Cancer is a biological bully, always picking a fight. And it'll sneak up on you. It'll wait until the body feels safe, until it feels healthy and strong. That's when cancer will move on in and get bigger and bigger. The body never even saw it coming because cancer is the master of surprises. You can try to hide from a bully, but hiding won't work for long. There's really only one way to win. You have to fight back. And if you're lucky enough to get out alive, take just a moment to celebrate before you put your guard back up, ready to fight the next one.

You've Got to Hide Your Love Away is the fourteenth episode of the tenth season and the 210th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short SummaryEdit

After an anonymous complaint is issued by one of their own, the hospital implements a non-fraternizing policy causing the couples to panic. Meanwhile, Emma and Owen talk about the future, Cristina and Meredith enjoy a little girl time and Richard enlists the residents to help research a rare cancer case.

Full SummaryEdit

Alex and Jo are having sex in his bed.

Meredith's voiceover talks about cancer being a bully.

Jo wants to stay in bed all day. Alex agrees and begins to kiss her. She says she has a little while, but then she absolutely has to get up and leave.

Owen and Emma are making out in the trailer. She can't believe she's dating a man who lives in a tin can. She asks if he's thought about moving. She says it's not that she doesn't love the trailer or roughing it in the wilderness. He points out that she hates camping. He suggests that they think about getting a bigger place together. She agrees and they start kissing again.

Meredith is brushing her teeth when Derek comes in and asks her to choose which tie he should wear for an interview, blue or burgundy. She says the blue makes him look too handsome and she wouldn't want the president to be distracted by his piercing blue eyes. He questions if she wants him to get the job. She says she wants neurosurgeon Dr. Shepherd to get the job, not her husband Dr. Shepherd. He says it's complicated and she says she's complicated. She says she's going to take a shower. He wants to join her, but she says no. He complains that it's been three weeks, but she can't sleep with a lying liar who has gone back on his promise. He asks what if he wears the tie. She shuts the door and turns on the water. He says she's having fun torturing him. She calls out that she has taken off her robe and is soaping herself up.

Arizona comes in and tells Callie that they need to leave. Callie says they each agreed to do a box a day. She's doing hers and Arizona should do hers. Arizona says Sofia is ready to go. Callie says it'll just take a minute and insists that she unpack the box. Arizona scoffs and goes to open the box, saying the world won't end if she doesn't. She opens the box to find a ring box sitting on top of a pile of packing peanuts. She looks up in shock. Callie tells her to open it. She opens it and inside is a ring with a large sapphire. Callie had it engraved with the date they moved into their house, their new start. Arizona pulls the ring out of the box and puts it on her finger with her wedding band.

Jackson and April pass in the hallway and she tells him to take his ring off, which he does. She covered for the interaction with some medical talk as they walk out into the entryway, where the staff is waiting to hear an announcement.

Derek tells Owen he's not getting his security deposit back and Owen says it's a good thing he never gave Derek one. Derek says that Owen and Emma are really serious and Owen confirms that they are.

Meredith comes up behind Cristina and asks what she missed. Cristina tells her that Owen and Emma are moving in together. Meredith asks if he held a meeting for that.

From the top of the stairs, Owen announces the non-fraternization policy. All relationships between co-workers are discouraged and those between superiors and subordinates are strictly forbidden. He sends them all back to work.

As Owen walk away, Richard stops him and asks about him being the Panty Police. Owen denies the allegations, saying that he knows Richard has established good relationships with the residents and asking him to make sure that the residents understand the new police. Richard says he doesn't want to be the Panty Police either. Jo comes up and tells Owen that they have questions and Owen refers her to Richard, to his dismay.

