Sometimes you just need to get out of town. Get a new perspective. But you can't always see that you need a new perspective, because you, well, need a new perspective to be able to see that. It's complicated. Open your eyes. What do you see? More possibilities? Does your new view give you more hope? That's the goal. Although it doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes a shift in perspective just makes you see what you've lost.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is the 22nd episode of the tenth season and the 218th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

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Cristina looks to Meredith for advice as she assesses her future at the hospital. Derek and Amelia work together on a difficult surgery involving conjoined twins. Meanwhile, Jo is spread too thin when she tries to work on several cases at once and Stephanie realizes the truth about Bailey’s bubble boy case.

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Cristina is walking down a hallway and she meets Owen on the stairs of the main hall. He tells her Cleveland Clinic wants know if she's available for central paper day. She asks if the winner of the Harper Avery Award wasn't available. He says the loss doesn't define her. In that case, she wants him to stop trying to get her to go somewhere to get over it. He replies that Zurich has been calling three times a day, wanting Cristina to come and give a presentation. He says the past year has been all about the conduit trial, so he wants her to let herself be flown, first class, and take time to figure out what she wants next. She knows what she wants next: to get this board meeting over with.

They walk into a conference, where everyone but Jackson has been waiting for them. Richard says this is everybody and asks Owen to shut the door. Callie asks about Jackson, but Richard says they can go ahead without him and then gives the word to Owen. He tells them that Dr. Russell, Cristina's boss, is leaving the hospital. He assured Owen four times it had nothing to do with the Harper Avery situation, which, Richard says, means it has everything to do with that. Arizona doesn't know which situation and Meredith informs her no doctor of this hospital will ever win a Harper Avery Award. Owen says Richard thinks they should appeal. Cristina realizes this means that she should appeal and humiliate herself. "This is not about you, Yang," Richard says. This is about the hospital getting more money for research and attracting more surgeons, as they're already losing top talent. Derek says Russell is a loss, but he's no Cristina Yang. Arizona says Cristina Yang can't be Cristina Yang if they're losing research funding. Callie thinks about people with track records and Meredith adds people with Harper Averies. Derek agrees appealing isn't the worst decision in the world and they all look at Cristina, who simply walks out. Meredith goes after her.

Meredith and Cristina get on an elevator. Cristina wants one day where she's not reminded about the Harper Avery. Now that the hospital is in danger of losing grants, she doesn't understand how the nomination could cost her grants. "Did everyone forget that I put a printed conduit in a kid and it worked?" she asks. Meredith says there are guys in Zurich didn't forget. She reminds Cristina they want her to come and speak about it. It's a free trip and it's only an hour of talking for five days in the Swiss Alps. Cristina says everyone will think that she's running away, but Meredith says that everyone here is angry for her and supports her. Cristina wants everybody to stop thinking of the hospital like a big family, as it's a business thing. Catherine Avery made a business decision and Cristina's moved on now. She wants everyone else to do too.

April is having an ultrasound with Jackson by her side. The obstetrician points at the little blueberry they've been waiting for. "Or not?" she asks when she sees their faces. She asks if the pregnancy wasn't the idea and they don't give a clear answer, leading her to ask if they're looking to terminate. They both say not. She gives April a picture of the baby and tells her to get dressed and come meet her in her office when she's done. April asks Jackson if he wants to terminate, but he repeats no. He wants them to be happy about this, which she is.

Amelia and Derek are walking front of an army of residents. He tells them that the Coopers have chosen to do the surgery here because they've done a lot of them, somewhat becoming good at it. This time, it's a little bit tricky because the brain is involved. The walk towards two girls, who are followed by a man with a suitcase. Derek asks Amelia if she's ready for this, and she says yes for the third time. He says it's a really big surgery, but she states that he asked her to do it and that it's too late if he's having second thoughts now. They meet with the girls, who turn out to be conjoined twins, who are only sharing a brain. "You must be Annie and Liz?" he asks the girls. "Nothing gets past you, huh?" Annie asks. Liz warns her to be nice, but Annie says it's unlikely he'll confuse them with other patients. The man is the girls' pediatrician, but for record, Liz says, they're 25 and he's longer their doctor. Their mother died a few years ago and since then he's really been there for them. Derek introduces himself as Dr. Shepherd, and so Amelia, explaining they're siblings. "Goodlooking doctors run in the family," she says. Derek introduces the residents as some of the roughly 40 people who will be working on them, so he's not telling them their names as they don't have to remember. Annie suggest he does the tell the names, so she and Liz can compare how much they remember after surgery, so they know if he cut through their memory center.

