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The body has approximately eleven organ systems, all doing different things at the same time. In order to keep us functioning, or, well, alive, they need one voice, a leader, a master. And in our brains, that job belongs to the pituitary gland. It senses the body's needs before they even arise, working non-stop. The pituitary gland communicates with all of the other glands, telling them when to produce the vital hormones we need to function. It keeps everything running smoothly, in perfect order. There's no denying it. It has the toughest job in the place. It's pretty simple. If the brain's working, the body will listen. Your limbs want to hold you up. Your lungs want to breathe. Your heart wants to beat. But none of them are any good without the brain. The brain keeps everything all together. Like a boss.

Walking Tall is the second episode of the twelfth season and the 247th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

The pressure is on as a determined Bailey tackles her first day as Chief. Meanwhile, April's marriage is in jeopardy and she finds herself unable to address her problems. Meredith struggles to juggle all her responsibilities and Amelia works to define her relationship with Owen.

Full Summary[]

In the anatomy class, Meredith is teaching the interns about the pituitary gland, the master of the body.

Bailey is working on her computer in bed with a sleeping Ben next to her.

The pituitary gland makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Bailey and Ben leave the house together.

Meredith tells the interns the gland has the toughest job in the place.

Bailey and Ben are in the parking lot, looking at the hospital. He figures out she's nervous. She admits she is, because she's been waiting for this her whole career. She made big promises and now she has to deliver. She needs it to be perfect. She sends Ben inside already as she doesn't want people to think she's giving him special treatment. He says goodbye and walks in.

Maggie, Amelia, and Meredith are sitting in a car outside Alex and Jo's loft, waiting for Alex. They're carpooling now. While Maggie and Meredith inspect the neighborhood, Amelia wonders if she and Owen are going out without her realizing it. Maggie has been observing a drug addict. Amelia says that adults go home together instead of going out. She doesn't know what that kiss on the front porch meant as she thought they were just friends. Meredith says she sounds 15. Alex finally shows up and gets in the car. Meredith wants to stop teaching the anatomy class as it's taking up a lot of her morning. Maggie tells Alex the neighbors seem nice. Alex replies it's a pit, but it's cheap. Meredith gets a text from Webber. He needs one of them to walk Bailey into the surprise breakfast thing, but they all say no, meaning she has to do it.

Meredith is waiting for Bailey and wishes her a happy first day. Meredith wants to talk about stopping the anatomy class due to her busy schedule, but Bailey tells her to do it anyway. Meredith says they're late for the attendings meeting. Bailey is surprised no one read her e-mail.

All the attendings have gathered in a conference room. Callie is talking to Amelia and Maggie about the woman she went on dates with last week and she's really feeling a rush, feeling like she could stare at her face forever. Arizona comes over and tells them that Bailey is the first female Chief. Jackson overhears it and says it's about time. Amelia realizes most of the department chiefs are women as well. Callie is happy to hear the place is run by ladies. It's a lady place. Maggie says it's not, as it's what her grandmother calls her vagina. Richard tells them Bailey is coming and they gather near the door. Meredith and Bailey walk in. Bailey tells them that one of the many changes is no more weekly attendings meetings. Richard wants to say something, but Bailey says less talking about saving lives and more saving of the lives. The attendings scatter.

Arizona walks into an attendings lounge where April is getting ready for work. She asked if she missed Bailey's party, but Arizona informs her there was no party. April isn't feeling too well and she couldn't stop sleeping. As Arizona asks if she's talked to Jackson, April takes off her shirt and Arizona sees a rash on April's back. As April tries to see it herself, Arizona takes a mouth mask.

April has been put in isolation. She thinks they're overreacting, but Bailey says she's got lesions, a cough, a fever and she was in the Middle East. April says she's just run out from traveling, but Bailey points out she can do that in the bubble. There will be no epidemic today. Jackson comes in and asks what ID said. The doctors discuss all possibilities, causing April to remind them that she's right there. Bailey orders her to stay right there until the test results come back. Arizona promises she'll visit and leaves with Bailey. Jackson asks April to show the rash, which she does. He says he'll keep an eye out for her labs. April asks to talk, but he's disappeared.

Andrew and Isaac are arguing over whether or not to page neuro for their case. Andrew thinks it's necessary whereas Isaac thinks she's fine now that they stitched the face lac. Bailey comes over and meets with the patient, a very tall woman. Jade lost consciousness and fell. Bailey points out they haven't diagnosed the patient, but they can't figure out what could be wrong. Jade says she just felt dizzy in a meeting, but she's fine now. Bailey again asks the interns what they're missing, but they don't know. Bailey asks Jade to stand up, revealing she's extremely tall. Bailey says that's what they missed. "Freak show's over," Jade tells the baffled interns.

