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When exposed to trauma, the body deploys its own defense system. From the first second the brain receives the signal that a catastrophe has happened, the blood rushes to the organs that need help the most. Blood floods into the muscles, the lungs, the heart, the brain. The brain makes a decision for the rest of the body. Either face the danger or run away. It's a mechanism designed to protect the body from harm. From knowing that what has happened might be irreparable, we call it 'shock'. When shock wears off, when the body can accept that a trauma has happened, when it can let down its defences, it's a scary moment. It's vulnerable. The shock response had protected us, and it just might have saved us.

Where Do We Go From Here is the ninth episode and mid-season premiere of the eleventh season and the 229th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

As Derek prepares for his move to DC, Meredith keeps herself busy at the hospital. Meanwhile, Jackson and April deal with difficult news, and Arizona and Amelia discuss how to best approach Dr. Herman.

Full Summary[]

As the voiceover talks about trauma, Meredith stands outside the hospital, flashing back to her fight with Derek.

Derek is in their bedroom, grabbing his things. He sees their post-it above their bed and remembers their wedding. He looks at the picture of him, Meredith, and Zola.

Amelia and Arizona look at Dr. Herman's scans.

Jackson hesitates, but then walks into the room where April is standing. She greets him happily, but after he breaks the news to her, she flees the room and he lashes out.

Meredith carries Zola and puts her down in her and Derek's bed. She looks at the post-it above the bed. She pulls it down and tosses it into the trash, breaking the glass.

Meredith talks to Lynn, a potential nanny, who says that they can talk about her needs and figure out what will work best. Meredith says she's pressed for time and Lynn says she'll wait in the lobby until Meredith has time.

Callie sees Meredith talking to her and asks who it is. Meredith reveals she needs a nanny because Derek left, but doesn't expand on that.

Owen is telling the crowd about an accident that happened. A woman crashed into several cars and then drove off a bridge with her two kids in the car. The police believe it was intentional. Owen tells them to cooperate with the police and do their jobs.

Callie questions if she was one of those crazy moms who tried to drown her kids. Meredith says maybe she needed a nanny.

As they gown up, Stephanie asks what kind of mother does that to her own kids. Jo asks why it's worse when a mother kills her kids. That's sexist and women are as crappy and homicidal as men. Stephanie asks if there's something she wants to share. April comes up and asks why they're just standing in there when there are incoming traumas. After she has walked away, Stephanie tells Jo that she told Jackson about their baby. She doesn't know if April knows, but thinks she doesn't because if she knew, she wouldn't be at work.

In the ambulance bay, the first ambulance brings Mia James, 10, one of the kids in the car that went into the water. She was unconscious at the scene and has a deep facial laceration. Her mother and brother are in the ambulances behind her. She asks where her mom is and if she's okay. Owen tells her that they'll find her as soon as they can. The second ambulance has Parker James, 5, who has minor facial lacerations and a left arm deformity. He asks where his sister is. Callie says she's right inside and walks him in. The third ambulance has Brooke James, their mother. She's unresponsive.

In the ER, April and Stephanie are examining Brooke. Meredith says the police want to question her, but she told them there was no way in her condition. Stephanie wonders if they know what happened. Meredith says she could have lost her footing and they don't know what really happened. April says she has low blood sugar and free fluid in her abdomen. She's too unstable for CT, so they take her directly to surgery.

At the nurses' station, Greg James approaches, looking for his wife and kids. Owen tells him that his wife caused the accident and they are all being treated. He says that his wife would never do that. The police come to ask him some questions.

Amelia wants more scans and asks Arizona when she can talk to Dr. Herman's doctors about the tumor. Arizona's still not sure when or how she's going to tell Dr. Herman that she stole the scans. Amelia encourages her just to do it, but Arizona says she racked up a ton of HIPAA violations. It's not a cliff; it's prison and she's too pretty for prison. Amelia is sure that once Dr. Herman understands that it'll save her life, she'll be happy. Amelia asks if Arizona wants her to tell Dr. Herman, but Arizona says she needs to do it. They walk into the room where they were looking at scans to find Dr. Herman. She knows it's her tumor and wants to know how they got the scans.

Herman is upset that Arizona shared her scans with another doctor without her consent and says she has no right to do that. Amelia steps in to their fight and says she can remove it. Herman says she has surgery and leaves the room.

