Verna Bradley is a patient who was admitted to the hospital with chest pain every year on the same day.


While walking her dog in the rain, Verna passed out. She was taken to the hospital, where she had signs of a heart attack. Because she'd had those symptoms before, she wasn't worried about them. Her tests revealed that she hadn't had a heart attack, so Izzie looked for other causes of her pain.

Izzie pulled her records and found that she'd been admitted to the hospital with chest pain every day for the past seven years. She asked about what happened the first year. Lou remembered that it was the day their neighbor, Ted, had died. They watched the funeral home take him away and she had her first episode. Izzie figured out that Verna had been in love with Ted and had stress-induced cardiomyopathy. She was having chest pains because she was grieving for Ted.



Lou BradleyEdit

Verna is married to Lou Bradley.


Ted was Verna's neighbor. They were in love and when Ted died, she was devastated. Every year after that, she had a grief response to the anniversary of his death.