April is complaining to Arizona about a nurse taking her clothes, so she feels very naked wearing only the gown and the paper panties. Arizona says this a chance to relax, but April can't relax being trapped in a bubble. Jackson came to check just once and she can't go after him to talk. She feels like a nasty bug, covered in disease and Jackson still won't talk to her, making her feel even more isolated. She says Arizona can help by talking about anything. Arizona says Callie met someone, but she's okay with it as Callie sounds happier than she's ever been, like ever. April asks if they really have to talk about this. Arizona says apparently they do, as Callie can't stop talking about it to everyone.

Jade is having scans taken. The interns are guessing as to why she's so tall. Jo tells them to stay quiet and wait outside. Bailey says it's definitely not drugs, but Amelia wants to wait for the scan to be sure. Bailey already is sure. Jade suffers from blurriness of vision, dizziness, and heaches. If you put that all together, you get a... pituitary tumor, the scans confirm. Bailey is happy to be right and tells Jo and Amelia they're welcome.

Meredith is standing in front of the OR board. Stephanie comes over. She's been busy with downloading all the charts Meredith demanded. Stephanie wonders if Meredith's actually going to do all these surgeries today. Meredith says Bailey's pushed all her patients onto Meredith, but they can't move a surgery as they're still waiting for the patients' test results to come back, but the labs are backed up. Stephanie asks if there's anything she can do. Meredith says she can't say no to Bailey, but she needs a little break in the clouds here. Stephanie walks off, stating she's going to make it rain.

Jo is standing in line at the lab. Isaac pretends to have been paged and says his phone must be off. He asks if she can wait with her. She wonders why. Stephanie comes over and says she needs to rush pre-op labs, but Jo says that apparently the system's down. Stephanie says Grey tasked her with extra rounds and labs and she needs to prep 3 patients for the OR. Stephanie cuts the line and says she needs Dana Lee's labs, as it's for the Chief. Jo is mad and gives Isaac the samples she's been carrying, ordering him to get her the results.

Richard finds Bailey and says he just heard about the case. It's a big patient for a first day. He asks if she needs a counsel or anything, but she's got it covered.

April is extremely bored in her room and time appears to move slowly for her. Finally Jackson appears and he informs her the labs have ruled out Middle East respiratory syndrome. They won't clear her to leave until they get more test results. She says she's been gone for 3 months and asks to at least have a conversation. He gets paged away but says he'll come back when the results are in. She asks him to wait, but he's already gone.

Bailey informs Jade that her fall also caused a break in one of her vertebrae. Jade doesn't want to have brain surgery, but Bailey says the tumor is causing her to produce growth hormones 16 times faster than normal, meaning she's growing faster than anyone can handle. Any more force and her spine will collapse. Jade asks how long it'll take. Bailey says she can get back to work in a week, but Jade says it's too long. She stands up but has to lie down again. Jade says she's leading a team that's bringing Internet to parts in Africa, changing lives there. She doesn't want to take a break from that. Bailey understands her, but Bailey promises she can help her. Jade agrees to give them four hours to come up with a plan, but that's it.

Bailey has gathered Jackson, Amelia, Callie, and Maggie to ask them for a treatment plan for Jade with a recovery period of less than a week. Bailey says the patient is a flight risk, so she tasks Jo with making sure Jade doesn't leave. Amelia says they need extensive time and scans for both procedures. The attendings say it's impossible, but she doesn't want to hear that. They're smart people and good surgeons. This patient has big things to do, so Bailey has every confidence they can create a plan that'll allow Jade to do these things. She leaves the room and tells herself it's doable.

Richard is talking to April. He wanted to celebrate Bailey because he could pass the torch to the candidate of his choosing. He doesn't think that's too bad, and now she hasn't him for anything. She should want him to help her, but she's got it all handled. He worries it's arrogance and he decides to go talk to her. He thanks Kepner for the talk, but she wasn't interested at all.

