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I remember once in school someone saying I came from a broken home. That’s what they used to call it when your parents got divorced, even though getting divorced was the least broken they ever did. When I heard that as a kid, I wondered if broken homes were where broken people lived. It was silly, I mean I was just a little kid. But, to this day I still wonder. You can build a house out of anything, make it as strong as you want, but a home, a home is more fragile than that. A home is made of the people you fill it with and people can be broken, sure, but any surgeon knows what's broken can be mended, what's hurt can be healed, that no matter how dark it gets, the sun's gonna rise again.

You're My Home is the twenty-fourth episode and season finale of the eleventh season and the 245th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

As the doctors continue to tackle an unfathomable crisis, they are reminded of what is important and brought closer together.

Full Summary[]

April gets off the truck and orders units of blood. She tells her colleagues that she came up with this when she realized they needed to get him closer to the OR. She says Keith is barely hanging on. Maggie and Meredith get on the truck to check on him. Richard says this is not how they usually do this, but April states it was the only way. Meredith agrees it gave Keith a second chance and tells Keith she's back. He thanks her for having him over and asks about Joan and the baby. Meredith says they'll find out.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Callie, Arizona, and Stephanie are still wheeling Joan to the OR, all the while keeping her neck stabilized. Arizona notices there's a bleeding and she stops. She needs to check it out before they start her spinal surgery. Arizona takes the baby from Joan, who heavily objects, and gives it Stephanie, telling her to get the baby to Alex in the NICU. Arizona tells Callie they need to move faster, or Joan will bleed out. They continue wheeling her to the OR, finding a balance between too fast and too slow.

As they put on trauma gowns, Maggie is on the phone with her dad while Meredith and Amelia talk about selling the dream house. Amelia wonders when she has to get out and asks if next week's fast enough. Meredith hasn't accepted an offer yet so Amelia doesn't have to. Amelia says she's been wanting to move out, since Derek, the one who invited her to stay, is gone. Maggie tells her father that she already talked to her mother. She says she has to go and hangs up the phone.

Stephanie finds Jo and asks her if Alex is in the NICU. Jo doesn't know, nor care, because apparently Alex thinks she's some sort of housewife whom he can tell what to do. Alex comes over and Stephanie hands over the baby. They walk into the NICU together.

Keith asks if it's still the plan to get him out of the car, since there's not happening much to get him out. Meredith says it is. Keith tells her he actually wanted to run when Joan told him she was pregnant, because it happened on their first date and he wasn't really ready for an instant family, especially since the date kind of sucked. Now he can't believe he felt like that. All he wants to do is see his baby. Owen tells Meredith they're ready to cut the roof. Meredith tells Keith it's going to get loud and scary, and then they're gonna get him out. He understands. Then the firemen starts cutting.

Callie walks into the scrub room from the OR and tells Amelia that Arizona is having trouble controlling a hemorrhage. Stephanie enters and Callie asks her what she's doing here. She's scrubbing in, but Callie says no. She gave Stephanie one job: keep Joan in the collar until trauma cleared her. Stephanie says it were the interns, and they should've known better. Callie says she shouldn't have left Joan in the care of interns; Stephanie's the one who should've known better. Stephanie is not allowed to go near Joan again. Amelia agrees with Callie. Stephanie walks off angrily.

The roof has been cut off and the doctors start tending to Keith's wounds. A fireman says that once they're clear, they're going to cut away the piece of the door that's impaling him. Jo comes over and tells Meredith she has an update on Joan.

Catherine and Bailey are watching and Catherine says April really thought out of the box. Bailey says she never thought she'd like Kepner. She didn't like the old Kepner, but the new Kepner is fierce and wound up. Richard comes over and tells Bailey she has to handle everything else that happens in the ER. She has to get used to being in charge. She happily walks off to do so. Catherine tells him she thought she made herself clear. Richard says you can't just appoint a new Chief, as there are rules and recommendations. Then the board votes. Catherine says things can change. Richard says that what she's suggesting is a dictatorship and he did not sign up for that. Catherine says no one asked him to. Richard says that's the problem: she never asks, she just tells. He yells he doesn't want to hear another word about it, drawing the attention of everyone in the ambulance bay. With everyone watching, Catherine takes her engagement ring off of her finger and returns it to Richard.

Meredith tells Keith that Joan's okay and headed into surgery, and that he has a son. He's delighted to hear that.

