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Wild World is the second episode of the fourth season and the 45th overall episode of Station 19.

Short Summary[]

Andy takes the day off to continue to sort out her family life. Maya and Carina do their best to maintain their relationship while unable to physically see each other due to COVID-19 restrictions, and Sullivan strives to work on his sobriety. Meanwhile, the team responds to a call involving a wild animal.

Full Summary[]

Andy gets out of her car at the park and puts on her mask. She happily greets her family as she walks toward the picnic table where they have set up. They're upset that they can't hug each other. Johnny puts on some music and they start dancing.

Young Andy and Michelle play cards while Sandra braids Andy's hair.

Andy thanks them for coming, but says they didn't have to go to all the trouble. They say they took it every weekend and she realizes they never stopped, just stopped inviting her. They tell her they're family and love her and that never changed, despite the weird situation. Sandra says it wasn't fine, but now they have her back.

Vic puts up a sign telling people not to enter the fire station while Ben talks about the dangers of asymptomatic carriers. Vic thanks him for telling them, calling him Dad again, which he insists on not becoming a thing. Travis says it already has. Dean chides Vic for standing too close to him, which bugs her. Travis tells Vic that Maya gave Andy the day off to spend with her family, her aunt and cousin, whom they like, as opposed to mom. Jack comes in with energy bars made by Inara. He tosses one to Vic, who tosses it right back. The team discusses Jack's relationship with Inara and Jack insists they're just friends. They all tease Jack until he leaves with the energy bars. Once he's gone, Travis expresses his condolences to Dean for his relationship with Sasha ending. Vic is surprised to learn that they broke up. Their awkward conversation is broken up by a call for an aid car.

Maya leans over her tablet screen with her shirt unbuttoned, giving a generous view of her chest. Carina says she's a very mean fire captain. Maya reminds her that she could come into the station and visit her. Carina says it's not safe, but Maya says it's been three weeks and it's torture. Carina says if her boss is not seeing her husband in the same situation, she's not going to see her girlfriend. Maya asks about a super short visit with no kissing on the mouth. Carina says that's not safe and she suspects it's impossible. Maya pulls her shirt to the side again and asks if Carina's not just a little curious. A knock on the door interrupts her and she hastily buttons her shirt. Carina says it's a little wrong how happy Maya makes her when she's at work in a hospital during a pandemic. They say goodbye.

Sullivan attends a Zoom AA meeting as he sends a text to Andy wishing her luck with her family. The meeting leader asks him if he wants to share next. He introduces himself, but struggles to share.

Jack tells Inara that everyone loved the energy bars, but she tried one so she knows he's lying. Maya comes in and tells Jack that room is for exercising. He finishes his conversation with Inara and hangs up. Maya realizes the energy bars were from Inara. She actually liked them. Maya asks him about his relationship with Inara and he says they're just hanging out. Maya warns him not to forget that Inara is a young, hot, straight woman or he might slip and fall in her bed. Jack says he's trying to do things differently with Inara because Inara has been through a lot. Maya says that's good, but now he needs to leave because he's interrupting her workout and per jealous Italian girlfriend, she's not allowed to be alone with Jack.

Travis and Ben are on their way to the call when Travis gets a text. It's from his dad, telling him to call his mother because she's worried about him. When they arrive, Gavin waves them inside. Inside, Yvonne Boyd is on the floor bleeding from her chest. As they start to treat her, she tells them to get out and get off her property. They ask her if she was attacked and she denies it. As he leaves, Gavin tells them Yvonne was screaming for Lorelei. Yvonne says Lorelei is no one, but Travis goes to check the house over her objections. He sees lots of raw meat out in the kitchen and scratches on the door and large toys in the backyard. He asks Yvonne if she's keeping an exotic animal in her house. She tries to deny it, but admits that it's a Bengal tiger. Lorelei got scared by the delivery guy. Travis steps away to report the loose tiger and request additional help.

Ben and Travis have moved Yvonne to the rig and are treating her. She's more worried about Lorelei and wants them to go find her. They tell her that's Animal Control's job and their job is to save her. She knows how to work with Lorelei and is afraid Animal Control will kill her. Travis asks why Lorelei tried to eat her then. She explains that with the meat shortage, they've been skipping meals and she hadn't had breakfast yet.

Andy's family updates her on other family members. Andy asks Sandra to tell her something about her mother, something good. Sandra is surprised, but tells Andy that she was a dreamer, passionate, and impulsive, just like Andy. But she doesn't have Andy's other good qualities. Andy got the best of her, but the rest comes from her Papi.

Sullivan tells Amelia that meetings on the computer are just not the same. Amelia thinks they're better because you can go in your pajamas. He'd get more out of it if he would share. He tells her he misses his wife and asks if the separation is really necessary. Amelia says a strong relationship will survive it and he needs to know he's gotten clean for himself not for her because if something happens with her, he'll have a reason to use again. Amelia then checks his incision, range of motion, and pain. She tells him to keep up with his PT. He also needs to get a sponsor and work the steps. He thought that was what she was, but she says she can't be his sponsor and his doctor. Ideally, he'd get a male sponsor. He's not sure how to find one, so she suggests using the meetings to look.