Jackson tells Owen that he doesn't believe April will make it in because they got some bad news, but Owen informs Jackson that April's in an OR. Jackson goes to leave, but then he turns around and tells Owen that he needs to pull her out of the OR.

April and Meredith are operating when Owen comes in and asks April to step out and let him take over. When she says she won't do it, he orders her to leave. She angrily leaves and he steps in to continue where she left off.

Brothers Dylan and Jack are being examined in the ER. Jack tells Dylan he's going to be in so much trouble, but Dylan defends that Jack's the one who wanted to go get ice cream. When Alex says they had a pretty rough ride, Jack excitedly begins to relate what happened, saying it was awesome. Dylan says his dad is going to freak when he sees the car and says they can't call his parents. When the doctors find out he was driving, they ask how old he is. He lies and says he's 18, but Jack immediately tells them that Dylan's lying by joking that he's 25.

Owen and Meredith are still working on Brooke. They agree to do a Trauma Whipple. Meredith asks why he kicked April out. When Owen says she has personal stuff, Meredith says they all do. Her husband left her and she's still there. She is surprised that he didn't know and asks if he's going to kick her out, make her get her nails done or have a good cry. Owen says Jackson didn't tell him what it was and that upsets Meredith even more. Stephanie steps in and tells them that it's about their baby and it's bad.

April steps back into the ER. She approaches Parker's bed, where the police are questioning him. Parker says that his mom told them to shut up and then they started to his other cars before going into the water. A fireman pulled him out. He's surprised because he thought shut up was a bad word. Richard tells him he's a lucky kid, because he only needs a splint on his wrist. Jackson says Mia is still a little groggy, but she just needs stitches in her face and she'll be good to go. April steps forward and pulls Jackson aside.

Jackson asks if April wants to go home, but she instead attacks him for letting the police interrogate Parker about what happened. Jackson says they needed to know, but April says they shouldn't even be in the ER. They need to be moved somewhere safe. Jackson says they should just go home, but April says she needs to stay and take care of patients. She needs to be in an OR, but she's not because he made that decision for her. Two men decided what was best for "the little lady". He asks her to tell him anything, to talk to him. He wants to help, but she says to get the family to a room and stitch up Mia's face.

Jackson goes into a supply closet. Richard follows him in and asks if everything's okay. He laughs until he starts to cry and says no, everything is not okay.

Bailey is asking Jack and Dylan to give them their parents' names. Dylan tells Jack not to cave, that he's a brick wall. Jo comes back and gives Alex the results of Dylan's CT. He needs surgery, but Alex wants to go in laparoscopically first so he can avoid a large incision and a longer recovery time. Bailey calls him out on it, saying he should open Dylan up instead. He stands firm, saying he's an attending pediatric surgeon and he's doing it his way. Alex says while he's in surgery, she should get his little brother to give them their parents' names. As he's wheeled to surgery, Dylan reminds Jack that he's a brick wall.

Maggie finishes a procedure on a patient and says that'll prevent tamponading. She's amazed at how much damage one woman did. April sends her on to the next patient, but Maggie asks about the sex of April's baby. She says she'd want to know because she's a control freak. April grabs her belly and then reminds Maggie about the patient. Stephanie comes in looking for Greg James, but April pulls her out to talk to her.

Stephanie asks if she's okay or if there's anything she can do. April is mad that Stephanie saw something on the ultrasound and didn't say anything. Stephanie says she wanted to be sure before she said anything, but April points out that she told other people. Stephanie apologizes. April then tells her that Greg James is upstairs because his kids were admitted.

Owen asks Meredith if Derek told Amelia and passed off his cases. She's sure he did because he wouldn't just leave his patients. Owen doesn't believe he'd just leave his wife and kids like that. Meredith asks if he needs someone to blame. She says she's to blame. A nurse says that Brooke's tox screen is back. Negative for everything. Meredith says she wants to believe there's a reason this happened, that a healthy woman didn't just try to kill her two kids. Owen asks if she's talked to Cristina. Meredith says they usually talk Friday night for her, Saturday morning for Cristina, but admits she's missed the last few because Cristina said something about Derek and Meredith before she left and she was right and Meredith doesn't want her to be right.

Stephanie is getting a medical history from Greg James. He says his wife wouldn't do something like this. She's a great mom. She's busy, tired, stressed, and forgets things. She has a lot going on with everything the kids do. He says he works too much. He doesn't think he knows anything anymore.