In Rory Williams' hospital room, her sister Ariel is painting her toenails. Alex and Callie come in. Alex asks how she is and she says she's great except for having bone cancer. The nail polish on her toes is called Bad to the Bone. Ariel says they saw it at the drug store and it was like God ordered them to buy it, but Rory says that she doesn't take any orders from a God who gives her cancer twice. Ariel reminds her that Rory's brain cancer got them a puppy and the bone cancer is getting them both out of finals. That cheers Rory up a little and they high five. Callie says they'll take a biopsy to stage the tumor and come up with a treatment plan. Their father asks if it's the brain cancer coming back and Callie says she thinks it's an unrelated cancer. Alex, who has been listening to Rory's heart and lungs, asks if she's having any trouble breathing. She says no, but Alex tells Callie that Rory has decreased breath sounds and adds a contrast study. Callie leans in to listen for herself as Alex explains the situation to her parents. Callie agrees and says it'll give Rory's toes a chance to dry before the biopsy.

Paramedics bring Lisa Campbell into the ER, where she is greeted by April Kepner. Lisa was found in a garbage chute. Her leg was severely injured by the chute. When April asked why she was in the garbage, the paramedic suggested that she was probably foraging for food, only for Lisa to correct that she's not homeless and she doesn't forage. In fact, she has a Ph.D.. April asks if there's anyone they want Lisa to call and she says to call her boyfriend, as she was in the chute for two days and he's probably worried. His name is Ted, she says, and if his wife answers, they should hang up and try again in an hour.

Jo doesn't believe the policy can be legal, but Richard insists that the hospital is allowed to enact it. Jo reminds him that Meredith and Derek met while she was an intern and asks about Bailey and Ben. Ben reminds her that he and Bailey are already married. Jo wonders how they're supposed to meet anyone if they can't date co-workers. Shane says he's good, but Jo tell him to get real, that the hospital is his dating pool. She's not sure why she's the only one who hates the policy. She doesn't think the hospital should be able to do it, but Richard informs her that the policy was enacted because one of them felt threatened enough to make a report to HR anonymously. Jo, assuming that it was Stephanie, turns toward her and calls her out for making Jo's relationship illegal Stephanie replies that the complaint was anonymous.

Alex and Richard discuss Rory's scans while the residents watch. Alex says the heart mass could be a met, saying she had brain cancer and possibly has bone cancer. Richard says to have three cancers by age sixteen, it's either really bad luck or something genetic. Richard says they can't remove the mass until they first shrink it. Alex says they need to be as aggressive as the cancer. Richard tells the residents to hit the books, find a surgical treatment plan. He says to use the brain power they were dedicating to sex and put it toward this. Ben asks if they can use other doctors as resources and Richard says they can and should. They need to work as a team. Ben want to do that, but the others want to go at it solo.

Derek is telling Meredith for his plans pre-flight. It's his last interview, but Meredith says he said that about the last two interviews. Cristina comes up and asks where Derek is going. Derek explains and Cristina calls him a show-off. Meredith invites Cristina to spend the night, saying Cristina can help her with her research and the kids. Cristina says that that sounds like fraternization. Meredith says they can talk about Owen and Emma. Cristina says there's nothing to talk about. Meredith says she has wine and Cristina says she's in.

Bailey gives Rory, Ariel, and their parents vials to fill with spit. Ariel asks how and Bailey suggests they think about dill pickles, which works. If there's a genetic reason why they keep getting sick, her test will tell them. Their father says it has to be on his wife's side and lists the cancers they've had. They're the family that survives cancer. It's what they do.

Jackson and April are working on cleaning Lisa's leg. Her friend, Pam, is chastising her for going to the party in the first place. Pam had warned her against dating Ted in the first place. Lisa was worried that her not going to the party would look weird, but Pam asks if it's weirder than the situation she's in now. Pam asked how it happened in the first place. Lisa says Ted ignored her all night, as always, but as she was leaving, he called her name. He just asked if she'd take the trash out on her way out. She took it and she tossed it down the chute, but she threw her purse down with it accidentally. So she went after it. Lisa asks Pam if Ted knows what happened. Pam says she didn't tell him, trying to preserve her dignity, but she now sees that there was nothing left to preserve. Jackson says they need to get her up to the OR to fix her leg. April pulls an object out of the leg and asks if it's a shrimp tail. Lisa says it's a prawn and Ted's wife made them. They were delicious. Pam is exasperated.