Joan's about to be put under so Arizona can stop the hemorrhage. She needs to do so before Amelia can operate on her spine. Jo comes in and asks if Joan's under already. Callie says not yet. Jo informs Joan that Keith's at the hospital. They're working on him now. Her blood pressure drops. Amelia says they're losing her.

In the ambulance, a fireman is cutting away pieces of the car. Suddenly, Keith starts screaming. Meredith stops the fireman and says they can't do it like this, because it's going to tear Keith apart.

The surgeons have gathered. They're going to open up Keith in the ambulance bay and start the ex-lap. That'll buy them time before they get him to an OR, but only 5 or 6 minutes before he bleeds out. April says that's enough. There's only a plastics OR available, but it's at the other side of the building. Jackson says it's not. They can clear a path to the east elevator and lock it down. Keith has no other option, so they run all out.

In the ER, Richard tells Bailey he does not make decisions lightly and he doesn't bow to dictators. He tells Bailey that she will be Grey Sloan Memorial's next Chief of Surgery. He congratulates her and she thanks him.

The catheter worked and the bleeding has stopped, Arizona says. They talk about the intern who opened the collar. Arizona asks if it's the one they mistook for an attending. Callie says he was running the ER like a hot boss and says maybe somebody should get into that. Arizona says that maybe Callie should, but Callie says maybe Amelia should. Amelia says she has made it a personal policy not to date colleagues. Arizona understands. Amelia explains that when you date a co-worker, they see all of you, at work and at home. Then it becomes too hard to keep these two environments separated. She takes it a little too far with some examples, but she assures Callie it’s a solid policy.

Ben is looking for intubation tubes as Bailey comes over. She helps him find them and tells him that Webber is making her Chief of Surgery. He’s as excited about it as she is. They kiss before he returns to his patient. Bailey tells herself that she’s the Chief.

Owen steps into the ambulance bay with the supplies for the ex-lap, which he’ll perform with April and Ben. He needs Meredith and Maggie to go scrub so they’re ready in the OR once Keith arrives. Keith asks Meredith to tell Joan that he loved her, but Meredith doesn’t want to hear this type of messages. Keith’s okay with dying, knowing they went above and beyond to try to save him. Meredith says he has to work too, but he’s seen the look on people’s faces. He doesn’t think this is going to work. Meredith asks Owen for a minute.

Meredith’s on the elevator with Alex. He’ll only allow one minute, because it’s too soon. Meredith asks if he’s talked to Wilson about her and the kids moving in. Alex says he was a jackass and now Jo’s not talking to him. Meredith asks if she’s moving out, because then Amelia would have a room too. She says Amelia is mad and Meredith forgot she’s supposed to be her sister. Alex says she’s a complete tool sometimes. So Meredith’s heard.

An entire crowd has gathered in the ambulance bay. Alex and Meredith come outside with Keith’s baby. Meredith takes the baby and shows Keith his son. Keith apologizes to his son for all this crap and says he’ll see him once he gets out of here. Keith gives the baby a kiss and Alex takes him back inside. Keith tells Meredith that was a bad idea, because now he’s gonna be really pissed if they don’t pull this off. Meredith’s gonna be pissed too, then.

Jo finds Alex and says that was a really great idea. Alex says he knows he was being a jerk. Jo says they both were and she asks if they can just move on. Alex happily agrees, but then he asks what she thinks about Meredith and her kids moving in. She’s surprised she gets a vote, because she thought they were in this place where he just told her what was going to happen. Also, she can’t say no to the sad widow with three kids. She remembers he said he was putting down roots here. She congratulates him, because now he has a house and a family.

Meredith and Maggie are scrubbing in. They talk about Richard and Catherine’s wedding being cancelled. None of them know why. Maggie says it was a complete surprise and starts crying. She claims she’s fine.

Owen and April are about to start with the ex-lap on Keith. It feels familiar to being on the field and Owen asks April if she misses it. She says it’s all she ever thinks about. They start the procedure.

Jackson tells Stephanie and her interns that Drs. Kepner and Hunt have started the surgery outside while Drs. Grey and Pierce are waiting in the OR. He needs them to help to get Keith to the OR in time. They only have 3 minutes, so if they make one mistake, Keith dies. There’s only once chance to get it right.

Owen and April see Keith’s chest wall is hashed. April places the last clamp.

Jackson instructs intern Isaac to keep doors open and positions Mitchell on a corner. He positions Andrew at the nurses station.