Dean and Vic are working on the equipment and Vic is cold with him. Vic finally admits that she's upset because he kicked her out of the houseboat for Sasha and now they're broken up. Dean says that had nothing to do with Sasha, but Vic reminds him of what he said when he asked her to leave. Vic asks who's taking care of Pru now. He says it's his sister. Her firm shut down, so she's helping him out. Vic reminds Dean that she knows Pru and her routine. Vic is angry that Dean replaced her. A call comes in for a wild animal escape.

Yvonne says she feels fine and wants them to drop her off. Ben says they need to get her to the hospital. She wants to go find Lorelei, whom she's raised since she was a cub after rescuing her from a roadside zoo. Ben tries to calm her down and assures her that Animal Control will find Lorelei.

Vic and Jack are driving around looking for the tiger. Jack says if they find it, they just need to stay in the truck and alert Animal Control. Vic feels like she could fight a tiger. She thought she and Dean were ride-or-die, but now she thinks they aren't. Jack disagrees and makes an announcement over the radio for everyone to stay inside.

Maya makes a similar announcement and then vents to Dean about missing Carina. They'd just gotten to a good place when everything shut down. She gets that they're being responsible by not seeing each other, but it seems kind of extreme. The alternative is quarantining together, which is basically moving in together, which also seems extreme. Dean asks what her intentions are. He let Vic move in and wasn't clear on his intentions and it backfired. Now Vic is hurt. So he warns Maya to be clear.

Michelle and Andy sit near each other and talk. They watched Johnny and Sandra show affection freely. Andy sees it as them being in love, but Michelle says it's them performing heterosexuality for her in the hopes she'll come back to it. They've gotten better, but her dad still refers to her girlfriend as her friend. She wishes Andy had been around back then. Andy says Michelle could have reached out. Michelle says she tried to tell Andy the truth and that's why they never saw each other again.

Andy is with her family at the park. Andy says she loves when her aunt braids her hair because it reminds her of her mom. Michelle says they saw her mom last week, but Andy says her mom died. Michelle continues to insist when Pruitt comes up and pulls Andy away.

Yvonne has developed cardiac tamponade. She loses pulse so Ben starts CPR. He has Travis pull over because she needs an airway. Travis stops when he sees Lorelei walking in someone's front yard. He radios in to update them on Yvonne and report the tiger sighting.

While Andy waits in the car, Pruitt, Sandra, and Johnny argue. Sandra and Johnny don't want to lie to Andy, but Pruitt says he's doing everything he can to clean up the mess Elena left.

Sandra brings out a tres leches cake. Sandra apologizes to Andy for not being there for her when she needed them. They had to respect Pruitt's wishes. But they never stopped looking out for her. They saw her win State Salsa and watched her graduate from the fire academy. She didn't have family so much as she had stalkers. Sandra wants to meet Robert, but Andy explains that they're separated because they both need time to work on themselves.

Travis has intubated, but Ben knows Yvonne is bleeding out. Their backup is five minutes away, but Travis can get them to the hospital in two, so they decide go. They get an update on the tiger's location and she's all the way on the other side of town. Ben resumes CPR, but she's asystolic. He realizes she's no longer circulating blood. Travis wonders if the tiger did it on purpose, pretended to love her while waiting for the moment.

Jack tells them there was a tiger sighting in Adams and a mauling incident. Maya says they can run up to 40 miles per hour, so she could be anywhere. Maya tells them to lock it all down just in case. Dean and Vic argue over what Dean did. Vic thought they were family and then he just abandoned her.

Outside the ER, Taryn does an ultrasound of her heart and calls time of death at 1:37 PM. Travis is upset with Yvonne for her choices. As the doctors go back inside, Ben sees Carina step outside and pace angrily. She tells him she lost another mom. It's her third in the last month, which is three more than she'd ever lost in her career. She apologizes to Ben for ranting. He says it's okay, but she says it's not okay. Her patient was 19. She had placenta previa, but skipped her hospital checkups because she was afraid and got to the hospital too late. And because of Covid restrictions, her mother couldn't come in with her, so she died alone and then her baby died alone. Now Carina has to tell her parents and afterward, she'll be alone. She hates this disease and this year and being alone. Ben asks why she and Maya can't be together. Maya says he and Bailey quarantined apart. Ben says it's different with her and Maya. They don't have kids or heart conditions or OCD. They should be together because what's the point of finding your person if you can't weather storms together. He tells her to go get her girl. He goes back to the rig, which Travis is angrily cleaning. Ben says that tiger was the only thing between Yvonne and a loneliness so deep it aches. Travis is still angry with Yvonne for what she did. Ben realizes Travis isn't talking about the tiger. Travis then admits that he saw his dad on a gay dating app. He's been living in the closet all these years.

Dean tells Jack he just couldn't keep living with Vic and he can't tell her why he asked her to leave, so she just thinks he's an ass. The alternative is telling her the truth, but that would ruin their friendship. Jack suddenly tells Dean to stop talking. The tiger is in their barn, so Jack goes to call a still alarm. Dean calls to Vic to stay out of the barn as he goes to tell the others. As Maya comes out of her office to ask what's going on, Vic walks past Jack out into the barn, coming face to face with Lorelei.