Alex drops Jo off at work in his fancy new car. Jo is late and tired and says they can't stay up till three anymore to talk about how much he loves his new job. "That's not all we were doing," Alex smilingly says. She kisses him and says she misses having him around. He says she can always call him if she needs help. That's not why she misses him and she asks why she'd need help. He said if she does, and she says she is perfectly capable of making medical decisions without the help of her boyfriend. He says she's getting weird and tells her to get out of the car before she escalates.

Amelia and Derek show the resident the most complex brain scans they will ever see, those of the Cooper twins. Amelia tells them that the women share brain matter, and separating them will be more complicated because there's only sagittal sinus that delivers blood supply to the brain. First, they need to decide which lucky twin will get keep to keep that, and the other one gets a graft. "Dr. Grey and Dr. Webber..." Derek says.

"... will harvest the saphenous vein," Webber tells the residents, now in another room. Meredith says the saphenous vein will be used as the new sagittal sinus. "Meanwhile Dr. Torres will...," Meredith says.

" making a mold of the cranial bone flap, so then we'll be able to replace the missing part of the skull..." Callie says in another room, showing a model of the crane.

"...which we will cover with a flap for now, but I'll place skin expanders so we'll be able to fully cover the defect," Jackson adds while showing the residents a model of the skull.

Derek finishes the explanation by saying they need to move quickly and meticulously to turn one brain into two with the least amount of defecits. Derek asks the residents to let him now if one of them doesn't feel up for the challenge, as he needs each and every one of them to be fully confident in the OR.

Jo walks into Braden's room and tells the parents she's on Bailey's service today. The parents tell her Bailey has been avoiding them since they refused to let her put HIV in their son. Jo starts explaining it's not really HIV. Teresa says she knows, but they stuck to their guns and now Braden is doing better. Jo says Braden's numbers are good, so Bailey will maybe graduate him with solid food. David wants her to tell Bailey they're just glad Braden is doing better and that they're not mad at her. Teresa says they're a little mad.

Cristina finds Sabine in a lounge, pressing a pillow against her chest. It was Frankie's pillow. Sabine feels guilty about biting off the head of an orderly who wanted to take away the pillow, but Cristina tells her not to worry about it. While Sabine says the orderly was very friendly to their family, Cristina sits down next to her and says she's discharging all of them. Link is on the transplant list and he can wait for a heart at home and Ivy is doing better. She should recover in her own bedroom. Sabine is relieved that they can go home. Cristina says her family needs to heal after the pain they've been through and they can't do that at the hospital. 

At the airport, the airline clerk is finishing up Cristina's order for a round trip ticket and he asks the destination to complete it. "Zurich," she says. He fills in the information.

In Zurich, Cristina is leaving Meredith a message while enjoying breakfast. She dives into the huge bed and starts talking about her time at the hotel.

Meredith is listening to Cristina's message. She rightfully predicts Cristina won't be able to get the chocolates Meredith asked for, as Cristina was too busy sleeping and she has to fly home pretty soon after her lecture. Meredith predicts Cristina will get them at the airport, which is what Cristina then suggests to do at the end of message. Meredith hangs up the phone and walks into the Cooper twins' room. Stephanie is ready for the ultrasound so they can decide which saphenous vein they'll harvest. She does an ultrasound on Liz's body and Annie says it's cold. They explain they share some of the sensory cortex. The twins and their former pediatrican talk about their life how it used to be and how it will be after surgery. They can't believe they'll be doing things on their own. Annie is thinking about their mom, and so is Liz because they're sharing a brain. Their mother always sad it was too dangerous to separate them, but a cardiac defect has changed the situation. Their bodies won't sustain the situation much longer if they don't get separated, meaning they'd die if they wouldn't do the surgery.

Jo finds Bailey and tells her that the Morrises think she's avoiding them. Bailey denies this and Jo says the parents are thrilled because Braden is doing better. Jo says his T cell count is 500, which lights up Bailey's face. Jo asks about solid food and Bailey says he can have whatever he wants. She wants Jo to get a full set of labs. Bailey walks off and Owen tells Jo he wants her to place a central line on one of his patients. Jo wants to do it right away, but Arizona stops her. She wants Jo to remove a JP drain and to put in a feeding tube on two of her patients. Arizona asks if they make tiny humans wait for things like drain removals and feeding tubes, to which Jo replies they don't. Arizona leaves and Jo takes a breath.

Derek tells the residents he will be in charge of twin A while Amy will take care of twin B. "Dr. Shepherd," Amelia corrects him. Amy makes her sounds like some sorority girl tagging along on his brain surgery, while in fact, she's his co-surgeon. Derek checks with the other surgeons if the roles are clear. They're all ready. "All right. See everybody in surgery," Derek says. While the residents leave the room, Richard tells them all to get something to eat. Derek wants to go over all of it once more with his sister. Before they do so, Amelia asks Meredith to get her an energy bar. Meredith assures Amelia that Derek thinks she's great, so she has no idea why he's treating her like she's... "Incomptetent," Amelia finishes her sentence. Because he's twin A, always is, always will be, which makes her twin B, Amelia answers the questions.