All the necessary clamps have been placed. Owen says that if they don’t get this guy on the table in the next five minutes, all will have been for nothing. He starts his clock.

Lastly, Audrey has to keep the elevator door open until the patient is inside.

The last piece of metal is taken out of Keith’s body. They place him on a gurney and wheel him inside. They rush past Isaac and Mitchell, who kept the doors open and the hallway clear.

At the elevator, Audrey leaves her spot to tell an orderly to keep the hallway clear. The elevator doors close behind her and she rushes to the staircase.

Owen, April, and Ben rush Keith past Andrew.

Audrey arrives on the floor where the elevator has stopped. She gets everyone to step off the elevator and nervously pushes the buttons.

Stephanie takes a patient out of the way for the gurney.

Audrey is on the elevator, nervously hoping it’ll be in time.

Owen, April, and Ben are angry when they see the doors are closed from the other end of the hall. Nevertheless, they don’t stop running. The elevator arrives and Audrey manages to jump out just in time to make room for the gurney. The elevators close and Audrey sighs in relievement.

Keith arrives in the OR, but April’s on top of him, doing compressions. They place him on the OR table and shock him. They get him back. Maggie, Jackson, and Meredith start operating. Blood squirts out of Keith’s chest.

Owen meets Amelia and tells her Keith is in surgery. She’s glad to hear that Keith’s still alive for now. She informs him that Joan is well and not paralyzed. He compliments her work. Amelia brings up that Meredith is selling her house. She says she’ll find something and that maybe he’ll get to keep the trailer. Amelia says she really wants this to work. He thinks she’s talking about them. She clarifies she’s talking about the family. He says he wants that too, but she notices he was thinking about something else. However, she can’t bring him to say what he was thinking about as he walks off.

Alex takes Jo into an empty room and says Meredith is his best friend. He doesn’t want Jo to run off, but he can’t say no to Meredith. Jo says he’s saying no to her instead. That’s not what he meant. When he was talking about putting down roots, he meant with her. He wants a house, a career, and maybe someday a dog, with her. He didn’t think he needed to say it explicitly. He wants her in all of it. She says okay and walks off, saying she has to think about what she wants.

Keith’s vitals are steady. Maggie asks Jackson what’s up with his mother and Richard. He replies it’s the same old crap of the two of them wanting to be the boss. They both want to dig in and Catherine is used to people knowing that she’s the smartest person in the room. Challenging her is like World War III, and Richard is exactly the same. Maggie says that’s pathetic and ridiculous. You don’t just shrug your shoulders and call it quits like it was nothing. She starts crying and says y ou have to find a way to work through it. Meredith says something else is going on with her, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Meredith welcomes Maggie to the family.

Meredith finds Amelia and gives her her old phone. She says there’s one voice mail message on there. She gives Amelia the password and says she has to make sure she’s alone when she listens to it. Amelia puts the phone in her pocket.

Stephanie is in the ICU with her interns, whom she doesn’t allow to ask questions. She enters Joan’s room, even though Andrew reminds her she wasn’t allowed near that patient. Stephanie greets Joan and does some check-ups, but Joan’s right side is weak. She says she can’t breathe. Her sats drop and Stephanie asks for an intubation tray and a crash cart. She takes off the collar. She asks to have Torres and Shepherd paged and asks for supplies. She then starts cutting into Joan's throat to relieve the pressure on her trachea.

Arizona enters the OR, where Callie and Amelia have managed to get the sats back up. Amelia is worried about brain death, because Joan easily could’ve thrown a clot and have a massive hemispheric stroke. Arizona says it’s good they caught it. Callie says Stephanie did, and she looks up to the gallery.

Stephanie is in the gallery and hushes one of her interns as he asks a question. Bailey is shocked and tells Stephanie that these are her ducklings. She’s a teacher now, but she’s letting her ducklings drown. Stephanie wants them to drown, but Bailey says she can’t. She has to teach them to stay above the water. They are gonna screw up, but that’ll be Stephanie’s fault. How she treats them will determine how they treat patients for the next few years. They’re brilliant students, handpicked by doctors wiser than her. They’re her responsibility now.