Callie says the preliminary report says osteosarcoma, but they need to figure out what's going on with her chest. They meet up with Arizona and Callie asks if she showed April her new ring. Arizona says she was going to, but she didn't want to brag because April's working with Jackson all day, but then they got coffee and it sparkled, so she ended up showing it off anyway and there was squealing. Arizona shows off her hand and asks Alex if he notices anything different about her. Alex says no, but Arizona starts to tell the story. When he ignores her, she says most people at least pretend to like the story.

Suddenly, Jo runs up the stairs behind them, saying that Alex can't just keep ignoring her and they can't talk privately because it's forbidden. He says it's just a stupid rule, but she says it could ruin her reputation. They catch everyone's attention as they keep fighting. He says they can make the best of this. He asks if she wants to pretend they don't mean anything to each other. He says he'll make it easier and says they're done.

As Jo enters the stairway, her phone rings. Alex asks how he did. She says good. He tells her to stop freaking out now. She says she'll see him tonight.

Bailey and Ben are eating dinner while Ben does research. She says she likes having dinner with him, but she's confused about why the residents aren't working together. Ben says that the policy will be beneficial in the long run, but right now, it just gives the other residents reason to hate him. She asks whom he's trying to fraternize with. He says his wife and they're mad at him because he gets to be happy. They agree that it doesn't seem fair. He rolls his stool over to her and says it they're going to hate him anyway, he might as well get something out of it. She tells him to lock the door. As he does that, she sees a mutation in the P53 gene.

Cristina and Meredith are talking about Emma and how she probably does things that Cristina doesn't do, like use place mats. Cristina says she wants Owen to be happy. Meredith wonders if it makes her a terrible person that she's enjoying torturing Derek. Cristina says it's really over between her and Owen. Emma will give him everything the babies he wants. Meredith says they're divorced and seeing other people, so it's already over, but Cristina says Meredith should know that that's not necessarily true, but being someone's daddy is a big deal. Derek comes in, saying that they called before he left to go to the airport and cancelled the interview. Cristina goes to leave, saying she'll get a cab. Derek says he's going to bed. Meredith says he doesn't know that it's over, but he just wants to go to bed.

Instead of going home, Cristina goes to Owen's with the bottle of wine she swiped from Meredith and Derek's house. She tells him she knows about him and Emma. She gives him the wine and admits that she stole it from Derek. He tells her that Emma's not there.

Jo asks Alex if she's just supposed to sneak into his house because he lives with a board member. Alex says Cristina's not there, but Jo means more than just tonight. Alex says he'll work on them, but for now, she can sneak it. She confirms that Cristina will be gone for the night and they start making out on the couch.

Arizona comes into their bedroom as Callie is folding laundry. She says she got a ton of compliments on her ring. They kiss. Callie says it's sad about Alex and Jo as Arizona removes Callie's jacket. Callie says it's not fair that they get to be so happy while others are so miserable. Arizona says like April, out in the cold and she and Callie kiss again. They agree that it's terrible and Arizona pushes Callie back onto their bed.

Cristina asks Owen who she'll sleep with now, since the hospital is her dating pool. She says he's making it impossible for her to get laid. She asks if he was sad there weren't any window treatments at the firehouse. She tries to think of the name of a window treatment. She says her mom's an interior decorator, so she should know this. She calls her mother and finds out she was talking about valances. He says he's not disappointed that they didn't have valances. After a moment of just staring at each other, she says it never occurred to her to get window treatments. He says he knows and they begin kissing.

Emma walks up to Owen in the hospital and apologizes for not being able to come over the previous night. She was operating. She says she has something to tell him and she's nervous about it. She says there will be conversations as they're looking at houses such as how many bedrooms and it'll be awkward because they haven't talked about children since it's still new between them. She says she'd like two, maybe three kids. She also doesn't want to work until they go to school. She wants to walk her kids to school, so she needs a good school district. She thinks she's freaking him out and says it sounded more reasonable in the car. He says it is reasonable and they should be talking about it. They agree to meet to talk to the real estate agent that evening.