In the ER, April gives Arizona the chart of Raynbow Williams, a kid who needs an abdominal exam to rule out appendiciitis. Arizona decides to add Raynbow to her list of baby names, right after Buba, Tulio, and Agamemnon. Since Callie keeps shooting down the cute names that she suggests, she decided to hide the cute ones in a sea of terrible ones. April admires that she and Callie are so excited while they're not even pregnant yet. "Imagine how insufferable I'll be when there's an actual baby to talk about," a smiling Arizona says.

Cristina is answering questions about her conduit in Zurich. Suddenly, a familiar voice asks a question. It came from a man sitting in the dark of the lecture room. She answers it while the man gets up and starts walking down towards the stage. He keeps asking questions, which she easily answers. While asking a last question about a result of her conduit, the man steps into the light. It's Preston Burke. Cristina answers the questions, adding they were very surprised about the test results, but seemingly also talking about seeing him again. "Fascinating," Burke says, and then thanks her. Everyone applauds for her while she shares a look with Burke.

After the lecture, Cristina is talking to a doctor who wants the data of her initial patients. She advises him to mail her, while the doctor thanks Burke for having brought Cristina to the institute. While everyone leaves, Cristina says she thought it was someone named Weiss who arranged the lecture for her. Weiss is one of his staff, whom he used as he didn't think she'd responds to an invite coming from him, giving the circumstances of their last interaction. "Me in a white dress and you fleeing the state," Cristina summarizes. He says the follow-up to that is delicate. She asks why she's here. Because he wanted to talk to her about her unpublished details of her protocol. She can't believe he brought her 6000 miles to talk about that, but he replies it is his hospital after all. While she packs up her stuff, he says he wants to return the favor by showing her what he's been working on. She can scrub in on his surgery this afternoon. She says she has to make phone call. He'll catch up with her later then, but tells her to say hello to Meredith for him before leaving the room. 

Owen sits down with Meredith in the cafeteria. She's listening to her voice mail, as she and Cristina keep missing each other. Owen asks if she's having a good time. Her speech went well, Meredith says. She then hears that Burke is back and she can't believe her ears when she hears this. Owen asks what it is, but she lies and says that Cristina got a standing ovation. Owen knew the trip would be great for her while Cristina's message asks Meredith to call her back.

At another table, Stephanie and Shane are helping Leah to practice burring holes in a skull, as Shepherd chose her to do that part of the surgery. Last time Leah burred, she burred into the table, which makes her doubt herself. Stephanie asks Jo how the scut work is, and Jo replies she's actually killing it. Meanwhile, Leah drills through the skull into the ketchup packages they place in the skull, meaning she would've killed the patient if it were real. Leah wants to give up, but Shane says it was only her first one so she now knows how hard she has to go. He hands her the drill and she tries again.

April and Jackson are also having lunch together. She's kinda shocked that the first option tossed on the table for a pregnant woman with mixed feelings is termination, but he says the OB was just doing her job. She wants him to be on her side, which he claims he is. He just doesn't think they need to vilify the OB for one comment. April doesn't want to fight, so she suggests Phoebe as a baby name. He thinks Phoebe Freebie sounds slutty, but says it's cute when he sees her disappointed face. Jackson then walks up to Dr. Webber to talk about the board meeting he pulled off without him. He would like him to make sure he's available the next time, but Webber says his input wasn't needed as it was about his concerns regarding the Harper Avery Foundation. Jackson says he should still talk to him about those concerns then. Richard then says he built this place with certain ideals and he's not gonna let them be trifled with. They got in bed with the Foundation too fast, as it now turns out there are fundamentally different philosophies. It's not gonna work, it's a doomed marriage. 

Jo is passing a catheter on Owen's patient. Bailey comes in and asks if everything's okay, because she still wants Jo to run Braden's labs. Jo will, just like she said. Bailey asks her to keep her updated and she leaves. The catheter is in and Jo tells Babs she now only needs to remove the wire. Babs didn't feel a pinch. Jo said she's had lots of practice, but Babs is in pain once Jo starts to remove the wire. It's caught on something. Jo orders a nurse to push a drug and tells Babs to relax.

Derek is impressed with Callie's idea to cover up the hole in the conjoined twins' skulls. It took hours of meticulous work, so Amelia better not screw it up. Derek asks her why she'd think that. Because he treats her like she is the village idiot, which Derek denies. He wouldn't let her near the Coopers if she weren't exceedingly capable. He then sees a fully functioning robotic leg lying around. He thought his absence totally stalled the progress, which Callie says it did. But she took it in a different direction and she redirected the peripheral nerves' signals to send commands directly to the prosthetic leg, eliminating his sensors entirely. She cut out the middle man. He asks if he's the middle man, but she says no as she still needs him to connect the nerves. So he's the mechanic then, he asks. Kinda, but she'd never let him near it if he weren't exceedingly capable.