Meredith’s in a lounge with Richard and Catherine, who are giving each other the silent treatment. She intervenes and asks what’s going on. She plays the dead husband card. She tells Richard he never got to be with Ellis and now she’s dead, just like Adele. She doesn’t know who’s dead for Catherine, but the two of them are very much alive and breathing and driving each other crazy and yelling and fighting. They should be thrilled to be able to do those things. Meredith knows she would be. However, none of these things are reason enough not to be with the person that you love. There will never be enough time and they both know that, so they should figure out whatever’s in between them.

Jackson finds April cleaning up in the ambulance bay. He says it’s amazing Keith survived and compliments her. April says it was ballsy. He sees she’s upset, but he doesn’t know why. She says she has to say something but she doesn’t know how. He knows she wants to go back to Jordan. She says every day is like today out there. At first, she thought it was just an adrenaline addiction, but it feels like a calling to her now. He says she maybe should go back. When they lost Samuel, a light went out in her, and he misses it. Whatever it is, it got relit out there in the field. She kisses him, but there’s more. He loves her, but he doesn’t think he can be here when she comes back. April promises it’ll only be a couple of months, but he says no. She doesn’t know what he’s been through this last year. She never even asked him how he was doing or coping. She apologizes and says they talked. Jackson says she got her life-altering journey, while he silenced himself to let her grieve. He needed to grieve with her, because that’s what marriage is to him. She asks if he’s saying that if she goes again, they’re done.

Callie and Amelia are checking up on Joan. Everything looks good. They tell her her baby is doing good, too. She asks about Keith. From the adjoining room, he says he’s okay. She’s delighted to hear that he’s here. He talks about their baby, how he looks exactly like him. She laughs.

Richard and Catherine are making agreements about the hospital. She’s agreed to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so she wants the right to review the prospective residents. However, he wants final say over the residents. She agrees. Then he says he wants Bailey to become Chief of Surgery. Catherine wants Bailey to be judged against an outside candidate of her choosing, then the board votes based on merit. He agrees. He wants to leave work at the hospital, but she suggests they leave work out of the bedroom instead. Next point is Richard providing a safe harbor. That means he’ll give her a place to not be Catherine Avery, being decisive and rising the level of accomplishments the world has come to expect from her. She needs a place to fall apart, and he’ll be that place, should she require it. He takes her hand.

Richard and Catherine are wearing their wedding clothes. They meet up with Jackson and Bailey, who open the doors to the hospital chapel, where close colleagues and friends have gathered. A minister performs the ceremony and pronounces them husband and wife. Richard and Catherine finish before he can even finish his sentence. Everyone cheers, claps, and smiles.

Everyone has gathered at the dream house for the wedding party. Jackson appears not to be in the mood to party. Alex asks him where Kepner is, but he doesn’t know. Jo walks in and walks up to Alex. She asks him to come with her so she can show him something.

Bailey congratulates Richard, who tells about the other Chief candidate. She says he’s got to be kidding her. She understands, but she doesn’t think it’s fair. Richard says it’s the only fair choice, but Bailey meant to this other candidate, because she’s going to wipe the floor with them. She’s convinced she deserves the job, and she doesn’t think there’s anyone in the room who would disagree. Catherine comes over to take Richard to the dance floor. Ben tells Bailey he loves her.

Jo shows Alex a loft space, but it’s dirty. He calls it a crime scene. It’s all she could afford. She took all the money she owns and it was almost enough to buy the loft space. She says they’re buying it if he wants to pitch in. She asks him to sell Meredith her house back, because this is what she wants. Their own place, for the two of them. Jo saw this place and thought they could make into anything they want. She loves him and living with him, but they should have their own place if that’s what he wants, too. Alex says she never told him she loved him. Jo says she didn’t think that she had to. They kiss.

Stephanie’s interns are going over Joan’s case. She finally gives them time to ask questions.

Arizona and April are still at the chapel. April is crying and Arizona is comforting her.

Amelia is sitting in Meredith’s bedroom with Meredith’s old phone in her hands. Owen comes in and asks if everything’s okay. She says she was about to listen to a message, but she can’t bring herself to hit play. Owen closes the door and hits play for her. It’s a message from Derek on the ferry. Owen wants to give Amelia some privacy, but she stops him. Derek says he wishes Meredith was with him, because he loves the view, calling it classic Seattle.

Derek says it may be the most perfect ferry boat ride he’s ever had, telling Meredith they’re going to do this more often with their family when he gets back home. He says he loves her. He’s not even at the airport yet, but he needed to say he loves her and their family, and he wants to keep doing this. He’ll see her when they get home. He repeats he loves her and hangs up.