While Maggie, Callie, and Ben come up with a plan for the break, Amelia and Jackson try to come up with a plan to remove the tumor. Amelia thinks the tumor is too big to go in endonasally, but Jackson says her head is larger than normal. He asks her to listen to his plan for a minute, but Amelia says they apparently don't have a minute. Meredith comes in to ask Jackson for a consult on Bailey's patient, but they all say they're too backed up since Bailey put all their services on hold for this giant problem. Meredith says Bailey has pushed all of her patients and she didn't even ask. Owen appears in the doorway and asks what's going on. Callie and Jackson want him to be Chief again as he stayed out of people's hair. They think the new power has turned Bailey into the Nazi again. They then notice Ben is still in the room, but he says it's okay. He'll go check on follow-up scans. Owen asks Amelia what she thinks, but she stammers not to ask her. Stephanie comes in and updates her on the patients. Owen can't believe people actually called Bailey the Nazi. Callie then asks Amelia what she meant with "don't ask me", as she's more pissed off than any of them. Amelia asks Callie if she's ever had a good friend who you just wanna make out with all the time. Callie says she's done that for years. Amelia asks what happened. Callie says Sofia.

Isaac tries to get some small talk going with Jo, but he's messing up. Andrew comes over to pick up a chart and whispers that was really weak and pathetic. Jo then notices that Jade has come out of her room. The four hours are over. They say she can't leave, but she says she's not a hostage and walks off, pushing Isaac aside.

Richard asks Bailey for a word, but she says she's got a major deadline. She enters the scan viewing room where the attendings still haven't agreed on a plan. Bailey says she needs to go tell this woman something, but Isaac and Andrew come in to inform her she's gone. Jade knows they can't legally stop her. Nor physically, Isaac adds. Bailey orders them to get Jade back here. She turns to the attendings and says she started the day thinking they could achieve the impossible, but now she's ending it with a dead woman on the street and African children who can't read. She says she really expected way more from them. Richard overheard it all. Bailey walks out. Callie wonders what the African children have to do with this.

Jo, Isaac, and Andrew find Jade in the lobby. They ask her not to go, but she says she'll come back when she can. Jo says there may be no coming back. Jade then faints again and falls on top of Jo.

Isaac and Andrew try to get Jade off of Jo, but Jo tells them not to move her. Bailey and Amelia come over. Jo tells them she caught Jade's head. Amelia thinks Jade might have aggrevated her spinal fracture. Isaac comes over with a stretcher, but Amelia says it's too small to support her. Andrew takes a door while Jade tells the doctors she can't feel her legs. Bailey counts to three and they roll Jade onto the door, watching her neck. Isaac asks Jo if she's all right. Jo tells Andrew it was good thinking to get the door. Isaac says he should be a contractor. Bailey asks Jo if to get an OR. Other people help to lift the door onto a gurney.

Owen is talking to April about Amelia. He's feeling like he's invisible to her today and he doesn't know what the kiss meant, so maybe they're just friends. He wants to know what it means if a guy kisses you and he asks you out but you spend the next day ignoring him. An uninterested April says she can't help him as her marriage is collapsing. Owen thinks that means she gets it, but she says it's different as she can't even talk to Jackson. She tells Owen to stop talking to her and go talk to Shepherd. He gets paged away and tells her to hang in there.

The surgeons are getting ready to operate on Jade. Callie and Maggie have to operate simultaneously, which is not ideal but it's the only option left. Amelia and Jackson still disagree on the approach for the tumor, but they're running out of options. Bailey says someone needs to sign off, but she finds all the other surgeons unwilling to.

Bailey joins Ben in the scrub room and she asks if they hate her. Ben says he tries not to listen. Bailey wonders if she pushed too hard. Ben asks what she thinks. Bailey knows she put them in a terrible position. Ben says he's in one too, but he'd like to just work. She leaves.

Meredith has finished a surgery and instructs Stephanie to monitor urine output. Meredith wipes her name off the OR board and Richard asks her if Bailey has talked to her. Meredith says Bailey only talked at her, dumping her entire schedule on Meredith. The only reason she's managing is because of Edwards, because Stephanie gets things done. Jo overhears this and is offended.

Callie and Maggie are almost done. Amelia is close to getting perfect margins, but as the scope is moved forward, the monitor starts beeping. They hit the carotid. They all start panicking and attempt to control the bleeding, but it's chaotic. Bailey is watching them up in the gallery. She can't stand the sight of it and leaves, which Richard notices.

As Bailey walks down the stairs, Meredith tells her about her patients, but Bailey can't listen now. Meredith says she's happy Bailey has become Chief and that she's managing to work both schedules, but the least Bailey could do is actually listen to the short update on her patients. Meredith says she deserves more than to be dismissed, respectfully of course.

