The average person touches their face about 18 times every waking hour. That leaves you susceptible to infection about 100 times a day. Infection has a nasty habit of taking advantage of our every day behaviors. It spreads by touching doors, desks, elevator buttons, pens, sharing cups, even money. All we can do is try our best to prevent it from spreading, because once it's out there, the infection usually wins. It's a known fact that doctors make the worst patients. We ignore our symptoms until we're face down on the ground. We like to think we're different species from our patients, but none of us are invincible. Eventually, we have to face the fact that we're human and that sometimes, even the mightiest of us need help.

You Be Illin' is the eighteenth episode of the tenth season and the 214th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short SummaryEdit

The hospital gets inundated with flu infected patients, which causes the doctors to slowly fall ill one by one. Derek must fight off the sickness as he prepares to give a speech on brain mapping and the residents place bets on who will fall ill first. Meanwhile, a new doctor at the hospital gives Alex a glimpse into an alternate form of medical practice.

Full SummaryEdit

A montage of germs under a microscope accompanies Meredith saying that the average person touches their face about 18 times every waking hour.

Arizona gets sneezed on by a small child and then wipes her hands on her face. She picks up the tablet she was using and as she leaves the room, she touches the door jamb. Outside the room, she meets up with Alex and tells him that she needs to move up the anoplasty with Dr. Lebackes because she's going to be sick this afternoon. Alex doesn't believe she can know that, but she says you get a sense of it. He suggests they just cancel, but she says he needs to learn the surgery. Alex calls him Dr. Butthole and says that as a private practice doc, he's all about seeing how much he can charge. She tells him to cancel tomorrow's procedures. He asks why and she reminds him that she's going to be sick. She tells him she'll let him know the new time for Dr. Lebackes, to which he quips, "Just tell me with your mind."

Alex gets into the elevator, followed by Jo, who has a stack of payment books for his student loans. She says he has to do something with them. He throws them in the trash.

April and Jackson get on the same elevator, arguing about keys while making out.

As April bumps into Leah, Owen tells the doctors about the virus that's going around the hospital and reminds them to use hand sanitizer and wash their hands and if they're sick, go home if they can.

April goes to the ER, where Braden Morris is touching a bump on his forehead while his mother blows his nose. He says he can blow his own nose, as he's "practically a tween." Braden has SCID and his doctor sent them to GSM because he's out of the country. Normally, people with Braden's condition are advised to stay away from hospitals because of their high risk of infection. Braden gets enzyme injections, which have been working well. April notices the bump and marks it for monitoring while his mom explains that he got congested, which is why they're at the hospital.

Webber is making assignments to the residents. He goes to assign Ben, but Ben's out sick, as are several other residents. Leah even says she's leaving. Webber tells her that doctors aren't sick. He tells her to push through. He changes the assignments and leaves. Stephanie and Jo are sure that Leah will be Swap Monkey for the week. Whoever falls first due to the virus has to be Swap Monkey for a week, meaning anyone else who gets an assignment they don't want, the Swap Monkey has to trade. Shane thinks they just made that up, but he's in because it's a big day for the conduit trial patients. Leah tries to defend herself, but ends up running from the room.

In the ER, Logan Treadwell is waving to get Jo's attention. He's been waiting for a long time, but his jaw is clenched, so he can't really talk. His brother comes up and explains that he cut himself composting and refused to get a tetanus shot or even get it cleaned. His brother has brought him a soda, but he says to take it away because it's poison. Jo strongly recommends a tetanus shot, but he refuses.

Shane and Cristina enter the room of Ivy McNeil, who has end-stage heart failure due to cardiomyopathy and has been waiting for a heart transplant for four months. A heart has become available. Cristina notices that the rest of their family is missing. Ivy's mother, Sabine McNeil, informed Cristina that Ivy's little sister, Frankie, has caught the virus, so her husband is home with her and their son. She's also concerned about the heart maybe not being viable, but Cristina says the scans looked good, so they're excited.

