Wendell Parker is Dell's grandfather.


Wendell came into the practice with his friend Nate when his grandson, Dell, became concerned that they were being abused in their nursing home. Sam examined them, but both Nate and Wendell denied any abuse. Sam looked into it further and found that they'd had several injury reports at their nursing home. They went to Brookside to investigate. The clerk told them he was getting $5 an hour to look the other way. However, Dell and Sam paid him off to talk. They found Wendell and Nate fighting with the other residents watching and placing bets. They tried to break up the fight, but Wendell and Nate fought through. Wendell knocked Nate to the ground and Sam stepped in and said that Nate needed an ambulance.

At the hospital, they determined that Nate had had a heart attack and they were trying to relieve the blockage. Wendell said they needed something to make the days more exciting. In response, the nursing home put a look on the basement to keep them from going down there to fight. Dell visited Wendell and Wendell admitted that he should have known better. Dell told him they'd implanted a pacemaker into Nate's chest.

They later came to get Wendell because the hospital said that Nate wouldn't make it. They also confirmed that his heart was already bad and Wendell wasn't at fault for his death.



He was married until his wife died.


His daughter, a "rolling stone", left her son, Dell Parker, with Wendell and his wife. The two of them raised him.


He and Nate were great friends until Nate's death.


He served in the US marine corps and fought in Korea.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • His room number is 310.
  • He hates Bingo.


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