Herman comes into the scrub room with Arizona and asks if she's going to find her wallet in Arizona's pocket because she left her alone for a few minutes. Arizona apologizes for going behind her back. Herman says Arizona betrayed her. Arizona wants Herman to have hope for Amelia's plan, but Herman says hope is the most malignant symptom of terminal cancer. Mayo gave her hope. NYU gave her hope. Barrow gave her hope. But none of them worked. Every time the hope goes, it takes chunks of you with it until you can only find comfort in the knowledge that the cancer will kill her. She tells Arizona to tell Amelia to keep her hope to herself or better yet, tell her where to stick it.

Owen and Meredith are preparing to close Brooke's abdomen. Stephanie comes in and tells them what she learned about Brooke being tired and stressed. Meredith says she doesn't sound like a mom who was about to kill herself. She suggests the possibility of an insulinoma. It would explain all her symptoms.

Bailey gives Jack a juice box and says she needs to call his parents. He ignores her and says nothing. She says his parents are scared, wondering where he is. She says when they find them, they'll be relieved. When she continues to try to get it out of him, he says that he's a brick wall. She asks him for his cell phone. He says he's seven and asks if she'd give her seven year old a cell phone. She threatens to call CPS. He tells her to do what she has to do.

Alex tells Jo he stole a car when he was 12. He didn't make it two blocks. He ran into a dumpster. She says the first time, she side-swiped a mirror and then tells the story of four more auto thefts. The last one, she lived in. Dylan's mesentery starts bleeding, so they are forced to open him up.

April approaches Callie, who's tending to a patient. She has patients she'd like Callie to see. Callie reduces her patient's dislocation and tells a nurse to give him a shoulder sling. She asks April what's next. April snaps that she already told her if she'd been listening. Callie pulls the curtain closed and asks what's really going on, because she's the queen of taking her personal crap on other people, especially April, and it looks just like that. April doesn't want to talk about it, but Callie doesn't want April snapping at her. April says she can't have a baby and it's what she wants and this woman just threw that all away. She asks if it enrages Callie and how she's not just screaming about it. Callie tries to calm her down, but April says patients are waiting and leaves.

Greg James asks Jackson if Mia will have a scar. Jackson says he took his time, so any scarring will be minimal. Greg says that she'll be reminded of this day every time she looks in the mirror. His kids have lost everything. Jackson says they still have him, but he's not sure how good that is because he missed what was happening with Brooke. He asks how he could have prepared for this.

Herman and Arizona are operating and Arizona is answering questions about the surgery. Jackson comes in and asks if Arizona could meet with him and Jackson to talk. Herman says her hands are full at the moment, but Arizona agrees to do it once they're done. Jackson says he needs to be prepared for what's going to happen. Arizona says she'll find him after she's done. Once he's gone, Arizona explains that it was about her friends, the baby with osteogenesis imperfecta. Herman asks if she's clear on what to tell him. She is. Herman reminds her of what she said about hope. Arizona gets mad and leaves the OR.

Stephanie tells Meredith they went through every slice of the scan in pathology and they didn't find any tumor. Meredith says it has to be there. Owen says it sounds like she was headed for a breakdown, but Meredith disagrees. She continues to search for the tumor and eventually finds it. It's very small, but it's there. She has Stephanie scrub in to help.

Bailey comes back to Jack and he hides the phone he has. Bailey asks him to hand it over. He says he doesn't have a phone. It's Dylan's. Bailey says it's not a joke. Dylan is very badly hurt. There are no restart buttons. It's not a game. When it's over, it's over. He needs his parents. Jack starts to cry. He says it's all his fault because he wanted to go to the ice cream shop. He wants to go home and he wants his mom. Bailey holds out her hand and Jack puts the phone in it.

Meredith tells Greg that Brooke should wake up soon. He's surprised to hear that she had a tumor. Meredith and Owen explain to him what was happening and how it's gone now, so the symptoms should stop.

Outside Brooke's room, Meredith tells Owen that it's only 4 AM in Switzerland. Owen tells Meredith that he also told Cristina to go. It was the right thing to do. She had to go. It would have been worse if she'd stayed. He tells Meredith to say hi for him.

Herman confronts Arizona about leaving the OR in the middle of surgery. Arizona yells at her that she has a chance. It's small and risky, but she has it and it's a chance her friends would love to have. She has a chance and she's wasting it. Arizona leaves her with that.