Outside Ivy's room, Cristina is not happy about the timing because it's post-op day 30 for her trial patients, so they need to report to the NIH. It can affect her Harper Avery Award nomination. She had planned to spend the entire day with the trial patients to optimize their results. Cristina assigns Shane to take care of the trial patients in her stead. She tells him the trial is her baby and not to let her baby die.

April goes to check on Braden, who is now wearing a mask. The bump on his forehead has started to swell. He says his nose is a little stuffy, but he feels a little better. April prepares to move Braden into isolation. She looks around at all the virus patients in the ER as she tells a nurse.

April explains isolation procedures to Braden's parents before they go into his room to see him. The lump on his head is an infection and she wants to prevent him from getting any more. His T-Cell count is zero, meaning the enzyme is no longer working for him and he's highly susceptible to infection. She asks if they considered bone marrow donations, but ethnic donors are hard to find, which is why they used the enzyme. They put on their masks and enter Braden's room.

Derek is practicing his speech, using notecards. It is revealed that he's practicing to baby Bailey. Meredith comes in looking for Bailey, saying she'd gone to day care to get him to find him missing. Derek wants Meredith to listen to him rehearse, but she says she's heard it so many times that she could do it herself and tells him to stop boring their son. He asks if his speech is boring, because it's a really big deal. She says she knows it's a big deal, but she takes Bailey and leaves, because she says she doesn't want his first word to be hypothalamus. He continues to rehearse.

Cristina tells Ivy and her mother that the heart is good and they're getting her ready to go to the OR. Her mother gets quiet and gives her a kiss before they wheel Ivy out, leaving Sabine in the room alone with a promise from Cristina to update her. Sabine pulls out her phone and calls her husband, asking how their other daughter is. She says she's okay, but starts crying and says she wishes he were there, too.

Arizona and Alex walk down the hall toward Callie. Arizona tells Callie that she needs her to get Sofia to school in the morning because she'll be sick. When Alex quips about it, Callie informs him that this is Arizona's superpower. Arizona says she thinks it'll be about three days, so she tells Callie she should also cancel dinner with their friends. Callie asks if Arizona can call instead because she doesn't have a resident and everyone's out sick.

Alex asks if Arizona is even sure that "Dr. Butthole" will be there because he's already late. Dr. Lebackes comes up behind them and says, "Dr. Butthole has arrived." He lists off a series of nicknames he's been given. He says his friends just call him Oliver and tells Arizona she looks radiant as always with a kiss to her hand. She says it's nice to see him. Alex starts to apologize, but Oliver brushes it off, saying he'll just cry himself to sleep on his piles and piles of money. He asks Arizona if she's ready and they go off.

Bailey comes up to April and asks about Braden, who is a former patient of hers. April tells her about the enzymes not working and the infection he has. Jackson comes out of Braden's room, saying they need to take him up to surgery right away to drain the wound. April says he looks horrible and tries to feel his forehead, but he objects that he's fine. April tells him he should leave and Bailey says she'll drain the tumor. They both tell him to go home. He again says he's fine as he lays his head down on the nurses' station. Then he says he might go home. April suggests a few ways to take care of himself, but he says he can handle it and leaves. April and Bailey prepare to operate on Braden.

Meredith is delivering results to Mr. Gordor. They're going to take him up to surgery. He says he's nervous, so Richard suggests that Leah take him through the procedure again. They wait, but Leah is asleep on her feet, which Mr. Gordor points out. Meredith steps on Leah's foot, waking her. Leah starts to detail his procedure while visibly struggling not to vomit. He asks if he'll still be able to poop just fine. She swallows loudly and says that's the plan.

Derek tells a nurse to call all the colleges and ask if anyone there can speak it. Meredith comes up and asks him about it and he says the Estonian translator called in sick. She tells him he doesn't look good and asks if he's getting the virus. He says he doesn't get sick. It's the unwritten rule. Leah points out that it's been spoken twice today. He says he won't get sick today if he does at all and then tells Leah she looks awful. He sends her away.

Derek sees someone and tugs Meredith around to look at Gerhardt Strauss. He's there for Derek's presentation. He comes up and introduces himself, saying he was intrigued, but wonders if the whole thing is a PR stunt for the president. He says he hopes it's not a complete waste of his time, but he looks forward to it. After he walks away, Meredith asks Derek if he's sure he feels okay.

