Vince is a friend of Rick.

History[edit | edit source]

Vince and his friends, Rick and Greg, were helping people escape after the ferry crash when a car shifted and crushed Rick. Vince went to get help and brought back Izzie Stevens. Vince and Greg helped Izzie as she started to treat Rick as best he could. Eventually, she sent Greg to find Search and Rescue, because she was reaching the limit of what she could do for him without getting him out from between the cars. When he came back alone, saying that Search and Rescue was backed up, Rick had a blown pupil and then he had a seizure. They said she needed to figure out what she could do for him out in the field. ("Walk on Water")

When Izzie went to drill burr holes, he groaned, but she warned that he couldn't do that again. He stayed quiet as she drilled the holes and packed them. ("Drowning on Dry Land")

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Friendships[edit | edit source]

According to him, Rick is his best friend. He and Greg are also friends.

Career[edit | edit source]

He is a mechanic. He and Rick drive together to work.

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