This page is for staffers of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, Seattle Grace Hospital, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, or any other facilities on Grey's Anatomy who are never seen, but are mentioned on the show in some way.


Faust: So, Isobel
Stevens: Call me Izzie.
Faust: In your application, Izzie, you refer to yourself as very self-reliant. How so?
Stevens: Let's just say my parents weren't always there to support me financially.
Faust: But they were there for you emotionally. That's what counts.
Stevens: Not really that either.
Faust: Well, at least they provided you with four walls and a roof over your head.
Stevens: We lived in a trailer.
Faust: Well, you've come quite a long way.
Stevens: What's that supposed to mean? Because I no longer live in home with a parking brake, I'm a better person now?
Faust: No, not at all. I just meant you must've worked hard, saved a lot of money.
Stevens: And I'm debt-free.
Faust: Really? That's a lot of debt to erase. What were you doing while in med school, practicing medicine? (laughs)
Stevens: This is funny to you? This is my life we're talking about here. Medical school is expensive. I had to do whatever I could to pay for it.
Faust: Oh my God. You were a stripper.
Stevens: No! What kind of girl do you think I am?
Faust: It's just that when you said, "had to do whatever I could," I thought that you were implying that you took your clothes off or something. (laughs). Thank goodness I was wrong. So what did you do?
Stevens: Does it really matter? It's in the past. My grades are stellar. My recommendations are exemplary. Do we really have to talk about this now? During the interview? It was my understanding that this was just a formality anyway.
Faust: Okay. Interview is over. You seem like Seattle Grace material. But I'm curious, I get a lot of med students asking about debt reduction. What's your secret?
Stevens: (mutters inaudibly)
Faust: What was that?
Stevens: Modeling.
Faust: Runway model?
Stevens: Lingerie?
Faust: Oh, Well, at least you weren't pole dancing.

Season OneEdit

A Hard Day's NightEdit

Season TwoEdit

  • Howard Stevens (no relation to Izzie Stevens) was paged on the intercom to room 1435.

Enough is EnoughEdit

Let It BeEdit

  • Dr. Cwynar is a plastic surgeon who consulted on a breast reconstruction for Savannah.

Band-Aid Covers the Bullet HoleEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Oh, the GuiltEdit

  • Dr. Harrison was said to be the cardiothoracic surgeon on call.

From a Whisper to a ScreamEdit

  • Dr. Thompson is a cardiothoracic surgeon who was said to be out.

The Other Side of This Life, Part 2Edit

  • Dr. Straley is an oncologist at Sloan Kettering with whom Sam Bennett consulted on the case of Paul.

Didn't We Almost Have It All?Edit

  • Charisse St. Amant, Annette Sutera, Ryan Blank,
    Daily announcements

    The list of names.

    Gregory Gootsan, and Karin Gleason were on the list of arriving interns for General Surgery.

Season FourEdit

Crash Into Me, Part 2Edit

  • Dr. Lisa Taylor was paged on the intercom. Lisa Taylor is also the name of a co-producer of Grey's Anatomy.

Season FiveEdit

Wish You Were HereEdit

Before and AfterEdit

  • Gary Ballard was called on the intercom.
  • Drs. Conroy and Larry are neurosurgeons at Cedars-Sinai and Mayo respectively. Derek consulted with them on the case of Archer Montgomery. They agreed with him that there was no way to operate.

Elevator Love LetterEdit

  • Dr. Parker is an OB/GYN who was enlisted to harvest eggs from Izzie Stevens prior to her receiving cancer treatment.

Here's to Future DaysEdit

  • Dr. Chalikonda at Cleveland Clinic was said to be doing single-incision gallbladder removals through the belly button.

Season SixEdit

Good MourningEdit

  • Dr. Chang was the Head of Orthopedic Surgery. He put off retirement when his 401(k) took a hit. Callie considered him a dinosaur. It was implied that he is not the best orthopedic surgeon at the hospital.