Herman enters a bathroom and starts to cry. Then she composes herself and walks back out.

Meredith walks down the hall. Lynn pops out and sees her. Meredith had forgotten that she was there and even who she was. Lynn reminds her and Meredith apologizes. She's surprised Lynn is still there. Lynn asks what Meredith needs. She says she needs support. Her life and work are unpredictable. She needs someone who understands that and can be there when she can't. Someone who understands that when she's not there, she needs to be where she is. She needs someone who believes in and supports that. She needs a person who is in it with her. She knows she seems like she's crazy, but she's not. She's just had a day. Lynn hugs her and says it's okay.

Herman comes into the room where Amelia and Arizona are. She says, "Let's talk."

Amelia explains her plan to Herman, Owen, and Arizona. She has to use every tool in the box because if she leaves any portion of the tumor, it will grow back. She asks what Owen thinks. Owen says it's risky and complex. Herman says there are three options: Shepherd operates and she dies, Shepherd operates and resects something she shouldn't and Herman wakes up gorked, or, least likely, Shepherd operates and it's successful and she lives. Herman asks how far the tumor needs to reach before it'll be impossible to remove in its entirety. Amelia says they need to operate now. Herman asks again. Amelia says exactly how far she's willing to let it go. Herman says they'll wait until it gets there and then Amelia can operate. Herman says it's the perfect plan. Amelia gets at her tumor, Arizona gets at her knowledge, and Herman gets at her life. Everyone's happy.

Bailey watches Dylan and Jack with their parents. She tells Alex she's waiting to see if they hug Dylan or slap him. Alex tells Bailey she's a good mom. She asks what makes him say that. She says he's been riding her all day making sure he doesn't screw up. She's been doing it for years. It's annoying, but it's nice. She says Tuck stole a candy bar a few weeks ago and she only just found out. She yelled at him, but Ben had already made him go back to the store and pay for it. She's been so busy. She doesn't know how to look out for her own kid. Alex says he stole a bunch of stuff and he turned out okay.

April sends a patient up to ICU and asks who's next. Everyone has been admitted or discharged. She treated all the patients. Owen says it's good that she was there. Jackson says they have a real chance. They are going to find out exactly what's happening and what they need to do. They can prepare themselves. Jackson says he already talked to Arizona so they can sit down and get answers. April says she has answers. She spent all night looking it up. And then she studied her ultrasounds. She says the best case is their kid has surgery after surgery. Worst case, their kid lives only minutes after birth. She doesn't need answers. What she needed was just to help people. Undo some of the damage that woman did. Jackson explains that Brooke had a tumor. She wasn't trying to hurt anyone. She had no control. April looks up in wonderment and walks out of the ER into the ambulance bay. She asks why it would happen. Why would God give her a family and then let that happen. She doesn't understand. You can do everything right and it doesn't matter. Jackson says he doesn't know why. He moves to hold her, but she knows if he doesn't, she'll start crying and she'll never be able to stop. He says okay. He says whatever she needs, he's there. She starts to cry and tells him their baby is a boy. As she starts to sob, he holds her.

Meredith's voiceover talks about what happens when the body realizes what's happened and lets down its defenses. Meredith calls Derek and says she doesn't want to fight anymore. Derek says he doesn't either. She says she doesn't want him gone. This isn't how they end. Derek says he's trying and Meredith says she is, too. Derek says he's still at the airport because his flight's been delayed all day, so he can still come home. There's a flashback to their post-it wedding. Meredith tells him no, to go, but in a good way. She says they can do it. People do this. Another flashback. She tells him to do what he has to do and they'll figure it out. They can do it. Meredith asks him to call her when he lands and she'll miss him. He says they can make it work, but then the call drops. Meredith sees the post-it in the trash. She pulls it out. There's a flashback to them signing their post-it and kissing. Meredith takes the post-it and hangs it back on the wall.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Nicole Herman[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Astrocytoma
  • Treatment:

Amelia, after looking at Dr. Herman's scans, developed a surgical plan to remove the whole tumor. While Herman was initially enraged that Arizona had stolen her scans, she eventually agreed to hear the full plan. She then asked Amelia what the longest she could wait was and agreed to have the surgery once it got as large as it could and still be safely removed, thus giving her more time to teach Arizona and live her life.

Baby Kepner/Avery[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Osteogenesis Imperfecta
  • Treatment:

April was informed of the baby's tentative diagnosis. Jackson asked Arizona to sit down with them and run tests so they could talk about options.