In Zurich, Cristina is sitting outside the research facility, listening to a voice mail message of Meredith, warning her to think about some things before doing anything rash. He cut away pieces of her, his momma took her eye brows and she's worked the past seven years to get over him. Burke comes out and offers her coffee. He sits down as she gets up, saying she should go in order not to miss her flight. He says she'll be fine, as he let Weiss put another ticket on hold for her. She says he's acting all manipulative. He's sorry she sees it that way. She asks if he's been following her work. He has, but he also knows she's been following his. The surgery she's about to see is new though, and he didn't want to publish it until he's sure that he has what he thought he had. "Do you?" she asks, and he asks her to join him so he can show her. She hesitates, but follows him inside.

Meredith leaves the Coopers' room and she tells Dr. Kenzie that the girls are prepped and ready to go. He asks her which one is twin A. He knows they need to identify the twin with the best prognosis, so that if things go poorly in surgery, the team can throw all of their resources toward the stronger twin, twin A. It's better to have one alive than neither. He's a doctor, he knows how it works. He delivered these girls. He's been to their college graduation, met their boyfriends, helped them bury their mother. He'd like her to tell him which one is twin A, so he can ask God to take a little extra care for her sister. Meredith says Lizzie is twin A. "God help Annie," he says. The twins are then brought to the OR. Annie asks him to bring them doughnuts after surgery. He says he will and holds her hands tightly. 

In surgery, Meredith is almost done procuring a vein. Murphy is drilling holes in the skull and Amelia says she's doing good. She's drilled seven holes and hasn't punctured the dura. She checks the eighth burr hole and tells Leah she did perfect. Leah cheers, scaring other surgeons. Richard reminds her they're doing delicate vascular work here. She apologizes and Derek continues the surgery.

Outside Babs' room, Jo is calling Alex, who tells her he knew she'd need help. He's joking but asks to call back later as he's in the middle of a thing right now. She agrees to see him later while he greets his patient in the waiting room of the practice. She hangs up the phone, takes a breath and gets back in the room. 

Jo tells Babs the wire is caught on something inside her chest, so they'll take an X-ray to see what's going on inside. Arizona appears in the doorway, reminding her of the drain removal. Jo promises she'll come right now and tells Babs to hang on, everything will be okay. She walks out of the room.

Derek and Amelia are separating the twins' brain. Suddenly, something goes wrong. Richard explains to Stephanie that Liz developed a clot and now they're trying to keep it from spreading to Annie's brain. They have to move quickly if they're gonna save Annie's life. Amelia and Derek work fast while Leah says she thought that Liz was twin A, but Richard says not anymore. 

Cristina finds out Burke's surgery is transcatheter valve replacement and she doesn't see what's special about that. He says she'll see. In the wait, he says she lost the Harper Avery. He says she shouldn't feel bad about it. She replies it's easy for him to say as he won one. That's why he's saying it. There was a high after he won, and he rode it for a long time. And then there was a truly, awful crash. The fear that his best work was behind him, and he put an enormous pressure on himself. He had to get away, so he came to Switzerland. He started working quietly, but then he met a guy who had made a billion in the European bond market. He wanted to put his name on something, but bankrolled this whole place, so Burke brought in people from all over the world to study the heart. He doesn't need government funding to do it. He explains the interesting thing about this patient is that he has an irregularly shaped valve. Cristina says that does not make this interesting. "Does this?" he asks as he pushes a button. The lights are killed and suddenly a hologram of the patient's heart appears in front of their eyes. It was composed of pre-op scans, offering a complete intraoperative visualization. Burke twists the hologram with his hand, saying you can see the heart from all angles in real time and even slice it to see its anatomy, assess ramifications without bearing any of the risk of blind entry. Cristina is amazed and she and Burke twist the heart together. He asks if it was worth it to stick around. It was. "Wait till you see the rest of this place," he says.

In surgery, Derek and Amelia have separated the girls. Amelia will go to the OR with the viable twin while Derek will stay behind and try to retrieve the clot. It's a last-ditch effort, but one that may work. He can save Liz if he moves fast enough, but she'll still have deficits. Annie is put on a gurney. Before leaving with her, Amelia tells Derek not to worry about Annie, she's got her. He knows she does.