Bailey tells Callie, Alex, and Richard that Rory has Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. It's an extremely rare genetic condition that increases her chances of getting cancer. The mutation suppresses the ability to regulate cell growth, so as soon as they get one cancer in check, she develops another one. Bailey is meeting with the family and wants a plan to tell them. Because of the Li-Fraumeni, they conclude that the chest tumor might not be a met, which makes treating it harder. They continue to discuss options. They need case studies from the other families who have this condition, but that'll take time they don't have. Richard says he'll get the residents on it.

Richard tells the residents about Rory's conditions and gets them to research it. One of them needs to work with Alex. Jo offers, confusing them, but she claims she has to face him sooner or later. Richard says not to use just the internet, to go to the library. When they go to leave, he holds Shane back. He says Shane was quiet and he's worried that he needs more time before he comes back full time, but Shane assures Richard that he's fine, just trying to keep his head down and work. If Shane has something to say, he should say it, despite what happened with Jimmy.

Derek tells Owen to put him back into the rotation. Cristina comes up and says hi. Derek is disappointed about the project and wonders how he'll be okay going back to surgery because his standards have changed.

April tells Lisa that her surgery went well, but she's not out of the woods yet. Pam comes in with flowers. Lisa asks if they're from Ted, but they're from Lisa's mother. Lisa starts crying and says that this whole thing has made her insane. She asks Pam for her phone as she wants to call her mom to thank her. Pam goes to get it, but realizes that Lisa just wants to call Ted.

April and Jackson leave Lisa's room. Jackson rests his hand on April's back until she tells him to stop. He says they need to go public because he doesn't like being told when and where he can touch his wife. She says the whispers and stares have just started to die down and those will start back up when they tell people. She says she also likes their secret marriage bubble. He's proud that she's his wife and doesn't want to hide it anymore. He thinks they should start telling people. When she goes to tell a nearby employee, he says they should go with a more controlled setting.

Alex is talking to Rory about her chemo. Ariel comes in and says she saw their mom talking to Bailey and there were tears. Ariel climbs into Rory's hospital bed. Ariel thinks that if Rory has it, she has it, too, but Rory says Ariel has never been sick and probably has the safe genes. Rory tells Ariel she doesn't have to find out because knowledge sucks. Rory says they act like it's not a big deal, but now all she sees is cancer after cancer after cancer until she's dead and she doesn't want to know that's her future. She asks Alex if Ariel can say no and he says it's her decision, but Ariel says their parents say she needs to know. Rory says to forget what they want and think about what she wants. Ariel asks Alex if it's really her decision and he says that it's her life and no one can make her do what she doesn't want to do.

Jo talks to Alex about Rory's oncology report. He goes to kiss her, but she stops him and looks around. He says he's done sneaking around. Jo spots a storage closet and drags him in there. She says they had a plan, but he says they're adults, so they can go screw themselves. They hear some noise and a shirtless Jackson pops out from behind a shelf. He asks them to hand him his shirt. Then April echoes his request. Alex and Jo move to leave, but Richard comes in and shakes his head before closing the door again.

Jo thinks she'll be fired. Alex says the board doesn't really care what they do, but Jackson says that the board does care. Alex asks how long April and Jackson have been doing it and Jackson says since the wedding. Jo can't decide if it makes her hate Jackson more or less. She concludes that she hates him more. April goes to tell them that she and Jackson are married, but Jackson silences her again. Jo wonders if Richard is still outside the closet and Alex says there's only one way to find out. He opens the door, but Richard is gone. Alex gets paged and he and Jo leave. Jackson closes the door and he and April continue.