Mia James[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Deep facial laceration
  • Treatment:
    • Stitches

Mia, 10, was brought to the ER after her mother drove off a bridge with her and her brother in the car. She was unconscious on the scene but was awake and alert upon arrival at the hospital. She had to have stitches to close a laceration to her face and was a bit groggy, but was otherwise okay.

Parker James[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Facial lacerations
    • Wrist injury
  • Treatment:
    • Splinting

Parker, 5, was brought into the ER after his mother drove off a bridge with him and his sister in the car. He was examined and it was determined that all he needed was a splint on his wrist.

Brooke James[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Duodenal perforation
    • Insulinoma
  • Treatment:
    • Trauma whipple
    • Tumor resection

Brooke was brought into the ER after driving her car off a bridge with her two kids inside. She had free fluid in her abdomen and low blood sugar in the ER and was taken directly into surgery. In surgery, they diagnosed a duodenal perforation. Searching for an explanation, they ran a tox screen, which came back negative. Due to the fact that her blood sugar was very low when she was brought in, they began looking for causes within her pancreas. They ultimately found an insulinoma. They were able to remove the tumor and she was expected to make a full recovery.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Contusions
  • Treatment:

Jack, 7, was brought to the ER after a car accident. He had some minor bruises, but was otherwise okay.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Mesenteric stranding
    • Thickening of bowel wall
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Dylan was brought to the ER after a car accident. He was discovered to have mesenteric stranding and thickening of the bowel wall, so he was taken into surgery. They planned to do it laparoscopically, but they ended up opening him up. They were able to repair the damage successfully and he was stable after surgery.

Maggie's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Maggie treated a patient in the ER to prevent tamponading.

Callie's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Shoulder dislocation
  • Treatment:
    • Reduction
    • Sling

Callie reduced a shoulder dislocation in the ER and instructed a nurse to give the patient a sling.

Herman's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Herman and Arizona were seen operating.


Song Performer Scene
"Forget Me Forgotten" Hollow Wood
  • Owen and Meredith talk about Cristina.
  • Stephanie asks Greg James about his wife's medical history.
"If I Go" Ella Eyre
  • Derek and Meredith talk on the phone.
  • Meredith tells Derek to go to DC.
  • The call gets dropped.
  • Meredith pulls their post-it out of the trash.
  • Flashback to their wedding.
  • Meredith hangs the post-it back on the wall.

Notes and Trivia[]


Grey's Anatomy 11x09 Short Promo "Where Do We Go From Here"

  • This episode's title originated from the song Where Do We Go From Here, originally sung by Charles Bradley.
  • This episode scored 8.71 million viewers.
  • 11x09OpeningTitleCard.png
    Filming for this episode was scheduled from October 22 to November 4, 2014.
  • This is Sara Ramírez's 200th appearance as Callie Torres.
  • It's also the 200th voice over narrated by Meredith Grey. This number also includes voice overs shared with other characters.
  • This episode features flashbacks from the previous episode and Derek and Meredith's Post-it wedding.
  • The opening and ending title card are both unlike those of any previous episode. The opening title card shows the title in broken pieces, like broken glass, while the ending title card features the skyline of Seattle.
  • Goof: In the scene where Jackson and Owen inform April that she's treated every last ER patient, and that thus all the beds are empty, a patient can be seen lying in one of the beds in the background, talking to a doctor.


Episode Stills[]


Callie: Who was that?
Meredith: Um, new nanny, hopefully.
Callie: Oh! You got a nanny?
Meredith: I had to, Derek left.
Callie: What?!

Stephanie: What kind of mother does that to her own kids?
Jo: Why is it somehow worse when a woman kills her kids? It's sexist, women are just as crappy and homicidal as men.
Stephanie: Is there something you wanna tell me? Or a grand jury?

Meredith: I need support. My life and work is very unpredictable and I need someone who understands that and who can be there when I can't. And who understands that when I can't be there it's because I must be where I am. And I need someone who believes in that and who supports that. I need a person who is in it with me and who believes in that. And I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know. (crying) I seem like I'm crazy and I'm really not, but I've just had this day...

Amelia: It's a big cliff, you just gotta leap.
Arizona: I stole her medical records, I racked up about a thousand HIPAA violations. It's not a cliff, that's prison. And I'm too pretty for prison.
Amelia: Arizona, you're saving her life. Well, I'm saving her life, but you made it possible.