Amelia is crying after hearing the message, but she tells Owen she’s okay.

Maggie is crying on the deck. Meredith comes outside and asks what’s going on, but she won’t let Maggie say she’s fine. Maggie says her parents are getting a divorce. Her mom’s been having an affair for 11 years with the man who services their cars. He’s been servicing their cars and her mom. Her dad found out about it years ago, and even though he was enraged, he decided to stick with his wife for Maggie, because she was always around. Parents staying together for the kids is a classic, but this time the kid’s a grown woman. He wanted to preserve her happy, idyllic, pathetic, crap-filled lie of a childhood. Meredith asks why Maggie didn’t tell her. Maggie didn’t because Derek died and she’s crying over mommy and daddy like a 7-year-old. She didn’t grow up like Meredith. She’s never lost anyone. There’s no darkness in her life, so she’s not gonna come talk to Meredith about it. Meredith says she should always come to talk to her about it, because chances are she’s seen worse and she’s qualified to tell Maggie how she’ll survive. Maggie should always come to talk to her. Maggie smiles and lets her head rest on Meredith’s shoulder. They both smile as Amelia walks onto the deck. Amelia asks Maggie what she’s crying about, but Maggie asks her the exact same question. Neither of them replies. Amelia sits down. Meredith watches all the people in her house and says Derek would’ve loved this because he came from this big, noisy family. She wants this to be her last memory of this house. Derek wanted to fill the house with people and noise.

As Meredith’s voiceover says you can build a house out of anything, Meredith tells Amelia and Maggie they need to dance it out. They ask what that means. Meredith takes their hands to take them inside as the voiceover says a home is more fragile than a house. A home is made of the people you fill the house with. Everyone in Meredith’s house is dancing. As Meredith dances with Amelia and Maggie, the voiceover says that people can be broken, but any surgeon knows that what’s broken can be mended, that what’s hurt can be healed, and that no matter how dark it gets, the sun’s gonna rise again.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Keith Gardner[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Penetrating thoraco-abdominal injury
  • Treatment:
    • Exploratory laparotomy
    • Thoracotomy

Now that Keith had arrived at the hospital, they started to work on getting him out of the car. They removed the top of the car and then started to work on him. When they tried to remove the door he was impaled on, Meredith had to have them stop because it was tearing him up inside. They made a plan to start an exploratory laparotomy outside and clamp everything they could before rushing him inside to the OR. April and Owen started the surgery outside while Meredith, Maggie, and Jackson moved inside to be ready to receive him. They opened him up and clamped everything and then rushed him inside. He coded in the elevator on the way to the OR, but they were able to restore sinus rhythm and they started their surgery. After surgery, he was awake and stable.

Joan Paulson[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Uterine atony
    • Carotid pseudoaneurysm
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery
    • Arteriotomy

Now that Joan's baby was delivered, they continued to move her to the OR for her neck surgery. While they were moving, Arizona noticed some unusual bleeding. She had uterine atony, so her uterus wasn't contracting to stop the bleeding. They took her into surgery to stop the hemorrhage and repair her neck. Arizona placed a balloon catheter, which stopped the bleeding, and Callie and Amelia worked on her neck. They were able to fix her neck and she was awake after surgery and not paralyzed. When Stephanie checked on her, she started to have trouble breathing. She had a carotid pseudoaneurysm, so Stephanie had to open her up in her room to relieve the pressure and she was rushed back into surgery. After surgery, she was stable, awake, and expected to make a full recovery.

Joan and Keith's Baby[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • NICU Care

After being delivered, Joan and Keith's baby was taken to the NICU to be monitored.


Song Performer Scene
"Let the Light Come In" Rose Cousins
  • Meredith tells Owen she needs a minute.
  • Meredith and Alex talk in the elevator.
  • They bring Keith's baby out to see him.
  • They get ready to start the surgery, but Keith tells Meredith that because he's met his kid now, he'll be pissed if they don't pull it off.
"I'll Never Go Away" Erin McCarley
  • April and Jackson fight.
  • Amelia and Callie check on Joan, who is doing well.
  • Arizona tells her that her baby's fine.
  • Keith reveals to Joan that he's there.
  • He says the baby's beautiful.
  • Richard and Catherine discuss the terms of their marriage.
  • They get married.
"Sun Comes Up" (originally by John Legend) Jonny P
"How to Save a Life" (originally by The Fray) Nilu
  • Jo asks Alex to move into the loft with her.
  • Stephanie rounds on Joan with her ducklings.
  • Arizona comforts April and tells her she knows.
  • Amelia sits on the bed with Meredith's phone.
  • Owen comes in and hits play for her because she can't.
  • Derek's message plays.
  • Flashback to Derek on the ferry leaving the message.
  • Amelia tells Owen she's all right.
"Running on Sunshine" (originally by Jesus Jackson) Golden Age
  • Amelia finds Maggie and Meredith on the porch and they ask each other why they're crying.
  • Meredith says Derek would have loved the party.
  • She wants the party to be her last memory of the house.
  • She tells them they need to dance it out.
  • The whole party dances it out together.