Meredith asks Cristina for a consult. Her research is at a standstill unless she turns it over to a bioengineer. She asks Cristina for her pitch and Cristina tells her to become a bioengineer. Meredith says she can't give Derek the satisfaction of cutting back because his guilt is her only pleasure. Cristina reminds her that Derek doesn't think he'll get the job. Meredith says she feels a little bad for him because of that, but she feels worse for herself since she hates quitting. Cristina says not to think of it as quitting, but as waiting for science to catch up with her brilliance. Meredith will have fresh eyes when she comes back. Because of the way Cristina says that, Meredith concludes that she slept with Owen. Cristina confirms and leaves.

Rory is unresponsive and having trouble breathing, so they have to put in a chest tube. Ariel, who is in the room, says she couldn't wake Rory when the monitor started beeping. Alex says they're helping her sister, but she needs to go find her parents. Someone escorts her out of the room. She's bleeding heavily in her chest and Richard says the tumor could have ruptured and they need to get her to an OR.

The residents are still doing research. Ben says a guy in Chicago's case matches Rory's well, but he ultimately died. Jo apologizes to Stephanie for what she's about to say, but she thinks Stephanie should hear it from her. She says that Jackson and April are still together and tells her about what happened in the closet. Jo says she thinks Stephanie was trying to punish them when she made her complaint, but they're fine and the only one who is being punished is Jo herself. Shane says didn't they just break up, but Jo admits that they faked it. Jo says that when you're heartbroken, you talk to your friends. You don't file a complaint. Stephanie, frustrated, starts to say that it was an anonymous complaint. Leah speaks up and says you file an anonymous complaint, which you file when you're worried that if people find out, they'll treat you like crap instead of understanding. She feels like her education as compromised. She's not sure why she bothered making it anonymous. They sit awkwardly for a moment until Shane speaks up. He says this job is a privilege and they're squandering it. He says they're letting distractions get in the way. They have a chance to save Rory and he has an idea. he hands Ben some research.

Alex and Richard are operating, but it's difficult.

The residents continue to discuss possible approaches.

Rory is in vfib. They defibrillate.

More discussion of options.

They get a rhythm back for Rory.

Leah suggests that they get a biopsy to tailor the treatment to the tumor. They go to present their plan to Richard.

Alex and Richard step off the elevator. The residents run up and present their plans. Alex says it won't work. Richard says it's a worthy pitch, but Rory already bled out in the OR. The tumor tore through her aorta. Her parents cry and hug each other. Ariel asks if she has Li-Fraumeni. Her mother tries to say now isn't the time, but Ariel wants to know. She knows that they know because Dr. Bailey told them. Alex tells her that yes, she has it. Ariel says she's always wanted to be just like Rory and now she is. The family continues to hug and cry.

Alex enters the conference room where the board, along with Jo and April, are seated around the table. Alex is upset that Richard reported them. Owen says they don't want to be there and Alex asks why they are. Owen says he and Jo are breaking the rules. Alex doesn't want to discuss his personal life. Owen says they can't legislate romantic feelings and Derek says what they do at home is their business. Callie says they want things to remain professional at work. Alex says it's crap. They all flaunt their relationships because they're married. Alex says they're hypocrites and the hospital was built on them feeling each other up in on-call rooms. He says they can punish him and leaves. Jackson, admitting that it might not be the best time, tells them that they're married, so their supply closet activity wasn't breaking any rules. The other board members congratulate them and April excuses herself with an apology to Jo.

Stephanie, who is watching from outside the conference room with Leah, tells Leah that filing the complaint took balls, balls Stephanie didn't have. Leah asks if Jo's going to be pissed and Stephanie says that she will. Stephanie suggests that they hide at the bar. They recruit Shane to go with them.

Pam is on the phone, telling Ted that he's going to send flowers, apologize, and then never see Lisa again. When the doctors come in, Pam excuses herself, with Lisa telling her to tell Ted that he kisses like a turtle's butt. Pam is breaking up with Ted for her because she can't be trusted to do it. She says no more secret romances and no more married men. She then asks Jackson what he's doing that weekend because he's beautiful. He tells her that he has plans with his wife. She is embarrassed, but tells Jackson he should wear a ring because it's not fair going around without one. April agrees.