Jade has already lost a third of her blood volume. Jackson has a fix, but Amelia deems it temporary. She wants to open up the neck, but Jackson says that'll cost Jade her life. Jackson and Amelia switch places and he starts doing his repair.

Bailey is standing on the bridge with a sad look on her face. Richard comes over with the gift he wanted to give her this morning. She opens it. It's his old stethoscope from his residency. He had the earplugs changed and her name engraved in it. He never had somebody to pass anything along to, so he thought this would be the right time. Bailey says she doesn't deserve this, because she's not the right person for the job. She thought she was, but given her first day, she doesn't deserve a second one. Richard says you can never do a perfect job as it's too much for one person. Bailey says he did it. He says he did so by listening to those who came before him and counting on those under him. Bailey tried to do that, but Richard says she actually barked like a general. They are generals, they know how to mobilize. They just need a leader. If he did his job right, it's not because people listened to him, but because they trusted in him and believed that he knew them well enough and trusted them enough to tell them when and how to use their brilliance. He's talking about people like her. She has to earn that kind of believe, but that kind of trust can't come in one day. If you want someone to run a 4-minute mile, you don't chase them, you don't give them something to run from. You give them something to run to. He pats her shoulder and walks off.

The attendings don't believe Jackson's fix will work, but he pulls it off. They really hope Jade's gonna be okay. An OR nurse tells Jackson she got a 911 call from Kepner.

Jackson runs into April's room. She says she wants to talk and says she paged him 911 because she feels like they're both dying. She needed to force a reaction out of him and she orders him to stand there and talk to her. Jackson says she doesn't want to hear it as they already talked. He told her what he needed and she didn't hear it. She went halfway around the world. April says that was an ultimatum, not a talk. Jackson says he gave her a choice. April says she made a choice long before that, long before Samuel and the army. They made a promise in Tahoe to love each other until they die. Jackson says they also made a promise to honor each other, but she broke that when she couldn't hear him telling her he needed her to stay. April says she needed to go. Jackson says she did what she needed to do twice. Their marriage is full of ultimatums and they're all hers. They've been through a lot and April has changed. April says she's grown and they're still going through a lot right now. This is a hard part, it's the worse from for better or worse. They have to push each other and fight. Jackson is not sure they are worth fighting for. He walks out and she tries to follow him, bumping into the glass wall of the isolation ward.

Bailey is watching the surgeons as they recover after the surgery. Jackson passes and smiles at her. She finds the courage to go in and asks them about Jade. Amelia says they got the whole tumor, but they hit the carotid. Maggie placed a stent in angio, but she's likely to have deficits. Jade is still out, so they won't know until she wakes up. She could also just be in a coma. Bailey tells them they're extraordinary. She came in here today and did all kinds of things wrong, but in spite of that, they all still did amazing and perfect work. They found a way to do something that was in fact impossible. So if there's a bad outcome, it's hers. Tomorrow, she will be better. They all appreciate her words.

Jo and Isaac leave the OR. Stephanie comes running along and asks Isaac to prep OR 5 for Grey, but he says he's with Wilson today. Stephanie says it's for the Chief and asks him to come, but Jo stops him. Stephanie's been cutting lines and changing schedules, but Jo won't give up Isaac now. Alex comes over and tells Jo she's gotta let him go if the Chief needs him. Jo is mad because Stephanie's been pulling this crap all day, but he tells her to stop whining. Stephanie got what she wanted by beating the system and Jo is just mad she didn't come up with it. He tells her to deal with that or come up with something better. He kisses her and walks off.

Jackson enters April's room. Her doctor cleared her so she can go. It's likely contact dermatitis. April already suspected that. Jackson says he's sorry if he hurt her. April says they have be honest with each other, and she's glad he was honest with her. However, he was wrong. They are worth fighting for and she wants to fight so she'll fight for the both of them. She'll ambush and slash and fight until she's bloody for the both of them. She'll fight till death because that's what she vowed to do. Nothing that's happened since then has changed that. Jackson says this is the problem. She just wants what she wants and doesn't care what he thinks. April says she loves him too much to let her mistake end their marriage. She won't break her promise to him, so she's gonna fight, and she'll win.

Arizona is on her way out, but Callie calls her name and runs over to give her a book they read to Sofia. Arizona brings up the date everyone heard about. She says Callie can always tell her. Callie starts talking about how great this woman is. Arizona says she can dial back the enthusiasm a little. Callie says it's like they share the same brain. Arizona just wants Callie to read the room. Callie says she really likes this woman and walks off.

