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Give me rules to follow and I'll follow them. Don't change the rules mid-game, retroactively apply them, and say I should've been following those new rules all along. That's manipulative and gaslighty.
— Ace's M.O.

Hi I'm Ace! I'm a big Shondaland nerd and have consumed every single one of her shows, even the medical ones outside of the GA universe (-cough- Off the Map -cough-). Fun fact, I actually wanted to be a surgeon, so much so that I studied to take the MCAT, but unfortunately, the lack of privilege and financial stability prevented me from taking on the enormous debt that is medical school, and so my dreams of cutting faded. I'm pretty OCD about things so I'm a fan of parameters and guidelines so I can operate well within them. I'm not a big fan of "do as I say, not as I do" nor am I supportive of abuses of power, especially systemic power. So I turned that into a life of accounting.

Now, I just obsess about all things Grey's Anatomy's, even the small minute little details that are contradictory. Don't get me started on the GSM ID badges! LOL

I'm an avid fan of the show and the wiki and I contribute as much as I can, especially when it comes to the technical/lore aspects of the show. Most of the "too medical" stuff on this wiki likely comes from me, but I couldn't help it given to where I thought I was headed.

My favorite character is the ever problematic Alex Karev and I pretty much ignore how he exited because, IMO, it destroys 16 years of character development for what was essentially a piss-poor fan-fic. My head-canon is a little different that didn't have him cheat on his wife for weeks and then blindside her with a divorce, a proclamation of true love, and [stolen] kids on the side.... yes I'm still pretty raw about it lol.

I'm on the Discord too, so feel free to chat with me there, or my wall, or any of the blogs! Here's hoping for at least a #season20

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