Outside the Pediatric Cardiac Care Unit, Shane is taking the temps of everyone before allowing them in. He stops a mom with a 100.7° temp. She's upset because it's barely a fever, but he tells her to rest up because her daughter is trying to heal from her surgery. Stephanie and Leah come up to him. Shane tells them to leave, but Stephanie says the ER is a hot zone and she'll get sick if she stays down there. Leah wipes her nose. Stephanie tells her to go home, but Leah insists she's pushing through. Shane tells her to do that elsewhere and takes a sip of his coffee. Leah asks him if he's enjoying it, because she enjoyed it when she took a sip of it. He believes she's lying, but she challenges him on that. She and Stephanie leave.

Jo is feeling Logan's abdomen, which is rigid. Jo says it's his choice not to accept the treatment, but she informs him that full-blown tetanus can kill him. He calls her a fear monger. Abraham explains that big pharma is just trying to get people to buy their product. Jo insists that she's not big pharma. She's just a doctor, but Logan says she's their puppet, which upsets Jo. Logan starts spasming, so Jo grabs him to keep him on the bed. Then his arm snaps, startling her and making him scream.

In the OR, Oliver has upbeat music playing. Arizona tells Alex that they teach his technique in medical school now. Oliver just says everyone has to have a specialty and everyone has to poop. Alex asks if he always listens to music. Oliver says he spends so much time at work, it might as well be fun. Arizona asks him to explain the procedure as he's doing it because Alex has never seen it before. Alex talks the procedure out and Oliver says he knows his stuff. Oliver sings along as he, Arizona, and the rest of the OR staff dance to the music.

Shane is trying to get Tyler Christian to put the Pediatric CCU on lockdown. Shane says Cristina left him in charge, but Tyler counters that he's in charge of the CCU, while Shane is in charge of only three patients. Shane counters that they're important patients who need protection. Tyler says Shane can move his three patients to a separate portion and then do whatever he wants, but Tyler has no nurses to spare. Shane coughs and Tyler gives him a tissue, saying he should get that looked at.

Callie is looking at Logan's films with Jo. She says it's a nasty break and also points out a previous break that didn't heal properly, which left the bone weaker. Jo is concerned that she broke Logan's arm because she was upset. Callie tells her not to flatter herself, that tetanus spasms have been known to snap bones. Callie says they'll have to re-break the bone and she wants Jo to do it. Jo says she can't, but Callie reminds her that she thought she could a second ago.

While working on Braden, April asks Bailey what's so wrong about her wanting to help Jackson, because it's her job after all. Bailey says he doesn't want help. April says he's not a goat. He doesn't have to separate himself from the group and fight it himself. She wants to help. Bailey says Ben's the opposite, so April should count herself lucky, because Bailey knows she'll be going home to Ben wanting her to take care of him. April notices cerebral spinal fluid on the monitor and Bailey says that the abscess has penetrated into his brain since the CT. They have to call Derek.

Derek is practicing his speech again, this time in the room where'll he'll give it. A tech sits nearby, eating. Derek struggles to get through his speech. He asks the tech what he's eating. The tech tells him it's onion rings and Derek tells him to take them out of the building. Nurse Ruth comes in and tells Derek he's needed in OR 2. He says he's not on call, but she says everyone else is out sick, so it's only him left. Then she sees how he's struggling and notes that he's also sick, but he maintains that he doesn't get sick as he leaves the room.

Sabine comes down to the ER where she finds her husband. She's surprised to see him there as Ivy isn't out of surgery yet, but he says that Frankie has gotten worse, so she's being seen. Sabine insists that it's just the virus and they should have stayed home because now Link could get sick. Owen comes up to them and says Jon made the right call as Frankie has cardiomyopathy like Ivy. They lose Frankie's pulse and Owen has to dash back in to attend to her while her parents and brother watch in horror.

