Yvonne is a woman who died in the ER after the train crash.


Yvonne and Mary were traveling together when they were in a train crash. Yvonne seemed okay, but she came to the ER with Mary, who needed stitches for a cut on her forehead. After the cut was stitched, they had to wait for a scan to rule out internal injuries before they could leave, so Yvonne settled in next to Mary's bed to wait. Mary's scans only revealed a broken rib, so she said she'd be given pain killers and then she could go. When Yvonne's phone rang, she appeared to be asleep. When Mary tried to rouse her, she collapsed to the floor. Despite the doctors' best efforts, she died in the ER. She'd been bleeding into her abdomen for hours.



She has at least two sons. The oldest one is nothing but trouble.


Yvonne and Mary are friends. They were traveling together when their train crashed.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was pronounced dead at 2:51.
  • The writers nicknamed her character Chatty Cathy, but Krista Vernoff changed the name when a friend of hers named Yvonne complained about Krista never naming characters after her.
  • Originally, the character was named Consuela.


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