Notes and Trivia[]


Grey's Anatomy 11x25 Promo "You're My Home" (HD) Season Finale


TGIT Promo Grey's Anatomy (11x24 - ”You’re My Home"), Scandal (4x22 - "You Can’t Take Command”)

  • This episode's title originated from the song You're My Home, originally sung by Billy Joel.
  • This episode scored 8.33 million viewers.
  • This episode is the second part of a two-part finale.
  • Filming for this episode was was scheduled from April 30 to May 5, 2015.
  • The table read for this episode took place on April 22, 2015.
  • The episode features a special ending title card, showing Meredith, Maggie, and Amelia dancing at the house in the background.
  • The loft space scene was shot at Lacy Street Studios.
  • Promotional photos show Owen and Amelia kissing in Meredith's bedroom, but that piece of the scene was cut from the episode.
  • Derek's final phone call was actually filmed on the ferry in Seattle.
  • This is the last episode of the series to feature the Dream House.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, until The Center Won't Hold, and the last time he is credited as a main cast member.
  • This is the second time in the show's history that the season finale includes a wedding, following the season three finale.
  • The DVD of the eleventh season features an extended version of this episode. Extended scenes include:
    • Jo and Alex entering the loft. Alex wants to turn on the lights, but Jo tells him not to. Alex jokes it might scare off the murderers in there, but Jo explains they're not actually supposed to be there. 
    • An extended version of the scene where Jackson gives April the ultimatum.
    • An extended version of the scene where Jackson tells Meredith and Maggie about the problems between Richard and his mother.
    • An additional scene of Stephanie yelling at her interns for potentially paralyzing Joan and Bailey interfering, sending all of them, including Stephanie, to the ER to do scut work.
    • An extended version of the scene where Stephanie finally allows her interns to ask questions.
    • An extended version of the scene where Catherine and Richard make agreements. The additional material shows them agreeing share a house in Boston as well as one in Seattle, because neither of them wants to move.


Episode Stills[]

Behind the Scenes[]


Priest: Richard, do you take Catherine to be your wife for as long as you both shall live?
Richard: I do.
Priest: And, Catherine?
Catherine: I do. I do, forever.
Priest: Then by the power vested in me by the state of Washington, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Maggie: My parents are getting a divorce. My mom called and told me today. She's been having an affair with the man that services their cars... For 11 years. He's been servicing their cars and my mom. And my dad found out about it years ago, and he was enraged, and he stuck with it for me, because I was... I was still in town. I was always around. You know, so they held it together for the kid. Classic. Except the kid's a grown woman. They wanted to preserve my... happy, idyllic... pathetic, crap-filled lie of a childhood!
Meredith: Why didn't you tell me?
Maggie: I... Your husband died, and I am crying like a 7-year-old over mommy and daddy. I... I didn't grow up like you. I... I've never lost anyone. I never even had a cat die. I still have all my grandparents. There's no darkness in my life. Just, I've never had it. So I-I'm not gonna come talk to you about it.
Meredith: Well, you should always come talk to me... Because whatever it is, chances are, I've seen worse, and I am qualified to tell you how you'll survive. You should always come and talk to me.

Meredith: What is the matter with you two? My husband is dead. Yeah, I'm gonna play that card. You. You walked away from Ellis, never got to be with her, and now she's dead. Adele is dead. And you... I don't know who's dead for you. But the both of you are very, very much alive and breathing and driving each other crazy. And you yell and argue and fight, and you both should be thrilled to be able to do those things. I would give anything to be able to do those things. And none of those things are reason enough to not be with the person that you love, especially when there just isn't enough. There will never be enough time. And you both know that. So whatever it is that that's coming between you two, will you just please figure it out? Figure it out.

