in for surgery.

Two Against OneEdit

  • Mrs. Ott is a patient of Cristina Yang who had an aortic rupture.
  • Mrs. Maddox was a patient of Jackson Avery who needed her drain removed. Jackson ultimately allowed Leah Murphy to do the drain removal.

We Gotta Get Out of This PlaceEdit

  • Will Mitchell is a patient in Callie and Derek's trial who was in to have his sensors removed.

Do You Know?Edit

  • Mr. Willenstein is a patient of Jackson Avery in the first alternate future.

Change of HeartEdit

  • Derek and Meredith removed a spinal schwannoma from Lenny Gordon's body.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back TogetherEdit

  • Raynbow Williams was a pediatric patient in the ER who needed an abdominal exam to rule out appendicitis.

Season ElevenEdit

I Must Have Lost It on the WindEdit

  • Mr. Crossley is a shared patient of Richard Webber and Owen Hunt who was taken back into surgery after his anastomosis began to leak.

Got to Be RealEdit

  • Eric Schneider is a patient of Amelia Shepherd who was on anti-convulsants for seizures.

Only Mama KnowsEdit

Bend & BreakEdit

  • Ms. Cain was scheduled for fetal surgery which became urgent when she developed hydrops.

Don't Let's StartEdit

  • Waldo Pfeiffer was a fetal patient who had a CCAM, which had to be removed urgently when he developed hydrops.

Season TwelveEdit

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