Zoe is a kid who was stuck in a building after it caught fire.


Zoe was sleeping in a building when it caught on fire. She was barely able to wake up, but once she realized what was happening, she went around to find the other kids in the building to get them out. She got the first kid out and then tried to go back for another. Andy told her it wasn't safe, but Zoe went back into the building anyway. When Andy said they could find her friends, she insisted that she needed to help because she knew where they all liked to hide to sleep. Andy noticed that the building had a sprinkler system and said she needed to locate the valve in order to turn on the water flow. Zoe insisted on helping her find the valve, which she did. However, the sprinklers turned out to contain anti-freeze instead of water, which caused the fire to gain strength and trap them all inside. Outside the building, they finally got access to water, so they started dousing the building. They were then able to rescue the last of the trapped firefighters and kids, including Zoe. Zoe was treated for smoke inhalation. While she was waiting to be taken to the hospital, Zoe talked to Andy, who suggested that she look into becoming a firefighter, because she was the kind of person they need on the team. She gave Zoe her number and Zoe later texted her a picture of herself eating jello in her hospital bed.



Zoe, Brian, Tori, and Sean became close as they all squatted in a building together while experiencing homelessness. Zoe was upset to know that the police would separate them after the fire.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She's the de facto leader among the group of kids and felt responsible for all of them.
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