Cristina leaves Ivy's room and tells her parents that the transplant went well and they can see her as soon as she's awake. Owen says Frankie has been stabilized, but they need to put in a pacemaker. Her parents wonder how they could have both gotten the same thing. Owen suggests it might be genetic or environment. Sabine says they can't go home because Ivy just got a new heart and she's also worried about Link. Cristina says they'll check the family history for patterns of heart disease.

Cristina asks Owen what the odds are of dealing with two cardiomyopathy patients in one day. He says Shane can handle the trial patients, but she really wants to know the odds. They agree that it's weird. He tells her to do the pacemaker surgery and he'll look into the family history, so they can figure it out.

Stephanie takes Shane's temperature and it's normal. He says he has a cough and wants her to feel his glands, which she refuses to do. He wants her to take over the conduit patients and she calls him the Swap Monkey, but he says he hasn't fallen. He just wants the kids to be okay. Stephanie tells him to drink some tea and be a man and turns to leave. He says he'll take weekend calls for her for a month. She says she'd do it anyway because they are children, but leaves delighted.

Alex says it's not a big deal because his loans are deferred until after his fellowship, but Jo points out that that's ending soon. As Callie enters the scrub room to prepare to operate, Jo says it'll take him 20 years to pay off the full amount with a fixed interest rate paying twice the monthly minimum. He tells her to back off and leaves. She gives a lame comeback, which Callie laughs at, telling her her rejoinders need work. Jo apologizes, but says she needs to cool down. Callie says no, that rage is what they need. She tells her to scrub in a hurry so they can operate.

Arizona asks Alex what he thought of Dr. Lebackes. Alex says the surgery was cool, but questions Arizona liking him. They watch Dr. Lebackes talk to the mother of his patient. Arizona says he's talented and runs a fun OR. Dr. Lebackes tells the mother that her son will make a full recovery and be fine. She hugs him and he comes out to tell Alex and Arizona that that's the good part. He says that now it's time to unwind and asks Alex if he plays golf.

Derek has scrubbed in and goes to enter the OR to operate on Braden, but April and Bailey stop him because he's sick. He says he's the only one available and asks if they have a better idea. Bailey says she thinks she does.

Meredith, Richard, and Leah are operating. Meredith asks for another unit of blood and Leah asks for another unit of saline. Meredith says Leah should be paying attention because he already has a unit of LR hanging, but Leah says it's for her and it's revealed that she's hooked up to an IV. It's the only way she can stay hydrated. Meredith suggests that she go home and Richard backs her up, but Leah says she's found away to push through, so she's staying. Richard is impressed and proud.

Derek, in an isolation suit, prepares to operate, but he's visibly struggling. He says he's going to take it slow.

Callie offers the tools to Jo for her to re-break the arm. She says Jo has to hit it hard. Jo says it feels wrong, but Callie says they need to do this to fix him. Jo hammers, but Callie says it was too soft. Jo says she's stronger than Callie thinks. She's put guys in the hospital before. Callie knows about Jason Myers, but Jo says she'd done it twice before that. She says when she gets mad, she doesn't trust herself. That's why she thought she'd broke Logan's arm. She doesn't want to hurt people; she wants to help them. So Callie says this is how she fixes them. Ortho's nice because most of the fixes are easy, but they take strength and not a lot of people have what it takes. Jo slams the hammer down and breaks the arm. She asks what's next. Callie picks up the drill and says, "We drill."

April asks Derek how he's doing. He says it's fine, just slow. Bailey says at this rate, he won't make the conference. He hands the tools over to April and begins to talk her through it with difficulty.

Alex and Dr. Lebackes are golfing and Lebackes is giving Alex tips on how to improve his game. Alex says it's nice and Lebackes' clinic is nicer than Alex's house. Alex asks if he has anything else he has to do that day, but Lebackes says he likes to spread things out. His partners want to expand their practice and take on someone new. He asks Alex if he's thought about what's next after his fellowship is done. Alex says he likes where he is. Lebackes says Arizona is great, but Lebackes points out the parks of private practice. He tells Alex to give it some thought and gives Alex a pen with his name on it.

