Walter Carr is a psychiatrist at the hospital who treated Meredith after she was assaulted.


Meredith's TherapyEdit

After Meredith Grey's assault, Dr. Walter Carr was assigned to oversee her hospital-mandated therapy. ("All I Want is You")


Walter was hospitalized with leg swelling, shortness of breath, and sinus tach. A CT showed a very large clot in his chest. They couldn't break up the clot with TPA due to its size, so they planned an open thrombolectomy. However, Nathan had done research and had the idea to use a sort of vacuum to suck out the clot instead of opening him up. He agreed to the surgery.

While he was waiting for surgery, he was regularly visited by Meredith Grey, who talked with him about her current issues at her house as well as with Nathan and Megan. He helped her find what her anger was really about and when he started coding, Meredith was able to stabilize him so they could get him into surgery.

His surgery went well and he was stable and awake afterward. ("Go Big or Go Home")



He was married until his wife died ten years prior to his clot. Despite this, he still wears his wedding ring. It was removed for surgery, but Meredith put it back on his finger when he woke up. ("Go Big or Go Home")


He has two sons, one of whom hates him and the other whom he hates. ("Go Big or Go Home")


He is an attending psychiatrist at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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