Bailey tells Ben that the residents' idea was good and she wish they'd had a chance to try it. Ben says it was a team effort and they'll be ahead of the game for her sister. He thinks he's finally making headway with the other residents. Leah calls out to him, saying they're going drink and asking Bailey if Ben can come. She tells Ben to go play with his friends, but don't stay out too late.

Owen breaks up with Emma, who is confused. He says he thought he knew what he wanted. She doesn't want an apology. She wants an explanation because that morning, they were on the same page and now they aren't. He says he wants to go home to someone who is as passionate about their work as he is about his. She says she is, but he says she'd give up surgery for her family. He says it's not a problem. It's amazing for her and he wants her to have that future, but he wants to trade OR stories. They want different things. She leaves, asking him to wait until she's gone so she doesn't have to see him again.

Derek comes in and tells Meredith that the White House called. They want him to run the project. He asks if she's mad. She says she isn't, but she can't take her career to the next level with him running things and that's frustrating. She kneels on the bed and beckons him, saying she's going to have sex with him because three weeks is too long and presidential appointments are sexy. They can fight more later.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Cristina Yang
  • Alex Karev
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Callie Torres
  • Owen Hunt
  • Arizona Robbins
  • April Kepner
  • Jackson Avery
  • Jo Wilson
  • Shane Ross
  • Stephanie Edwards
  • Leah Murphy
  • Derek Shepherd
  • Ben Warren
  • Emma Marling
  • Pam
  • Lisa Campbell
  • Rory Williams
  • Ariel Williams
  • Patricia and Brian Williams
  • April Kepner and Paramedic

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Medical NotesEdit

Lisa CampbellEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Degloved left leg
  • Treatment:
    • Cefazolin
    • Debridement
    • Degloved leg repair
    • Vacuum dressing

Lisa was found in a trash chute. She had climbed in, trying to retrieve the purse she accidentally threw down the chute. Her leg was torn up by the trash compactor. April and Jackson did a debridement on her leg before taking her up to surgery to repair it. Among other things, she had a prawn stuck in her leg. The surgery to repair her leg was successful.

Rory WilliamsEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Osteosarcoma
    • Li-Fraumeni Syndrome
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

After a previous battle with brain cancer, Rory was hospitalized for what they believed to be bone cancer. She also had decreased breath sounds on her left side. Tests revealed osteosarcoma as well as a highly invasive tumor in her chest. Miranda Bailey also tested her whole family to see if there was a genetic reason for her contracting three different cancers by the age of sixteen. She was revealed to have Li-Fraumeni Syndrome, a mutation that affects the body's ability to regulate cell growth, making her more susceptible to cancer. Before they started her cancer treatment, she was found unresponsive and hypotensive, so they rushed her to the OR. The tumor in her chest was too invasive and she bled out on the table. The tumor had torn into her aorta.

Ariel WilliamsEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Li-Fraumeni Syndrome
  • Treatment:

When the doctors suspected that there might be a genetic reason why the Williams family members kept getting cancer, Dr. Bailey had each of them produce a saliva sample to be tested. Ariel was initially reluctant to learn whether or not she had it, but after her sister died, she decided she wanted to know and was revealed to have Li-Fraumeni Syndrome, just like her sister.

Patricia and Brian WilliamsEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

When the doctors suspected that there might be a genetic reason why the Williams family members kept getting cancer, Dr. Bailey had each of them produce a saliva sample to be tested. It is unknown what results Patricia and Brian got, though both their daughters tested positive for Li-Fraumeni Syndrome.

Emma's PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Emergency C-section

Emma mentioned to Owen having to perform an emergency C-section on one of her patients at 28 weeks gestation.