Burke shows Cristina his 3-D printer hall. There are 49 of them. He says she completed a phase one trial with her conduits. He asks her what's next. She doesn't know, everything is just a mess right now. Because of the Award, he guesses. She says she doesn't care about it, but he knows she does. She should, as it's an assessment from people who know that she is what she thinks she is.  Even she craves this, he knows. She blurts out she knows how valid her work is, and he knows. Looking at the 3-D printers, she now knows what she wants to do next. It's big. But he knows she's afraid of not being able to raise the support after she lost the Award. He's right. He asks what it is. She wants to print a functioning, beating human heart. He smiles and says she should do it here as it's not impossible here. She can start tomorrow, all she has to do is say yes. She can't believe what he's saying.

Richard enters the gallery and asks Meredith about Yang, but she says she hasn't heard from her since she left. He asks her where she is. Meredith tells him she's visiting a hospital in Switzerland. Richard thinks she's looking for another. "See what you did?" he asks Jackson. They're losing the good ones, one by one. Meredith says Cristina just went to give a talk, but Richard goes on asking Jackson if he's happy. Thanks to him and his mother, the only doctors working here soon will be him and Knox. April calls him to stop and says it was his relationship with the Harper Avery Foundation that brought them to the hospital in the first place. She knows he's embarrassed and ashamed and she's sorry for him, but she won't let him take it out on Dr. Avery anymore. He deserves his respect, because he is not his mother. She tells him to stop it. Everyone in the gallery silently watches how Jackson walks out after having given Richard one last look. Richard walks after him and April seems to regret her actions.

Jo asks a nurse why she never received Babs' images. They were sent to Dr. Hunt, because it was a critical result and he's the attending on the chart. The nurse informs her Hunt took her up to surgery. Stephanie walks past and Jo gives her a tablet and asks her to look at Braden's labs for her. She tells her Bailey wants to rule out leukemia and then runs off. Stephanie questions why Bailey is concerned about leukemia. 

Derek comes into Amelia's OR to check on Annie. He asks if she needs an extra set of hands, but Amelia says no. She's closing the dura. Derek leaves and Leah, who's assisting Amelia, is surprised that Derek fixed Lizzie already. However, Amelia knows he didn't fix her. 

Jo enters Owen's OR and says she should've called him. If not him, than another doctor, he says. By trying to remove the wire by herself forcefully, she perforated the posterior wall of the subclavian vein, causing Babs to bleed. Now he has to perform an emergency venous repair and Babs' collectomy has to be postponed. Jo says she tried to handle everything. "And you made it worse," Owen says. 

Cristina and Burke enter his office. She sees several awards while he tells her to sit down. He'll order them some dinner. She remains silent so he asks if she's not hungry. She asks if he wants her to come work here. That's what he said, yes. She makes a sound and he says he has no longer the ability to interpet her noises. She suspects it is some ploy to get her back into his life and says she's not interested in that. He shows her a picture on his desk and introduces her to his wife, Edra. He then shows her a picture of his kids, Simone, who's 5, and Vivianne just turned 4. He tells her he's happy. Edra is the love of his life, she's his world. His family is his world. She says that's nice. He says he doesn't want her. Edra wants to be a mother. She's trained as a surgeon and she gave it up. Now she stays home, takes cares of the kids, is supportive of him and his dreams. Cristina says that's good for him and she's happy for him. He says that when you do what they do as fiercely as they do it, you need somebody who's willing to stay at home and keep the home fires burning. That's the only way they are ever gonna have somebody. Cristina says he doesn't know her anymore. She sees his life has moved and she wants him to know hers has too. He takes a moment to takes this in and says she's right. He doesn't know her, but he does know that she's become a magnificent surgeon. She's become everything he thought she'd be. She should be in a place like this and he advises her to consider his offer again. 

In her hotel room, Cristina is leaving Meredith another voice mail message, telling her about Burke's family and the holographic heart. He wants to bankroll her research of printing a functional heart. He's got 49 printers and a bottomless pit of money. "How the hell are you not answering your phone right now?" Cristina asks. She says that everything she's ever wanted is here, except he's here. She questions what she's supposed to do. She finishes the message by asking Meredith what she would tell her to do.

Annie is wheeled into the ICU room of her sister. Outside, Meredith asks Derek if she decided to withdraw care for Liz. He nods. They watch how Kenzie and Annie look at Liz.

Meredith meets Richard and informs him that Liz's care will be withdrawn any minute. She sits down with him and reminds him of how hard it was to find the money to keep this place going. The Foundation was their Hail Mary and he saved them. She says they have to find a way to make it work with them. He tells her he was there when her mother won her first Harper Avery. He wasn't with her, he was sitting in the back, because Thatcher was with her. Richard says that Award was their gold standard, the measure of their success, everything they worked for. He had to be there to see the look on her face. She was radiant. Catherine made it meaningless. She cheapened their goals, she cheapened her memory and he can't stand that. Owen appears in the doorway, asking if Richard has a minute.

