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The Windstorm is a large windstorm which swept through Seattle.


A strong windstorm started in Seattle. Soon afterward, injured people started to come into the hospital. The ER quickly became overwhelmed, but remained open to trauma. A woman, Phoebe Moss, came in with a selfie stick impaled through her head. They did a CT, then took her into surgery, but as soon as Amelia started to remove the stick, she hemorrhaged and herniated. She was moved to the ICU so she could wait to declare her brain dead so her organs could be harvested for transplant. Once she was declared, they went to take her to surgery, but the power went out while she was in the elevator, leaving her trapped there.

Georgia came into the ER as well, with glass shards impaled in her skin. One large one was impaled in her chest and another was in her hand. The one in her hand was determined not to have hit any nerves, so it was removed and stitched in the ER. Then the other shard was removed in the OR and her wound was repaired.

Louie was impaled with a decorative candy cane. It was removed in surgery, where they were surprised to find it did no damage to his organs aside from a small hole in his diaphragm.

Betty Nelson was hit by a branch and had a cut to her forehead which was stitched in the ER.

A man came in with a license plate stuck in his chest. He was taken to surgery to remove it, but ended up trapped in a stopped elevator with Teddy, Amelia, and Owen.

Levi and Nico were trapped together in the clinic. Not want to stay with Levi there, Nico tried to leave, but was blown by the wind and injured his head. Levi went out behind him and helped him get into an ambulance. ("Blowin' in the Wind")

The storm knocked out the power, trapping a few patients and doctors in the elevators. They power came back, but the elevators didn't start up again for a while after that. ("Shelter from the Storm")

Station 19 responded to a call from a man trapped in a carport. They ran into a downed tree on the way, so Vic and Ripley stayed behind to cut it up while the rest finished the journey on foot. Upon arrival, they found Jimmy trapped in his car. While they were extracting him, his house caught on fire with his wife, mother, and two babies inside, so the team split their efforts so they could also evacuate the house. Jimmy was quickly freed and the family was evacuated safely.

While the rest of station 19 was responding to Jimmy's house, Sullivan and Andy took the Aid Car to a car accident. Shannon was lying in the middle of the road after a hit and run. They got her into the aid car, where they treated her injuries, but when they tried to drive her to the hospital, the wind blew the Aid Car off the road down a cliff. ("Weather the Storm")

The fall injured Sullivan, whose legs were trapped. Andy helped free him and got him in the back with Shannon, whose condition had worsened significantly. They were eventually rescued by the rest of the team, but by then, Shannon had died. ("Crash and Burn")

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  • Alex and Jo were unable to leave their home due to the storm, so they spent the day at home.


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