Amelia gets on an elevator with Owen. He stops the elevator and asks why she won't talk to him or look at him. He asks if she's upset or angry or confused. She says the latter, if she had to pick one. Owen wants to talk about it, but she says they can't as they'll just start kissing again and she doesn't know why. She wonders what it means. He moves closer and says they maybe should talk. She agrees to this and they end up kissing.

Bailey is with Jade as she starts to open her eyes. She asks if she can now finally get out of here. The doctors are relieved and Bailey says she can get out soon enough.

Bailey finds Meredith and tells her about a hot appy. Meredith wonders if she's being punished for yelling at Bailey, but Bailey says in the contrary. Bailey figures out that Meredith doesn't think she deserves Bailey piling her service on her. With Stephanie paying attention, Bailey decides to let Meredith in on a secret since she thinks Meredith deserves it. When Hunt and Webber had this job, it was easier for them because they had Bailey. Bailey now needs another her and she believes Meredith can be her for her. She'd like to appoint Meredith Chief of General Surgery because she deserves it and she can take it. Bailey leaned on her, and Meredith held up. Meredith is the calm in the center of the chaos, and she has been since Bailey met her. And Bailey needs her. Bailey asks if Meredith wants the job. Meredith says yes. Bailey tells her to go do that appy and not to complain to her again. She walks off and Stephanie congratulates Meredith. Meredith reveals she knows what Stephanie's been saying today and says she can now finally be right when she's telling people she's doing stuff for the Chief.

Meredith tells the interns in the anatomy class that the entire body listens to the brain. No part of the body is any good without the brain.

Ben enters his bedroom and finds Bailey working on a to-do list and taking her pills. He asks if she isn't exhausted. She says she's gotta make sure to be prepared for tomorrow. Ben shakes his head and says she's gonna be great tomorrow. He says there are better ways to get prepared and kisses her. She kisses him back.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Miss O'Neil[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Jejunostomy feeding tube
    • J-tube replacement

Miss O'Neil needed her j-tube replaced. Bailey was supposed to do it, but she passed it off to Meredith.

April Kepner[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Contact dermatitis
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:

April had a rash on her back that Arizona discovered. She was put in isolation while they tested her for possible causes. She tested negative for Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, but they kept her in isolation waiting for her other results. At the end of the day, she was released from the bubble after her labs were clear. It was likely she just had contact dermatitis.

Jade Bell[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Head laceration
    • Pituitary tumor
    • Fractured vertebra
  • Treatment:
    • Stitches
    • Tumor resection
    • Spinal repair
    • Stent

Jade fainted and hit her head and lacerated it. In the ER, Isaac and Andrew stitched it up. Isaac wanted to discharge her, but Andrew wanted to call a neuro consult. Bailey came in and pointed out that the patient was unusually tall. They took her in for a scan, which revealed a pituitary tumor. In addition to that, her fall had fractured one of her vertebrae, so she needed surgery to remove the tumor and repair her spine. She wanted to leave because she was working on a big project at work, but Bailey convinced her to give them four hours to come up with a surgical plan that would get her out of the hospital within a week. The doctors looked at her scans and started planning, but her anatomy made things more complicated. Amelia said she needed to do a full craniotomy to get the tumor because of how large it was, but Jackson suggested an endonasal approach instead, which would speed healing time. After four hours, Jade went to leave, but she passed out on the way out the door. She said that her legs were numb, and they had to use a door to transport her to the OR. Her fall had caused her spinal fracture to become unstable, so they had to repair it quickly to avoid paralysis. They had to do her tumor resection endonasally to avoid permanent paralysis. Callie repaired her spine, but while attempted to resect the tumor, they hit the carotid artery. Jackson was able to stop the bleeding using a patch. They finished the surgery and got the whole tumor. She was then taken to angio to put in a stent, but because of the carotid bleed, they said she might have deficits or she might not wake up. She eventually did wake up without apparent deficits.

Kyle Roane[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Laparascopic cholecystectomy

Kyle was a patient who needed a lap chole, but his tests weren't back.

Dana Lee[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Hernia
  • Treatment:
    • Hernia repair

Dana was in the hospital for a hernia repair, but labs were backed up.

Callie's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Knee replacement

Callie mentioned having a knee replacement to perform.

Maggie's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • VATS procedure

Maggie mentioned having a VATS procedure scheduled.

Meredith's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Small bowel obstruction
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Stephanie told Meredith she had on OR booked for her bowel obstruction.