Outside Braden's room, Stephanie shows Bailey his most recent results. Bailey thanks her and Stephanie says she's testing his white blood cell differential. Bailey says she's running many tests. Stephanie says Braden's T-cell count is up. A boy with no immune system grew 500 T-cells overnight. She says she thinks Bailey administered the deactivated virus against the parents' wishes. A busted Bailey blurts out it worked as Stephanie says it's working. She says it's amazing and that Bailey is amazing. "I don't know what you're talking about," a smiling Bailey says, after which she walks off.

Jo overhears how Richard and Owen agree that one of the residents is not cut out to be surgeon.

At Joe's bar, Leah says her parents will disown her if she gets fired. Stephanie says she'll end back up in school. Jo thinks she'll end back up in jail. Shane asks them to stop, as he's the one who'll get fired. He went crazy, very publicly. Leah says she disrupted an entire OR. She's a surgical liability and Shepherd hates her now. Jo says Hunt hates her now, and Stephanie thinks it'll be her because it's her ex owning the hospital. Leah heard that residencies sometimes clean house, like fire an entire class of residents and start fresh. They all drink. Alex comes over and Jo asks what's going on. Nothing, he says, he just had a very good day. Jo tells the others the next round will be on him. 

Cristina meets Burke in his office. He thinks she spoke to Meredith. She says no and passes on the job offer. Burke thinks Meredith carries a grudge, but Cristina says this has nothing to do with Meredith or a grudge, it's far from that simple. He wants to know why, because honestly, it doesn't make any sense. Cristina asks if he thinks she'll ever want to work for him again. She never wanted to work for him, she wanted to be him. He walking away from their wedding was the best thing that ever happened to her, because it made her stand on her own two feet. They're both better for it. She asks why he brought her here and offers her a job he knows she can't resist. She thinks he's gonna dangle a carrot, make her chase at it until he snatches it away. She doesn't want the job. "Are you done?" he asks. No, she fiercely says, but she has nothing more to say. They look at each other intensely in silence for a couple of seconds. Now she's done. He doesn't want her to work for him, because them working together would destroy his marriage and his life. He closes the door and tells her that the way he loved her was consuming and eventually, she'd hold the carrot and he'd be chasing her. He has a family now, a life he wants. He repeats he does not want her to work for him. "You just offered me a job," she reminds him. He repeats he doesn't want her to work for him, he wants her to take over from him. He's leaving the institute because Edra's parents live in Milan and she wants to be closer to them. Since Edra has made so many sacrifices for him, he now thinks it's time he do the same thing for her. He's been wanting to leave for a while, but he just hadn't find anyone he was willing to give the institute to, until now. "Wait. You're offering me your hospital, like you're Willy Wonka and you're handing me a chocolate factory?" she asks him. "Cheer up, Charlie," he smilingly replies. She realizes he's serious. He says this place is hers if she wants it. "Do you?" he asks.

April is sitting in the hospital chapel. Suddenly Jackson appears, knowing who she hangs out with. He sits down next to her. He says he should probably get used to these seats. He says he can't change who he is, but that doesn't mean he wants to sit at home every Sunday while his family's off visiting church. April starts crying tears of joy as she realizes he'll go to church with her. "You're my wife, of course I will," he says. As long as they can get waffles after. She agrees to that. 

Callie and Arizona get on an elevator. "Agamemnon," Callie says with a smile. She kinda loves it, wiping the smile off Arizona's face as the elevator doors close.

Amelia joins Derek on the deck of his house with drinks. He tells her Callie Torres needs an exceptional neurosurgeon for her project. He recommended her. She says she doesn't live here, but he says that maybe she should. He likes having her here. "You're my favorite sister," he says, but she knows he says that to every one of his sisters. However, she will choose to believe him because he is her favorite brother.

Meredith is waiting for Cristina at the airport. Cristina comes over and hands her her chocolates, although she ate some herself. Meredith looks at Cristina's face and says Cristina is leaving. Cristina stays silent, indicating Meredith is right. 


  • Meredith Grey
  • Cristina Yang
  • Alex Karev
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Callie Torres
  • Owen Hunt
  • Arizona Robbins
  • April Kepner
  • Jackson Avery
  • Jo Wilson
  • Shane Ross
  • Stephanie Edwards
  • Leah Murphy
  • Derek Shepherd
  • Preston Burke
  • Amelia Shepherd
  • Dr. Kenzie
  • David Morris
  • Sabine McNeil
  • Teresa Morris
  • Annie and Liz Cooper
  • Dr. Krogan
  • Babs Martin
  • Obstetrician
  • Dr. Knox (front)
  • Nurse Maria
  • Airline Clerk
  • Braden Morris

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Medical NotesEdit

April KepnerEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
  • Doctors:
    • Unnamed Obstetrician
  • Treatment:

April got a vaginal ultrasound, allowing her and Jackson to see the baby.