Amelia: I can remove the tumor. I don't know who you've been seeing for this. I'm sure they're great. I'm sure they are the best in their field. But I can only tell you, they lack imagination. They lack scope. Your tumor is smart. It's brilliant. But so am I. I can beat it. I will beat it.

Owen: Have you talked to Cristina? I presume you guys talk all the time, especially now.
Meredith: Yeah, we usually get on the phone Friday nights for me, Saturday mornings for her, pour drinks, settle in.
Owen: So, today's Friday. You gonna call her today?
Meredith: Yeah, I've missed the... Last couple.
Owen: Why?
Meredith: Well, before she left, she said something about Derek and I, and... She was right. And I don't want her to be right.

Nicole: I left you alone for a few minutes. Am I gonna find my wallet in your pocket?
Arizona: I'm sorry that I went behind your back.
Nicole: You're understating it. You betrayed me. I thought I could trust you.
Arizona: Shepherd is fully convinced that she can do a complete resection. She's convinced...
Nicole: Shepherd is in a party of one. If there's even the slightest bit of hope, don't you want to know that? Robbins, can you name the single worst, most malignant symptom of terminal cancer? It's hope. It's recurrent, and it keeps creeping back in, no matter how many times it gets ripped apart. Mayo gave me hope in a phase 3 clinical trial. It failed. NYU hoped that radiosurgery would work. It didn't. And Barrow had high, high hopes for a potent combination of chemo and ablation. No go. And every time the hope goes, it takes chunks of you with it, until you can only find comfort in the one thing that you know you can count on... that this thing is gonna kill you. So you tell Shepherd to keep her hope to herself. Better yet, tell her where to stick it.

Alex: I stole a car once when I was 12. Didn't make it two blocks.
Jo: What stopped you?
Alex: A dumpster.
Jo: Mm. First time I stole a car, I sideswiped the mirror.
Alex: First time?
Jo: Second time, I ran out of gas. Third, I got away with it. Fourth...
Alex: Fourth?
Jo: Flat tire.
Alex: Are you messing with me?
Jo: No.
Alex: Was there a fifth?
Jo: Yeah. I lived in that one.

Callie: What is going on?
April: I'm fine.
Callie: No, you're not, and I know because I'm the queen of taking my personal crap out on other people, especially you. It looks like this. What's going on?
April: I don't want to talk about it.
Callie: And I don't want you snapping at me.
April: You can't have a baby.
Callie: Excuse me?
April: And it's what you want. All you want is to have a baby and love that baby and nurture that baby and raise that baby, and this woman throws her perfectly healthy kids off of a bridge. Doesn't that just enrage you?
Callie: April...
April: I'm saying... How are you not screaming right now at what she's done? To her kids? To all of these people?! How is any of this fair?!

Owen: I told Cristina to go, too. It was the only thing to do. She had to go. If she'd stayed, it would have been worse. I know that now. Tell her "hello" for me.

Nicole: Robbins, you don't ever walk out of an OR In the middle of a procedure, ever.
Arizona: You have a shot! You have a chance! And it may be small and it may be risky, but it's a chance. A chance that my friends would give anything to have, and you're ignoring it. You're wasting it.

Nicole: This is the plan. You get at my tumor, you get at my knowledge and I get at my life. Everyone's happy.

Alex: You're a really good mom.
Miranda: What makes you say that?
Alex: You've been riding me all day, making sure I don't screw up. Crap, you've been doing it for years. Sucks. It's annoying, but it's nice.

April: Why would God give her kids, give her a family, and let that... Why would God let that happen?! I don't understand it! You can do everything right, and it doesn't even... Why?
Jackson: I don't know. I don't know.
April: I just... I don't want you to hold me, cause if you hold me, I'll start to cry, and I don't want to start crying. Cause if I start crying, I will not be able to stop. I will never be able to stop. Okay.
April: Okay. Okay.
Jackson: Whatever you need... I'm here.
April: Did I tell you that it's a boy? (crying) We're having a boy.

Meredith: So, go and do what you have to do. And we will figure this out. :Derek: We can do this.
Meredith: We can do this.
Derek: Okay.
Meredith: Okay. Call me when you land. And, Derek?
Derek: Yes?
Meredith: I'm going to miss you.
Derek: This can work. We will make this work. We will.

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