Song Performer Scene
"Don't You Forget About Me" (originally by Simple Minds) The Wind + the Wave
  • Alex and Jo have sex in his bed.
  • Owen and Emma talk about getting a place together
  • Derek asks which tie to wear and Meredith refuses to have sex with him
  • Callie gives Arizona a new ring
  • April reminds Jackson to remove his ring
  • Owen announces the new policy
"All Through the Night" (originally by Cyndi Lauper) Sleeping at Last
  • Ben and Bailey talk about the new policy and the Williams results
  • Meredith and Cristina drink and talk
  • Cristina goes to Owen's
  • Arizona comes home and kisses Callie
  • They fall back onto their bed
  • Owen and Cristina start kissing
"Man in the Mirror" (originally by Michael Jackson) J2 feat. Cameron the Public
  • The residents do research.
  • Jo comes in and tells Stephanie about April and Jackson
  • Leah confesses to making the complaint
  • Richard and Alex operate on Rory.
  • The interns present their findings
  • Richard and Alex tell them that Rory died
"Don't You Want Me" (originally The Human League) Young Summer
  • Pam breaks up with Ted for Lisa
  • Lisa asks Jackson on a date
  • The other residents invite Ben to go drinking
  • Owen breaks up with Emma
  • Derek tells Meredith about his new job
  • They start making out

Notes and TriviaEdit

Grey's Anatomy 10x14 Promo "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" (HD)

Grey's Anatomy 10x14 Promo "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" (HD)

  • This episode's title originated from the song You've Got to Hide Your Love Away, originally sung by The Beatles.
  • This episode scored 8.21 million viewers.
  • Filming for this episode was scheduled from December 10 to December 20, 2014.
  • Each song in this episode is a cover of an '80s song, a trend that continue for the almost every episode of the rest of the season.
  • Bokhee is assisting Alex and Richard when they put in a chest tube in her room. It's the first time since season one that Bokhee is seen in a patient room rather than in the OR.
  • In this episode, there is a character called Brian Williams, Gaius Charles played Brian "Smash" Williams on Friday Night Lights, but that character was a football player.


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Jo: Why am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? They shouldn't be able to do this to us!
Richard: Nobody's doing anything to you, this is being done for you. One of your own didn't feel safe at work and lodged an anonymous complaint.
Shane: One of our own?
Jo: You realize you just made my relationship illegal.
Stephanie: I'm pretty sure he just said it was anonymous.
Jo: Yeah right.

Richard: I want you to come up with a surgical treatment plan. The board did you a favor with this new rule. You're gonna take all that brain power you used to devote to penises and vaginas and put it to some good use.

Meredith: Hey, do you wanna sleep over? You can help me to try to figure out why my research isn't working and you can help me with the kids.
Cristina: Hm, sounds like fraternization.
Meredith: We could talk about Owen and Emma.
Cristina: Uh, what's there to talk about. They're moving in, whatever.
Meredith: I have wine.
Cristina: I'll be there.
Meredith: Yeah, figured.

Lisa: Does Ted know what happened?
Pam: No, I didn't tell him. I was trying to preserve your dignity.
Lisa: Thank you!
Pam: I didn't know there was nothing left to preserve.

Cristina: She's gonna give him babies, and then he's gonna be somebody's daddy, and then it's really over.
Meredith: But you guys are divorced and seeing other people. Doesn't that mean it's really over anyway?
Cristina: Oh, come on. You should know better than anyone that that is not true. But somebody's daddy, you kinda can't get between that.

Cristina: Congratulations! I heard you're moving... in with Emma.
Owen: Uhm, yeah. We might.
Cristina: So I brought you some wine!
Owen: This is a very nice bottle of wine!
Cristina: Yeah, I know. I swiped it from Derek's collection. It looked really expensive. So enjoy! The both of you!
Owen: Oh, no. Emma, she's not here.
Cristina: Oh.

Alex: It's okay for you all to flaunt your relationships and your rings and your happy little lives just because you're married?
Owen: Karev, just sit down.
Alex: No, I'm not gonna let a bunch of hypocrites tell me to keep my pants on at work when this place was built on all of you feeling each other up in an on-call room! I'm done, punish me, whatever!

Stephanie: Filing that complaint really took balls. Balls I didn't have.
Leah: Jo is gonna be so pissed at me, isn't she?
Stephanie: Oh, yes, she is. Hide at the bar?
Leah: Yes, please.

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