Tainted ObligationEdit

  • Ann was Arizona Robbins' favorite scrub nurse until she was laid off as part of the pre-merger cutbacks. She is a single mother with three kids.

New HistoryEdit


I Like You So Much Better When You're NakedEdit

  • Dr. Sugarman is a cardiothoracic surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital who was researching hot chemo lavage as a treatment for pleural mesothelioma.

Season SevenEdit

Adrift and at PeaceEdit

  • Dr. Dan Miller is another orthopedic surgeon in the hospital.
  • Dr. Marshall works at NYU and called to ask Owen about speaking at their conference.

Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)Edit

  • Dr. Neil Lefkoff works at the University of Miami. Through Twitter, Neil got to reconnect with Dr. Richard Webber, with whom he worked when he was a resident at Seattle Grace Hospital 8 years prior.

Not ResponsibleEdit

  • Lucy Fields told Meredith that Dr. Metzger would follow up on her vision problems caused by her fertility drugs.

It's a Long Way BackEdit

Season EightEdit

What is It About MenEdit

Put Me In, CoachEdit

  • Dr. Samuelson is a neurosurgeon whom Derek said was qualified to remove part of Charissa Baer's HH tumor.

Dark Was the NightEdit

  • Dr. Taylor is a cardiothoracic surgeon who was on vacation and Dr. Goldman was said to have been 45 minutes away. Dr. Rudski was said to be an ass who was sloppy.


One Step Too FarEdit

Moment of TruthEdit

  • Ted Stevenson was mentioned as the head of trauma at Case Medical Center.

Season NineEdit

Remember the TimeEdit

I Saw Her Standing ThereEdit

  • Dr. Quaid is the plastic surgeon whom Richard asked to do the skin graft on Bryan Greenberg so Jackson didn't need to join him and Catherine in the OR.

Beautiful DoomEdit

I Was Made for Lovin' YouEdit

  • Dr. Clemens is a neurosurgeon who consulted on the case of Vincent Freeman, but ultimately decided to send the case to another hospital.

The End is the Beginning is the EndEdit

Bad BloodEdit

  • Joy is a nurse who worked on Rich Campion's surgery.
  • Drs. Colvin, Beck, and Springfield were approached by April Kepner about budget cuts to save the ER.

This is Why We FightEdit

She's Killing MeEdit

  • Jackson asks for Joelle Geller from the hospital's legal department.

Readiness is AllEdit

Season TenEdit

Puttin' on the RitzEdit

I Bet It StungEdit

  • Jenna is a worker in the hospital day care, who held Zola while she recievied head stitches, since Meredith had to go to surgery.

Two Against OneEdit

You Be Illin'Edit

  • Nurse Ruth mentioned that Drs. Garrison and Anders, both neurosurgeons, were sick with the virus and unavailable to operate.
  • Dr. Campbell is mentioned as a resident who is out sick with the virus.

I'm WinningEdit

Season ElevenEdit


Season TwelveEdit

Walking TallEdit

Old Time Rock and RollEdit

Trigger HappyEdit

Season ThirteenEdit


Jukebox HeroEdit

  • Dr. Portman was said to be the on-call OB.
  • Dr. Inaba is a surgeon at the hospital who refused to let Eliza into the OR. (Note: In real life, Dr. Inaba is the trauma consultant for the show.)
  • Dr. Barton is a pediatric surgeon at the hospital who helped Leah put Baby Wallace on ECMO. Arizona doesn't have a good opinion of him.

Be Still, My SoulEdit

  • Aurora is a chemotherapy nurse Diane Pierce bonded with during her treatment.

Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?Edit

  • Dr. Rapskin is an oncologist at Baylor College of Medicine who believed her new treatment protocol would help Caroline Hodges.

Season FourteenEdit

(Don't Fear) the ReaperEdit

Unknown SeasonEdit

  • Dr. Garmin was paged to room 417.
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