  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Angiography

Stephanie said she had angio booked for the Swanson case.

Meredith and Bailey's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Re-bleed
  • Treatment:
    • Tumor resection

Meredith told Bailey about her patient with an andenosarcoma resection who had had a re-bleed, but was stable.

Appy Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Appendicitis
  • Treatment:
    • Appendectomy

Bailey told Meredith about an appy that hadn't ruptured.


Song Performer Scene
"All About That Bass" (originally by Meghan Trainor) Tyler Ward & Two Worlds
  • Meredith greets Bailey at the elevator.
  • Meredith tries to pass off the anatomy class.
  • Bailey instead hands off one of her cases to Meredith.
  • Meredith tells her they're late for the meeting.
  • Bailey questions if anyone read her email.
  • Callie tells Amelia and Maggie about a woman she's dating.
  • Arizona says Bailey's the first female Chief.
  • The doctors talk about how the place is run by women.
  • Bailey and Meredith come in, but Bailey scolds them for not reading the email and leaves.
  • Richard puts the present he was going to give her on the table next to her cake.
"Since U Been Gone" (originally by Kelly Clarkson) Ian Keaggy
  • The doctors plan Jade's surgery.
  • Meredith comes in and asks Jackson for a consult.
  • They all talk about Bailey pushing everybody's surgeries so they could do what she wants.
  • Owen comes in and they ask him to be Chief again.
"Keep An Eye On Me" Frida Sundemo
  • Bailey stands on the catwalk.
  • Richard presents his first stethoscope to her.
  • She says she doesn't deserve it because she's not the right person to be Chief.
  • He tells her it won't go perfectly and it's too much for one person.
  • He tells her how to be a good Chief.
  • The doctors work on Jade.
  • Jackson stops the bleeding.
  • A nurse tells Jackson April's paging him 911.
"Shake It Off" (originally by Taylor Swift) Us the Duo
  • Amelia and Owen kiss in the elevator.
  • Jade wakes up and asks if she can get out of the hospital.
  • Bailey says she will soon enough.
  • Bailey tells Meredith about an appendectomy.
  • She appoints Meredith head of General Surgery to help her as Chief.
  • Stephanie congratulates Meredith.
  • Meredith reveals she knows that Stephanie's been doing all day.
  • Meredith teaches her anatomy class.
  • Bailey works from bed.
  • Ben takes her computer away and seduces her.

Notes and Trivia[]


Grey's Anatomy 12x02 Promo "Walking Tall" (HD)

  • This episode's title originated from the song Walking Tall, originally sung by Lyle Lovett.
  • This episode scored 8.58 million viewers.
  • The table read for this episode took place on July 28, 2015.
  • We learn in this episode that Callie has been promoted to Head of Orthopedic Surgery. This happened off screen and thereby most likely happened during the time jump in She's Leaving Home, but it's not entirely sure. Since Callie's been known to basically run the department, the writers could have chosen to let the promotion happen off screen.
  • Certain scenes around Alex and Jo's loft were filmed at the Lacy Street Studios and Lacy Street Park.
  • Goof: Throughout the episode, it's clear that neither one of Arizona's feet is made of plastic.
  • Goof: Jo overhears a conversation between Meredith and Richard about how Stephanie is a big help to Meredith, but in the next scene, Jo is in surgery with the patient with the tumor.


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Behind the Scenes[]


Callie: This place is run by ladies. It's lady place.
Maggie: No, it's not lady place. Lady place is what my grandmother calls her vagina. To anyone who will listen, by the way. She is not shy. No, we can't call this place lady place. I don't need to think of that sweet, sweet, raunchy, old lady's vag every time I walk through the doors.
Alex: Me neither, but I will now.

Bailey: See, knower of all things. I should be Chief of Surgery. Oh, wait, I already am!

April: I have on paper panties! Do you know how paper panties feel?

Amelia: Have you ever had a friend, who was like a really good friend, but you just wanna make out with them all the time?
Callie: Oh, yeah, I used to do that for years.
Amelia: And what happened?
Callie: Sofia.

April: We haven't been through a lot. Jackson, we're going through a lot. Right now. We're going through a hard part. This is the worse of "for better or worse." This is the mud, and we just have to pull each other through it.

Richard: You don't give them something to run from, you give them someone to run to.

Bailey: When Webber had this job it was easier for him. And Hunt had it easier than I do, do you know why? Because they had me. I need a me. And I believe you can be a me for me. I need you to be my me.

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