William Bailey is Miranda Bailey's father.


Miranda's MarriageEdit

On Christmas Eve, William showed up at his daughter's house after hearing that she was getting divorced. He was disappointed in her because he felt she traded her family for surgery. He came to Christmas dinner with her at Meredith's House, where she confronted him, saying she didn't want the relationship she had with Tucker to be the example of love she showed her son. Her son was well-loved, happy, and healthy.

He spent New Year's Eve with Tucker and Little Tuck. ("Holidaze")

Miranda's WeddingEdit

Bill attended his daughter's second wedding along with his wife, Elena. ("Things We Said Today")



William Bailey is married to Elena Bailey. They've been happily married for a long time.


Miranda BaileyEdit

Miranda Bailey is William's daughter. As a child, Miranda shared a very close relationship with her father. However, when he found out she divorced Tucker Jones, there were some struggles between them because she was operating on a patient during the holidays.

Danielle BaileyEdit

Before Miranda was born, he and Elena had another daughter, Danielle, who died of SIDS when she was two months old. This led to Elena being overprotective of her living daughter. ("(Don't Fear) the Reaper")


Though it's unknown in what way Claire is related to William Bailey, she was present at the preparations for Miranda's wedding. She also sat next to William Bailey at the wedding, so it can be presumed she is close family.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Even though he's no longer his son-in-law, William still has a good relationship with Tucker Jones. He spent New Year's Eve with him and his grandson.[1]



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