Richard and Meredith ask Leah to suction fecal matter and pus. Richard says he worked a shift through salmonella once. He says pork was the culprit. It tastes fine, but felt a little slick. He asks Leah a question, but she doesn't answer. Meredith asks if it's because she's thrown up in her mouth. Leah nods and Meredith tells her to back away and Richard says it was a good effort, but it's time to go home. Once she's gone, they call her a lightweight.

Cristina is inserting Frankie's pacemaker. Owen comes in and asks how it's going. It's going well. He says nothing in the family history jumped out at him, but Cristina says something is damaging their hearts. Owen says the McNeils have consented to a biopsy of Frankie's heart. He gets a page about Leah throwing up in the OR and says he needs to start rescheduling electives. Cristina says it must be viral. Owen says yeah, Leah's the 8th surgeon to go down with the virus, but Cristina was talking bout the McNeils. She believes it's viral myocarditis.

Stephanie is changing a diaper. Nurse Adam comes in and tells her about Leah, asking if she's available to go scrub in. Stephanie says yes, if Adam can take over what she's doing. Adam says he'll tell them she's busy and leaves.

Callie is explaining the plates they put in to Abraham. Abraham is amused that his brother's body is full of titanium. He asks for a list of the materials they used. Callie says she'd have to contact distributors. Abraham says he'd normally never asks that, but their dad died young. He ate unhealthy foods and smoked. Since he died, Logan has been a health nut. He's a pain in the ass, but it's how he deals. Jo offers to get the information for him. He asks if there's any chance the titanium was locally mined and laughs.

Outside Logan's room, Callie says Jo has the ortho glow. Callie says she can be fairly turbulent herself. She's had a lot of reasons to be angry and ortho has saved her a few times. She gets to work her crap out, help someone, and she gets paid. Jo says she feels like she might never get angry again, but Callie says since she dates Alex, she'll always have a reason to be angry.

Alex comes up to Arizona in the ER and asks where he's been because they have kids to discharge. He says the ER is disgusting and reminds her she's supposed to be sick already. She's upset because she thinks she's losing her touch. He asks her how much money she makes as an attending. She won't answer because it's classless and tells him he should be ashamed for asking. He asks again, but she just tells him no and to get back to work.

Meredith looks in at all the people waiting for Derek to speak. Derek comes out of the bathroom, looking very weak. Meredith tells him he can't go give his speech. He says if he can operate, he can give his speech. She says it's not worth it. He says she's never been on board with this, but she says it's not that. He has to figure out if his presence is doing more harm than good. She says it's better to call it off than to get on stage and vomit or worse. He says he doesn't have a choice. They push through. He goes to enter the room, but instead, he slumps up against the wall and falls to the floor.

Derek wakes up in a hospital bed. He checks the time and tries to get up out of bed. Nurse Kathleen enters the room and stops him. She puts him back in bed and hands him a tub for vomit.

Shane is sleeping in an on-call room. Stephanie feels his forehead with her hand before jolting the bed to wake him, saying he's not even warm. He says he feels better. She's upset because she got peed on and missed out on a surgery while he slept off an imaginary illness. He asks if any of the conduit kids got sick. She says they're fine, but he won't be. He thanks her. Cristina comes in and asks about the patients. Shane says they're great while Stephanie glares at him. Cristina says to meet her upstairs for report. Stephanie starts to talk, but he says all her weekend calls and he'll be her swap monkey for two months.

Callie, who is leaning up against a bathroom door, says it's exciting. You meet someone and there's a connection. They clicked. And she gets it. Callie says there's still a chance it might not work out as only about 4% of ortho surgeons are female, but that's also why it could be so cool. Arizona weakly calls for her from inside the bathroom. She opens the door to see Arizona on the floor. She asks if Arizona fell. Arizona says the floor is just nice and cool. The toilet is her friend, but she's happy because her superpowers are intact.

Braden wakes up from surgery and sees a lot of medical things around him. He starts to panic. He's in an isolation room. His parents see that he's awake and tell him not to be scared. They're not going anywhere and they love him.

April goes home, hangs up her keys, and calls for Jackson. She says she brought him soup. She hears him moan from inside the bathroom. She tries to enter, but the door is locked. She just says she's there if he needs anything as he continues to moan.

