Wallace Anderson was a 10 year patient of Arizona Robbins.



He suffered from Short Gut Syndrome and had been living in and out as a patient in Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital for the past 2 years and had undergone over 15 surgeries in his lifetime.

Out of gratitude for all the care given to Wallace, his parents declare to Arizona Robbins, Richard Webber, and Board Chairman Larry Jennings that they wish to donate $25 Million to Seattle Grace Mercy West's pediatrics program, half of which to go towards research to find a cure for Wallace's condition.

Sadly, Wallace deteriorated rapidly and Arizona informed his parents, Richard, and Larry that he did not have long left to live and that they should all prepare themselves. Not wanting to accept this, the Andersons, Richard, and Larry pressured Arizona into performing a very risky surgery to extend Wallace's life for 2 months, which went against her better judgment. Wallace survived the surgery. However, complications set in after and is he was brought back into the OR, but died of septic shock.

His body was seen later, when Arizona took his parents to the morgue to view him. Although she could not save him, his parents agreed to donate the $25 million in gratitude of Arizona's efforts, not Larry's "ass kissing."



His parents couldn't accept the reality that he was going to die and pushed Arizona Robbins to find another solution to keep him alive for longer, even if only for a few more months. When he died, his parents were devastated.


He got along well with Arizona Robbins, his doctor. She helped him with his math and science homework by letting him go on rounds with her.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He shares a birthday with Arizona Robbins.
  • He reminded Jill Boyd of her own daughter, Hillary Boyd.
  • While helping Arizona with rounds, Wallace wore navy blue attending scrubs and had his own SGMW embroidered lab coat.
  • He died on his 11th birthday.


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