Miranda: I like this Kepner. I never thought I would like Kepner. You know, old Kepner was... there was pigtails and bunny rabbits and smiling. Lots of smiling, but Kepner the reboot, Kepner 2.0, she's crazy! She's fierce. She's womaned up. Thank you, United States army.

Alex: Jo, come here. The sad widow is my friend, my best friend. And I don't want to piss you off and I don't want you running off somewhere, but I can't say no to her.
Jo: So, you're saying no to me. Okay.
Alex: No. Look, all that crap I said about building a life here and about putting down roots... Look, I meant with you. I want a house with you, my career with you. Uh, maybe someday a dog, maybe. It's all supposed to be with you. I thought you got that. I didn't think I needed to say it. So, when I say that I can't say no to my friend, it doesn't mean I'm saying no to you. I want you and all of it with you.

Isaac Cross: Dr. Edwards, is there any chance the leak could cause permanent da...
Stephanie: Will you hush? Just sit back there and stay silent.
Miranda: Edwards!
Stephanie: What?
Miranda: These are your ducklings.
Stephanie: I'm sor... What?
Miranda: Today is the first day of your new job, and you have failed gloriously. You are a teacher. Now, these interns are yours. They're your ducklings, and you're letting them drown!
Stephanie: Well, I want them to drown. I want to watch it.
Miranda: Well, you can't. You have to teach them how to paddle their stupid feet and stay above the water. They're going to screw up. And it will never be their fault. It will always be your fault. But how you teach them will determine how they treat patients for years to come. They're your web-footed legacy, and they're brilliant students. Hand-selected for this program by doctors wiser than you, and they're your responsibility. Raise your ducklings.

Meredith: Welcome to the family.

Amelia: I have started a strict no workplace dating policy.
Arizona: I hear you.
Amelia: It's all too... You know? They see you, all of you. Then they come to work and they see you here, too, and you try to keep it professional and get things done, but suddenly you're thinking, "I was naked on you before." Or "I wish you were naked now." "Hey, remember when you were there at my very rock bottom and I went down the rabbit hole and dragged you in with me and bared the darkest parts of my soul to you in the midnight hours? So, now let's have a budget meeting." It's a solid policy.

April: I feel like I've been called, Jackson.
Jackson: Well, maybe you should go back.
April: Really?
Jackson: When we lost Samuel, a light went out in you, and I miss it. I miss it so much. And whatever it was over there, you know, whatever it is, it got relit.
April: Thank you.
Jackson: Wait. Wait. April, I love you so much. But I don't think I can be here when you come back. You understand?
April: What? What? Why? No. It's only gonna be a couple of months. It's not gonna be a year.
Jackson: No.
April: I promise I'll d...
Jackson: No. You don't know what I've been through this last year. This last year, what it was like...
April: I... I know. I... it was... it was hard. I know.
Jackson: What do you mean you know? You don't know. You never asked. Not once, in fact. How was I doing? How was I coping? You didn't even ask.
April: I'm sorry. God, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You know... But we talked.
Jackson: Yeah, you know what? You've got to have your life-altering journey, okay? And I stayed behind. And I held stuff down. And I silenced myself so that you could grieve.
April: If you need to grieve, we can...
Jackson: I did! I did need to grieve. I needed to... needed to with you. That's what marriage is to me, April.
April: So, um... Okay, so you're saying that if I go... if I go again, then we're done? You're just calling it?

Alex: Why are we here?
Jo: It's a loft space.
Alex: Jo, it's a crime scene.
Jo: Stop! Stop it. You're ruining it.
Alex: Someone beat me to that.

Derek: Hey, it's me. I'm on the ferry. I just wanted to say that, um... God, I wish you could see this. Weather's classic Seattle. Oh, the water is so blue. It may be the most perfect ferryboat ride I've ever had in my life. We're gonna do this a lot more when I get home, by the way... you, me, and the family. We're just gonna take a day and... ride the ferryboat... all day if we want. I love you, Meredith. I know I just left, and I'm not even at the airport yet, but I just wanted to say... I love you. I love our family. And we're gonna keep doing this. I'll see you when I get home. I love you.

Meredith: Derek would have loved this. He came from this big, noisy family. I want this to be my last memory of this house. That's what he wanted, to fill it with noise and people. Okay. We have to dance it out.
Amelia: What?
Maggie: What does that mean?
Meredith: Let's go.
(They go back into the house and dance.)

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