Annie CooperEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • High output cardiac failure
  • Treatment:
    • Separation Surgery

Annie and her sister, Liz, were at the hospital to be separated. They shared a sagittal sinus, meaning the doctors had to choose who would get the native one and who would get a grafted one from the saphenous vein. They also shared part of the sensory cortex, so they could feel what is happening to each others' bodies. Their mother was against their separation, but it became necessary because, since their blood supplies overlapped, Liz's heart was doing more work than Annie's, causing high output cardiac failure, which would kill both of them if they weren't separated. Annie was designated twin B for the surgery, meaning they determined that Liz had a better chance of survival. While in surgery, Liz developed a clot, flipping their status and making Annie Twin A. They rushed the physical separation and Amelia took Annie to another OR while Derek attempted to save Liz. He was unsuccessful and Liz was left brain dead. Annie, who was doing well after surgery, decided to withdraw care and she died.

Liz CooperEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • High output cardiac failure
  • Treatment:
    • Separation surgery

Liz and her sister, Annie, were at the hospital to be separated. They shared a sagittal sinus, meaning the doctors had to choose who would get the native one and who would get a grafted one from the saphenous vein. They also shared part of the sensory cortex, so they could feel what is happening to each others' bodies. Their mother was against their separation, but it became necessary because, since their blood supplies overlapped, Liz's heart was doing more work than Annie's, causing high output cardiac failure, which would kill both of them if they weren't separated. Liz was designated Twin A for the surgery, meaning they determined she had a better chance for survival than her sister. Liz developed a clot in her brain during the surgery, which flipped their statuses, making Annie Twin A. They rushed the physical separation and Amelia took Annie to another OR while Derek attempted to save Liz. However, he was unable to do so and Liz was left brain dead. Annie decided to withdraw care and she died.

Braden MorrisEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • SCID
  • Treatment:
    • Gene therapy

Miranda Bailey administered the gene therapy treatment, despite Braden's parents withdrawing consent. Braden recovered from his illness quickly and had more than 500 T-cells. Bailey allowed him to go back to solid food and ordered more labs.

Ivy McNeilEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Cristina discharged Ivy to recover at home.

Lincoln McNeilEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Cristina discharged Link to wait for his heart transplant at home.

Babs MartinEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Posterior wall perforation
    • Subclavian bleed
  • Treatment:
    • Central line
    • Colectomy
    • Venous repair

Babs was in the hospital for a colectomy, for which she needed a central line. Jo went to insert one, but the wire snagged. Jo tried tugging harder to force it out, which caused tearing. Jo ordered an x-ray to see the damage, but she left to attend to another patient and while she was gone, the nurse paged Owen with the results of the x-ray because he was the attending on the case. Owen had taken Babs into surgery for an emergency venous repair and her colectomy was postponed.

Patient in 3922Edit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Drain removal

The child in room 3922 needed her JP drain removed.

Demon ChildEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Feeding tube

A patient Arizona described as "delightful, but demon-like" needed a new feeding tube.

Raynbow WilliamsEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Raynbow was in the ER and needed an abdominal exam to rule out appendicitis.

Burke's PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Transcatheter aortic valve replacement

Burke and Cristina operated on a man with an irregularly shaped valve. They used hologram technology to show them the anatomy of his heart as they operated, even allowing them to see inside to access risks before actually cutting.


Song Performer Scene
"One Thing Leads to Another"

Sophie Koh

(originally by The Fixx)

  • Owen suggests Cristina head to Zurich to talk and figure out what's next for her.
  • Owen announces to the board that Russell is leaving due to the Harper Avery situation.
  • The board members try to talk Cristina into the idea of appealing.
"Like a Virgin"

Caught A Ghost

(originally by Madonna)

  • Burke and Cristina operate together in Zurich.
  • He impresses her with the hologram of their patient's heart.
"Get What You Give"


(originally by New Radicals)

  • Stephanie confronts Bailey about giving Braden the gene therapy.
  • Jo overhears Webber and Hunt say that one resident isn't cut out to be a surgeon.
  • The residents hang out at Joe's and discuss which one of them will get cut.
"Like a Virgin"

Amos Lee

(originally by Madonna)

  • Burke tells Cristina he wants her to take over from him.
  • Jackson tells April he'll go to church with her.
  • Callie tells Arizona she likes the name Agamemnon.
  • Derek and Amelia talk. He suggests she could stay.
  • Meredith picks up Cristina at the airport and knows that Cristina will be leaving Seattle.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Grey's Anatomy 10x22 Promo "We Are Never Getting Back Together" (HD)

Grey's Anatomy 10x22 Promo "We Are Never Getting Back Together" (HD)

