Warren Sterman was a patient who came in with a bowel obstruction.



Warren went to medical school. He ended up quitting his last year of clinics and instead went into medical research.

Bowel ObstructionEdit

He developed a bowel obstruction, for which he required surgery. After his surgery, it took a while for his bowel to start working again, so he had to stay an extra night. He eventually did have a bowel movement, meaning he could be discharged. ("Shake Your Groove Thing")

Over the next several years, he continued to see Bailey every few years to have another portion of his bowel removed. ("Head Over High Heels")

Josh's SurgeryEdit

Warren returned to the hospital when his grandson, Josh, needed spinal surgery. When Josh died due to surgical error, he was heartbroken. ("Head Over High Heels")



He is married. His marriage was in trouble for a while after he finished medical school. That's part of the reason why he switched to medical research.


Warren does medical research. He likes it because it allows him to work reasonable hours and then be with his family.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • There is a 333-episode gap between his first and second appearance, making him the character with the longest gap between two appearances.




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