Alex comes into the kitchen to find Jo working on his loan slips. Alex says there are a bunch of jokes he could make about her digging his trash out of the trash can. She says it's fine, but he should sit down and pay his bills while he laughs at her. She knows he likes to shove things away until they blow up, but it'll be worse the longer he waits. She cites his dad as an example of that. She doesn't think he can claim that he doesn't feel better having dealt with that. He asks if it's really that easy and she says it is. It's an easy fix and easy fixes are so satisfying. Alex pulls Dr. Lebackes' pen out of his bag and says he might have found an easier one. He starts to sing Atomic Dog as he prepares to write a check.

Meredith checks on Derek. He says he missed his speech. He asks if they're all gone. He asks if they're upset. She says no, it went well. They all seemed sold, except the Estonian guy, who was just lost. Derek asks what happened. Meredith hands him a tablet and plays a video of her giving his speech for him. Meredith says she told him she'd heard it so many times that she could do it herself. He asks if she did his speech and after watching a few second of the video, she says she kind of did her speech. She covers him up with a blanket before crawling in bed with him to watch the video.

Richard is walking through the lobby when his stomach rumbles. He says it's bad and that he's going home. He rushes off.

Cristina tells the McNeils that Frankie's pacemaker is functioning well and Ivy's doing well. The bad news is that the biopsy didn't show a viral cause. They still don't know what's causing it, but they've caught it and are treating it. In Frankie's room, Link coughs blood into his hand, but insists that he's not sick, that he's okay.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Cristina Yang
  • Alex Karev
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Callie Torres
  • Owen Hunt
  • Arizona Robbins
  • April Kepner
  • Jackson Avery
  • Jo Wilson
  • Shane Ross
  • Stephanie Edwards
  • Leah Murphy
  • Derek Shepherd
  • Oliver Lebackes
  • David Morris
  • Sabine McNeil
  • Abraham Treadwell
  • Logan Treadwell
  • Jon McNeil
  • Teresa Morris
  • Tyler Christian
  • Mr. Gordor
  • Gerhardt Strauss
  • Nurse Ruth
  • Nurse Kathleen
  • Janis and Oliver Lebackes
  • Ivy McNeil
  • Braden Morris
  • Mom
  • Nurse Adam
  • ER Nurse Gregory
  • Tech
  • Francesca McNeil
  • Link McNeil

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Medical NotesEdit

Arizona's PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:

Arizona was checking on a little girl when the little girl sneezed on her.

Anoplasty PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Imperforate Anus
  • Treatment:
    • Anoplasty

Dr. Lebackes came to Seattle to operate on a child born with an imperforate anus with the assistance of Arizona Robbins and Alex Karev.

Braden MorrisEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Severe Combined Immunodeficiency
    • Acute Frontal Sinusitis
    • Pott's Puffy Tumor
  • Treatment:
    • Enzyme Injections
    • Intravenous immunoglobulin
    • Antibiotics
    • Draining Tumor

Braden came into the ER at the recommendation of his doctor, who was out of the country. Braden was born with SCID, severe combined immunodeficiency, which they'd been treating with an enzyme. He was congested, which worried his parents, so they brought him in. April also noticed a mark on his forehead and marked it with a pen so she could monitor it. When she came back to check on him, the bump, an infection, was much larger, so she had him moved to isolation so he wouldn't contract another infection. He'd developed antibodies to the enzyme and it was no longer effective for him. They'd looked for a bone marrow donor, but could never find one because ethnic donors are scarce. Jackson evaluated him and said he had a Pott's Puffy Tumor, which Miranda Bailey drained. While draining the abscess, they noted cerebral spinal fluid, indicating that it had penetrated the brain. After surgery, he was put into total isolation.

Leah MurphyEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • GI Virus
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:
    • Saline

Leah contracted the GI Virus. Encouraged to power through, she hooked herself up to an IV to keep herself hydrated. Ultimately, however, she vomited in an OR and had to go home.

