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Vincenzo DeLuca's Experiment is an experiment run by Vincenzo DeLuca, which attempted to create an artificial womb to save premature babies.


Vincenzo came to the United States with his daughter, Carina. Upon his arrival, he insisted on going to the hospital where his children worked, where he proposed his research, which involved creating an artificial womb to gestate premature babies who would otherwise not survive their early delivery. Alex approved funding for it, despite Carina's objection, due to her father's untreated mental health struggles. Vincenzo asked Andrew to join him in his research and Andrew agreed. ("Blood and Water")

Vincenzo set up a lab where he kept several lamb fetuses alive in his artificial wombs. When one of the lambs died, he defended it as natural progression of his research, though others disagreed. He learned that a patient in the hospital, Elizabeth Hall, might lose her pregnancy because she needed a hysterectomy, he went behind Carina's back to offer his artificial woman to her as an option. The other doctors stepped in and told her it wasn't available to her. As a result of this, Alex cut off his research funding and his remaining lamb was sent back to Italy. ("And Dream of Sheep")

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