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Zander Perez is a surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Time at Pac-North and Move to Grey Sloan[]

Zander came to Richard when a doctor asked him to do something he knew would trigger his gag reflex. Richard told him to go to do it anyway and he did.

Later, when Catherine came to the hospital looking for Richard, Zander asked her to wait so he could page Richard because Richard had been having coffee with his wife, meaning Gemma. Catherine informed him that she is Richard's wife. ("Let's All Go to the Bar")

When Pac-North was purchased and closed, Zander was hired to continue his residency at Grey Sloan. Bailey sent him and the other residents to do a skills lab with Richard Webber. However, Richard became discouraged during the lab and sent all the residents home early. ("A Diagnosis")


During COVID-19, Zander took shifts outside the hospital, taking patients' temperatures and directing them where to go. When one patient came in with a rash, Zander took his temperature and directed him into the ER. When he said he didn't want a Chinese doctor, Zander told him he could go back to the parking lot and hope he didn't die of anaphylactic shock. The patient decided to enter the hospital instead. (“All Tomorrow's Parties”)

Zander came to tell Bailey that Catherine was ready for their meeting. When he saw that Bailey was injured, he asked if he should tell her to wait and if so, could someone else tell her because he's not Catherine's favorite person. Bailey said she'd be there soon. ("The Center Won't Hold")

When a patient, Byron Gibbis, ran through the hospital nude because he was scared to have surgery, Zander saw him and pointed the doctors in his direction when they came looking for him. Later, he reminded everyone at Andrew's memorial that even though they were outside, they still needed to maintain their social distance. ("It's All Too Much")

Charlie's Overdoses[]

When Vic and Travis brought Charlie to the hospital after his second overdose in three days, Zander informed them that it was his third visit in a month. When they brought in Libby next, he wasn't surprised to learn that she was Charlie's friend. ("No One is Alone")

Meredith's Discharge[]

When it started to look like Meredith would get discharged, Richard asked Zander to prepare a clap-out, but keep it quiet as he wanted it to be a surprise. He did so, but when Meredith got discharged, she disappeared and Zander had to tell everyone she wasn't in her room. ("Tradition")

Gerlie Bernardo[]

When Meredith took over the residency program at the hospital, Zander was excited to learn from her. Inspired by Meredith, he asked to listen to Gerlie's lungs before she was discharged, as he hadn't gotten the chance to listen to lungs that had recovered from COVID. Starting in October 2020, Meredith cancelled grand rounds in favor of having the residents shadow her on Gerlie's case, as she suffered through multiple post-COVID complications.

In January, Zander was able to get his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine along with the rest of the hospital staff. Meredith also had the residents still working on Gerlie's case, specifically trying to get Bailey to put Gerlie on the list for a double lung transplant. Finally, Bailey agreed and in April 2021, Gerlie got her lungs while Zander attended Maggie and Winston's wedding. ("Someone Saved My Life Tonight")

Surgical Contest[]

In order to inspire the residents and help them catch up on their surgical education, Richard had them all come in early one morning to start a surgical contest starting in the skills lab. He explained that they'd be judge in four areas: laparascopic, suturing, vascular skills, and endoscopic techniques. At the end of the day, the resident with the highest score would scrub in on a surgery at their skill level. They started with laparascopic skills. After that, they practiced sutures. He gave them 20 seconds to tie three square knots without moving the soda can where the ties were attached. When the time was up, Link declared Levi the winner. They also used a computer came to practice endoscopic skills, with Mabel beating Taryn when they went head-to-head. After that finished, with all points tallied, Richard declared Levi the overall winner and said he'd get to scrub in on Robin Jeter, who had a foreign body obstructing her intestines.

The extraction went well, with Taryn assisting, but when he went to close, he struggled. Bailey turned on the speaker in the gallery, where the other residents were watching, and they all offered up tips and with their help, Levi was able to finish the surgery and close. ("Some Kind of Tomorrow")

Grand Rounds[]

The residents were told they'd have a surprise guest for grand rounds one day. Right before it started, they learned that guest was Addison Forbes Montgomery. When they met, she quizzed Levi on a medical fact related to her case and when he got it right, told him he'd be presenting the case. She then took them to meet Tovah Freedman, who had had a hysterectomy due to placental abruption and then had lost her husband. She was there in the hopes that a uterine transplant could help her conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy. The residents all observed the surgery and answered questions as Addison asked them until the HVAC system went offline and some of them were called away to help move patients and cancel surgeries. Despite this, Addison completed her surgery and afterward, the residents followed Meredith and Addison and continued their gossip. When they saw them exiting the elevator with Addison crying, they assumed Meredith had said something to make her cry. ("Hotter Than Hell")


He is a surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He drinks Kombucha.[1]



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