Winston Ndugu is a doctor who trained under Maggie before she moved to Seattle.


Work at TuftsEdit

Winston worked under Maggie while he was a resident at Tufts. He had a crush on her, but waited because she was his boss, only for her to move to Seattle right before he became an attending.[1]

Medical ConferenceEdit

Years later, they met up again at the Surgical Innovation Conference and he expressed his feelings and invited her for a drink. They ended up having sex, then walking around getting to know each other. They ended up spending the whole night together and were surprised when morning came.[2]



Winston says he had a crush on Maggie starting the first day of his residency. When they met up at a conference after not seeing each other since she moved to Seattle, Winston and Maggie hooked up in his hotel room. After that night together, he suggested that she move back to Boston or offered to move to Seattle so they could be together. When she said she needed time to make big decisions like that, he said she should take the time she needed.[3]


He says his mom was his favorite person in the world. She was his protector. She died of ovarian cancer two years before he reunited with Maggie.[4]


He is an attending cardiothoracic surgeon at Tufts Medical Center. He trained under Maggie Pierce when she worked there.[5]

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He's older than Maggie, but was also her student.[6]
  • His favorite movie is Ghostbusters.[7]
  • His second favorite movie is Dead Poets' Society.[8]


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