  • This episode's title originated from the song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, originally sung by Taylor Swift.
  • This episode scored 8.81 million viewers.
  • Filming for this episode was scheduled from March 20 to April 2, 2014.
  • Preston Burke returns to the series after six seasons. His last appearance was in the season three finale.
  • Ellen Pompeo revealed in an interview that there was no table read for this episode, presumably to keep details surrounding Cristina's exit under wraps.
  • The trailer of the episode is very misleading. In it, Burke tells Cristina he wants her, while his actual line in the episode is that he does not want her.
  • Originally, the plan was for Cristina to leave in this episode.
  • Didn't We Almost Have It All? aired again right before this episode was broadcast to give viewers a chance to relive Burke's last appearance.
  • The scene where Burke reveals he wants Cristina to take over from him takes place at roughly 6 AM, as seen in the official script of the episode.
  • The song used in the promo for this episode is "This Life" by The Afters.
  • Cristina's pants on the scene in hotel has writing "STANFORD" on the back is the match for the jacket she wore in the episode "From a Whisper to a Scream" when she came to Meredith bed after jogging and she didn't know what to do with Burke situation.
  • The episode contains a lot of references or similarities to earlier episodes with Burke:
    • In surgery, Burke is wearing the lucky scrub cap he took with him when he left Cristina.
    • A cover of the song "Like a Virgin" is used in this episode. The original version of the song was sung by Cristina after she found out Burke won the Harper Avery without mentioning her name in the article.
    • In this episode, they meet in professional circumstances (at the lecture) and after he brings her a coffee, things get personal between them. This is similar to how their relationship started. They met at work and they got romantically involved after he brought her coffee.
    • Jeff Russell resigning from his position as Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery is reminiscent of Burke leaving.
    • Meredith lists that Burke took pieces from Cristina, that they took her eyebrows and that Cristina spent the past years getting over him.


Episode StillsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit


Cristina: You don't know me anymore. I see your life has moved on, I want you to know that mine has too. 
Preston: You're right. I don't know you. But I know that you've become a magnificent surgeon. You became everything I dreamed you'd be. You should be in a place like this. You should consider it.

Derek: Okay, I will take care of twin A, Amy will take care of twin B.
Amelia: Dr. Shepherd.
Derek: What?
Amelia: No, I mean my name is Dr. Shepherd. You said Amy, and that makes me sound like some sorority girl tagging along on your brain surgery, when in fact, I'm your co-surgeon.

Preston: Let me return the favor, show you what I've been working on. I have a surgery this afternoon. I would really love for you to scrub in. I mean, unless you have plans.
Cristina: I have to make a phone call.
Preston: Go ahead, I'll catch up with you later. Oh and uh, tell Meredith I said hello.

Owen: Hey, is that her?
Meredith: Voice mail. We keep missing each other.
Owen: She having a good time?
Meredith: Uh, yeah, she's just saying her speech went well and...
Cristina: (voice mail) Burke is here!
Meredith: What?
Cristina: (voice mail) Burke. Here.
Meredith: Shut up.
Owen: What?
Cristina: (voice mail) Yeah, he brought me here.
Meredith: Nothing, she's saying that she got a standing ovation.
Owen: I knew this trip was gonna be great for her!

April: Oh, hey, Rainbow Williams in bed 3 needs an abdominal exam to rule out appendicitis.
Arizona: Oh, Rainbow! I'm gonna add that to my list of baby names.
April: Really?
Arizona: Yup, right after Bubba, Toolio, and Agamemnon.
April: Agamemnon? That... That is... That's pretty.
Arizona: No, it's not. It's child abuse. But Callie keeps shooting down the cute names that I suggest, so my new strategy is to bury the cute names in a sea of terrible ones. So, um, Zimboni, Hashtag, Digger.

Callie: Agamemnon. I kind of love it.

April: I don't wanna fight.
Jackson: Me neither.
April: What about Phoebe if it's a girl?
Jackson: Phoebe Freebie? Slutty. (upon seeing her face) Um, but cute. One of the better names actually.

Derek: I like having you here. You're my favorite sister.
Amelia: You say that too all of us, but I will choose to believe you, because you are my favorite brother.

Cristina: (arriving at the airport) Chocolate! Ate some.
Meredith: You're leaving.

Cristina: I love Zurich! Well, what I've seen of it. Which is my hotel room. But, Meredith, it is yahoo! This bed is like a giant's bed or something, if a giant were rich and liked weirdly-shaped pillows. I have slept for 24 hours, literally. Oh, and I have to give my talk, which is in a few hours, and then I'm flying back.
Meredith: (listening to the voice mail) So you can't get my chocolates.
Cristina: So I don't think I'm gonna have time to get you your stuff.
Meredith: (listening to the voice mail) Why can't you just get it at the airport?
Cristina: Wait, you know what? Maybe I can just grab something at the airport.

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