Logan TreadwellEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Arm Laceration
    • Rictus Sardonicus
    • Tetanus
    • Broken Arm
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Logan came into the ER with a clenched jaw and a cut on his arm. He had cut himself composting and refused to get a tetanus shot because he believes that big pharma is trying to poison his body with things he doesn't need. Jo diagnosed him with rictus sardonicus and recommended a tetanus toxoid and immunoglobulin, both of which he refused. When his abdomen became rigid, Jo again advised him to accept tetanus toxoid because full-blown tetanus could kill him. While arguing, Logan's arm spasmed and broke. Scans revealed a previous break which had to be re-broken to fix it because it hadn't healed properly. They inserted plates and rods to hold the bone in place so it would heal properly.

Ivy McNeilEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Dilated Cardiomyopathy
    • End-stage heart failure
  • Treatment:
    • Heart Transplant

Ivy McNeil, 15, was in the hospital for a heart transplant which she needed as she was in end-stage heart failure due to cardiomyopathy. She'd been waiting for a transplant for four months. The transplant was successful.

Jackson AveryEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • GI Virus
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:

Jackson is one of the doctors who contracted the GI virus.

Mr. GordorEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Crohn's Disease
    • Walled-off Abscess
  • Treatment:
    • Pus draining
    • Bowel resection

Mr. Gordor had surgery to drain the pus from an abscess and resect a portion of his bowel. The surgery went well.

Derek ShepherdEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • GI Virus
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:
    • IV Phenergan

Derek is one of the doctors who contracted the GI virus going around the hospital. He ended up being admitted to the hospital after collapsing in a hallway.

Francesca McNeilEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Cardiomyopathy
  • Treatment:
    • Pacemaker
    • Atropine

Frankie was believed to be suffering from the GI virus that was going around. However, she became short of breath, so her father brought her into the ER where she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. A pacemaker was inserted to treat her condition.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
  • Treatment:
    • Conduit insertion

Stephanie changed the diaper of one of Cristina's trial patients.

Arizona RobbinsEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • GI Virus
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:

Arizona is one of the doctors who became infected with the GI virus.

Lincoln McNeilEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:

Link coughed up pink fluid, much like his sister, Frankie had before being diagnosed with cardiomyopathy.

Richard WebberEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • GI Virus
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:

Richard started to show signs of the virus and immediately went home.


Song Performer Scene
"Burning Up" (originally by Madonna) Magic Wands
  • A child sneezes on Arizona
  • She tells Alex she'll get sick because of it
  • They talk about their anoplasty with Oliver
  • Jo confronts Alex about his student loans
  • April and Jackson are late
  • They kiss in the elevator
  • Owen tells the doctors about the virus
"Atomic Dog" George Clinton/Cast
  • Arizona, Alex, and Oliver operate while the song plays in the OR
  • Alex sings the song as he writes a check
"Tenderness" (originally by General Public) The Donnies The Amys
  • Alex and Jo talk about his loans
  • Jo and Callie scrub in for surgery
  • Alex and Arizona talk about Oliver
  • Oliver talks to their patient's mom
  • Oliver asks Alex if he golfs
  • Bailey and April stop Derek from entering the OR because he's sick
  • Richard, Meredith, and Leah operate
  • Derek operates in an isolation suit
"I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" (originally by Whitney Houston) Bootstraps
  • April comes home to a sick Jackson
  • She tries to open the bathroom door, but it's locked
  • Alex and Jo talk about his student loans
  • Alex considers private practice
  • Meredith checks on Derek
  • Derek watches the video of Meredith
  • Richard is sick
  • Cristina and Owen talk to the McNeils about their kids
  • Link coughs up pink fluid

Notes and TriviaEdit

Grey's Anatomy 10x18 Promo "You Be Illin'" (HD)

Grey's Anatomy 10x18 Promo "You Be Illin'" (HD)

  • This episode's title originated from the song You Be Illin', originally sung by Run DMC.
  • This episode scored 8.28 million viewers.
  • The table read for this episode took place on February 3, 2014.
  • Filming for this episode was scheduled from February 5 to February 19, 2014.
  • Moe Irvin makes a guest appearance as nurse Tyler Christian. He was last seen in the season seven episode Golden Hour.
  • That is the first part of a multi-part patient story arc (the McNeil and Morris families), which continues in the following episodes.
  • This episode highlights Alex Karev's student loans which are still outstanding as of this episode. Per his contract when he negotiated his peds surgery fellowship, Alex's compensation included a loan repayment package. This is either a writing inconsistency, or Alex has yet to utilize the package to repay his loans.