Maya and Jack tell Vic to come toward them slowly. She waits, standing frozen. Suddenly, Dean comes over the bridge and drops down some meat, which lures Lorelei away, allowing Maya and Jack to pull Vic back into the station and close the door. Vic hugs Dean in thanks for saving her life. He assure her he has her.

Ben FaceTimes with Joey and Tuck and Jack with Marcus and Inara as they all watch the tiger in the barn. Animal Control then comes in and prepares to trap her. Maya gets a call and takes it into her office. She tells the person on the other side that it's under control and Animal Control is going to take her to the zoo. She hears her door close and turns to see Carina standing there, hiding something behind her back. She ends the call and asks Carina if she's really there or if Maya's just really tired. Carina thinks it's both. Carina says she missed Maya and brought her something. Maya backs away, before she can start breaking all the rules. Maya then asks Carina to move in with her. She realized that quarantining would basically be moving in together, but she doesn't want to basically do anything. She wants to do everything for real. They've barely spent three days together since Maya broke her trust, but she hopes that asking Carina to move in will convince her that she's all in. Carina says she came to ask Maya the same thing. She reveals that she has two rapid Covid tests behind her back. She'll do Maya's if Maya will do hers.

Sullivan is doing his exercises when he gets a picture from Andy of her with her family. He then gets a FaceTime call from Richard Webber, who talks to him about working the steps. Sullivan's worried he won't be good at them, but Richard says they're simpler than you think. Webber wants him to start by listing all the times his drug or alcohol use made his life unmanageable. He offers to start with his story if that'll make it easier. He starts by telling Sullivan about the time he walked into an OR drunk.

Dean tells his sister Pru can't have orange foods after dark or she'll puke all night. He passes Vic and Travis, who overhear his conversation. Travis admits to judging a dead woman because he's angry with his dad. Vic tells him it's not angry to stuff down all the anger. She prefers to air her grievances while they're still fresh. Even if it gets her almost mauled by a tiger.

Andy tells Michelle she remembers that day, the last day they saw each other, when Michelle mentioned seeing her mom. They just got in the car and drove away and never saw each other again. And she forgot all about them. Michelle reminds her that brains protect you from trauma. Michelle says Andy was never not in their family. She just missed a few barbecues. Johnny and Sandra then put on music and start to dance. They invite Andy to join them.

Andy is on the couch at the station when Snuffy comes in, telling her her dad will be back soon. He asks if she's sad about her mom. She says she misses her aunt and cousin. Snuffy puts on some music and starts dancing poorly. Andy gets up, saying she knows she can dance better than he can. Pruitt comes and watches them from the doorway.

Andy gets up and joins her family to dance.


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Yvonne Boyd[]

The Aid car was called out to 2221 Pat Court. They arrived to find Yvonne on the floor bleeding from her chest. She refused to tell Ben and Travis what happened. Travis looked around and suspected she was keeping an exotic animal. She finally admitted to keeping a Bengal tiger who got out after attacking her when startled by the delivery driver. They got her into the aid car and started driving her to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, her conditioned worsened as she developed cardiac tamponade. Ben started CPR, but needed to intubate, so Travis pulled over to help. When they determined help wouldn't get to them before they could get to the hospital, they proceeded there. However, Ben quickly realized there was no blood circulating in her body. When they arrived at the hospital, she was quickly pronounced dead.

Tiger Escape[]

Station 19 was called out to help when Yvonne's tiger, Lorelei, escaped. They patrolled the neighborhood around her, warning residents to get inside and secure all doors and windows. While transporting Yvonne to the hospital, Travis spotted Lorelei and reported it. After the other firefighters returned to the station, Jack noticed Lorelei inside the barn. Before he could stop Vic, she entered the barn and came face to face with the tiger. Dean then used some meat from the fridge to lure Lorelei away from Vic so she could get to safety. With Lorelei trapped in the barn, they called Animal Control, who came to get her and take her to the zoo.


Song Performer Scene
"Mi Isla" El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico
  • Andy gets out of her car and puts on her mask.
  • She arrives at the park to meet her aunt, uncle, and cousin.
  • Flashback to Andy and her family when she was a child.
  • Things start to get awkward.
"My Soul I" Anna Leone
  • Vic hugs Dean to thank him for saving her life.
  • Ben FaceTimes with his sons and Jack with Inara and Marcus as the firefighters watch Lorelei.
  • Animal control comes in.
  • Carina surprises Maya in her office.
  • Maya asks Carina to move in with her. Carina was there to ask the same thing and she has Covid tests.
  • Sullivan gets a picture from Andy of her with her family and then a call from Richard comes in.
"Catch" Francis Egidi
  • Richard starts to tell Sullivan about his history with alcohol.
  • Dean talks to his sister over the phone about Pru.
  • Travis and Vic talk about Yvonne.
  • Andy and Michelle talk about the last time they saw each other.
"Offrenda" Snowbound and the Latin Section
  • Andy salsas with Snuffy.
  • In the present, Andy salsas with her family.

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