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Callie: Ohh, you know, I can be fairly turbulent myself. Yeah, I've had my share of things to get angry about. Ortho's saved me a couple of times. I get to work my crap out and someone else is healed in the process and I get paid. It's a win-win-win.
Jo: Right now I feel like I might never get angry again.
Callie: Oh, sweetie. You date Alex Karev. You always have a reason to be angry.

Richard: Murphy, doctors aren't sick. Patients are sick. That's why there are doctors. Look, unspoken rule, people: surgeon stays home, patient suffers, as well as the doctors who have to cover for you. You don't stay home, you push through.

Leah: If it's an unspoken rule, then why did he just tell us about it?
Stephanie: Oh, you're just pissed because you already lost the bet.
Leah: What bet?
Stephanie: The bet wherein the first one of us to fall due to illness today, has to be swap monkey for a week.
Leah: What's swap monkey?
Jo: All next week, one of us doesn't like our service, we can trade with the swap monkey and they can't refuse.
Shane: You just made this up.
Stephanie: Oh, that doesn't make it any less amazing.

Cristina: This trial is my baby, Shane. Don't let my baby die.

Oliver: No offense taken. I'll just cry myself to sleep on my piles and piles of money.

Meredith: You don't look good. Are you getting this thing?
Derek: I don't get sick. It's an unspoken rule.
Leah: Spoken. Twice today.

Jo: I think that this is my fault. The guy was getting to me and I was pissed and then I was trying restrain him and I...
Callie: You think you broke his arm? (laughs) Wilson, don't flatter yourself. Tetanus spasms can be so intense, they've been known to over-torque and snap bones.
Jo: He broke his own arm?
Callie: Mm-hmm. But we're not gonna be able to realign the new break without re-breaking the old fracture.
Jo: So you have to break his bone in order to put it back together again?
Callie: No. I think you do.
Jo: I can't do that.
Callie: You thought you could a second ago?

Miranda: Look, there's two kinds of man sick: the Jackson kind and the Ben Warren kind. Now, when I get home tonight, Dr. Ben Warren will call out "Miranda" from his fetal position on the couch and beg me for saltines and a wet washcloth for his head. Jackson's crawl-away-like-a-goat kind is the good one.

Jo: (to Alex) Your face is scrooge McDuck!
Callie: Ohh! Your rejoinders need work.

Richard: Murphy, maybe you should...
Leah: No, I have found a way to push through and I'm not gonna break the unspoken rule everybody keeps speaking about.

Meredith: Are not answering because you've thrown up in your mouth?
(Leah nods.)
Meredith: Back away from the field, Murphy.
Richard: Yeah, go home. Good effort, Murphy.
(Leah leaves.)
Meredith: Lightweight.
Richard: What a wuss.

Callie: Did you fall?
Arizona: No, no. The floor is just really nice and cool. And this is my friend. But guess what.
Callie: What?
Arizona: I've still got it. My superpowers are intact.
Callie: Yeah.
Arizona: Yay.
Callie: Super.

Jo: You know, I actually dug my crap out of the trash.
Alex: There's like 85 jokes I could make right now.
Jo: Go ahead, chuckles. Make your jokes. But sit down and pay your bills while you giggle.
Alex: Why do you even care?
Jo: I know that you would rather just shove stuff aside, out of sight, out of mind, but the longer you wait, the worse you make it. Look at your dad. You avoided him for years, and when you finally had to deal with him, it was torture. But you dealt with him and there's no way you can tell me that you don't feel better.
Alex: It's that easy, huh?
Jo: Yeah. It's an easy fix. And easy fixes are just so satisfying.
Alex: I may have figured out an easier one.

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